Supergirl Success Helps Wonder Woman Demand

When it comes to movies, the importance of marketing cannot be stressed enough, since getting the word out can often mean the difference between a film’s success or failure. In the case of the upcoming “Wonder Woman” movie, the marketing question is one to come up now.


“Wonder Woman” is due to be released in about a month and yet fans have noticed that there hasn’t been nearly as much promotion of the film, if any at all. Odd because the previous Batman and Superman movies saw a ton of promotion and DC fans noticed, but the question is how come Wonder Woman is taking a hit? The answer might be because the movie doesn’t really need that much help.


Because of the success of “Supergirl,” one of DC’s many shows to air on the CW, it appears that the demand for a female superhero franchise may have been met and is already present. Kristen O’Hara, the chief marketing officer for Time Warner spoke in Las Vegas this week and said that being able to market to the right audience in this age is much different than in the past because while flooding the marketing makes sense, it might not be the best strategy.


Naturally, the lack of marketing would worry a ton of DC fans that the DC Universe is going to take another hit due to the reception of past movies. According to O’Hara, the marketing campaign for Supergirl’s second season showed that they could have a modest campaign and use that to record data for the fanbase, which started with having five million female superhero fans in one week, a number that increased steadily over the course of fifteen months.


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