Suicide Squad’s Final Numbers Are Here

The much-hyped Suicide Squad ultimately failed to impress critics and fans alike. It earned a  miserable 26%  from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and a 66% approval rating from the site’s users. Many wondered if the film would earn enough at the box office to cover its $175 million budget and the additional hundreds of millions that WB Studios had invested in merchandising deals.


The film has been troubled by production problems from the start, with director-writer given only six weeks to complete the script. After the earlier Batman V Superman film was heavily panned for its dark tone, Warner Brothers ordered reshoots and a funnier touch from Suicide Squad. They ultimately used the outside company that produced the Suicide Squad trailers to re-cut certain parts of the movie. Some critics found that this left the film disjointed. Fans have been left wondering what WB will do to the long-awaited Wonder Woman film premiering in 2017.


Unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe, WB has been keeping its future plans quiet. No one knows yet if a Suicide Squad 2 or any spin-off movies are in the works. Warner Brothers may be waiting for the final international sales numbers to decide where to go with their once-promising tentpole franchise. The  $325.1 million  Suicide Squad earned in the domestic box office is far short of the roughly $500 million WB hoped to see.


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