Social Media Goes Wild Over Spider-Man Trailer

“Spider-Man Homecoming” is easily one of the most eagerly anticipated new movies of 2017. There have been many articles written about the movie. However, very little was known about it for certain until the recent release of the trailer. One of the biggest secrets that was revealed in the trailer was the villain that will be causing Spidey problems throughout the film. Michael Keaton was announced as the actor who will play the antagonist in the film roughly one year ago. However, Sony Pictures and Marvel Entertainment have been very secretive about which member of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery he will play. The trailer reveals that Keaton will portray The Vulture. This will be the first time he has been featured in a live-action Spider-Man film.


The trailer has created a huge amount of buzz on social media. The reaction to the trailer has been overwhelmingly positive. This is perhaps due to the fact that Peter Parker will no longer be played by the much-maligned Andrew Garfield. Fanboys have torn apart Garfield’s performances in the previous two Spider-Man films that were both trashed by critics and fans alike. Fans are looking at this new movie as a rebirth for Spidey on the big screen. It doesn’t hurt that Robert Downey Jr. will be prominently featured on the film as Tony Stark. The trailer shows Stark being a superhero mentor to the young Parker. It is not known if the film will once again cover the origin of how Peter gets his powers.

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