Slyce Announces Results For 2015 and Provides Business Outlook

Slyce Inc. is out with their 2015 results and has provided some business updates. Here is recap from their Recent Yahoo Finance Article.

Update to Financing:

In February Slyce announced that a major Investor agreed upon an average of $1.6 million in interest bearing notes, to which the notes will be converted as subscription units, pursuant to the terms of the Private Placement. Their lead investor also subscribed for an additional $1.9 million in units of the Company to bring the total amount of average subscriptions to upwards of $3.5 million. The Company will still be accepting additional subscriptions from its lead investor, and other investors, and is now onto the final steps to close the remaining amount of its financing.

Business Highlights:

In August of 2015, Slyce announced that it had formed a partnership with SHOES.COM,. On top of that addition Slyce’s mobile image recognition platform will let its mobile visitors to be able to take pictures of any and all types of their women’s footwear, whether in an actual store or from other areas, such as their magazines, it will also present with all closely matching products from the exclusive product line, all of these items will then be able to be purchased with just a few simple steps.

Slyce also announced that Neiman Marcus introduced Slyce’s technology to their entire product line up. The greatly expanding, Snap Find Shop feature, which you can find in the top ranking Neiman Marcus’s App, NM , which is also being powered by Slyce, will allow its shoppers to be able to take a 3D image of its products throughout its entire lineup.

Slyce’s unique business model includes many different forms of revenue which it generates from its apps and virtual platforms. In addition from generating revenue from its apps, Slyce also receives profits in ways like ,purchasing transactions, and many other types of programs.

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