Skout Is A Great Way To Find A Gym Buddy

My goal for the year 2015, was to lose some weight. I was sick and tired of being overweight, and I needed to begin exercising. The only problem was, I lack motivation when I’m by myself. I thought that maybe I could get a gym friend, in order to help keep me motivated. My family members were all slim, I was the only one who was overweight. Because my family members were slim already, none of them wanted to join the gym, so I was on my own. My friends were too busy, and I absolutely had no one to go to the gym with.

Unsure of what to do, I turned to the Skout network. I have been on Skout for over a year now, and I found a lot of friends on the network. I thought to speak with certain friends on the network, who lived in my area. After talking with a few friends, it was determined that at least two of them were looking to lose weight. I know they had mentioned it before, but it was not something that we talked about a lot, because it was a touchy subject. I offered the friends to come to the gym with me, and it took off from there.

I went to the gym with one friend on one day, then the next friend was available on another day, so we went to the gym. I was able to alternate friends throughout the week, in order to go to the gym. After a while, we even had another couple friends that wanted to come to the gym as well. All the friends that ended up going to the gym with me, I found them on Skout. We would all go home in the evening, and talk about our workout, as well as our diet plans.

Each of us even spoke about the weight that we had lost, and if anyone was discouraged, we used Skout as a way to send greetings and messages, in order to encourage each other. Skout has been the best tool when it comes to my weight loss, because I use it on a daily basis, in order to get in touch with others in my gym group. Not only have I found gym buddies, I have also found true friends, who I know will be around for many years to come. I’m thankful that I used Skout to find my gym friends.

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