Skout Has New Survey About Global Friendships

Many may not have realized that February 4, 2015 was officially International Online Friendship Day. No doubt, the day was created as a way to commemorate the fact that many people are forging relationships in online platforms. Skout, who is one of the industry leaders in social media networking, has released a survey about online global friendships. PR Newswire reports that Skout did a survey that was conducted with over 52,000 of its members, in order to determine their friendship trends online. It’s discovered that a majority of online users, are more honest to those they speak with through social media networks.

Over 60% of those surveyed, say they are more honest with their online friends, than any friends that they have in person. The survey also shows that more women, compared to men, will create online friendships, and the fact is, they may never meet the people in person. Only 44% of men will create online friendships, while 56% of women will do the same. It’s not only young people that are going on social media to create friendships.

While over 52% of adults that are under the age of 30, are creating friendships online, those who are over 40, make up 47% of those who create friendships online. Some of the most surprising information, is the fact that many of those surveyed, state that they will discuss their sex life openly with online friends. Many feel that online friends will be more honest, and give their opinions, as opposed to friends they see in person. Skout’s survey results are very interesting, and with over 100 million Skout users and counting, the company is constantly gathering more information about its users.

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  1. The information is surprising to say the least, as many have been weary of those online, because many feel they are dishonest. It may because of what review has been able to give them and that alone would have made thing twice about all of this.

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