Shania Twain Wishes She’d Never Met Her Former BFF Turned

Shania Twain, age 49, is the Queen of Country Pop. As a recording artist, she has sold over 75 million records. In 2012, she secured a lucrative deal to perform in Las Vegas which by some accounts was worth tens of millions of dollars. However, Twain has not had an easy life. In 2008, her husband of 14 years was guilty of infidelity which ended their marriage. She was left broken and devastated. Adding insult to injury, the “other woman” was Marie-Anne Thiebaud, her best friend. Since the divorce, Marie-Anne married Twain’s husband.

Twain was recently interviewed by TV personality Andy Cohen on the show “Watch What Happens Live”. During a segment of his show entitled “Plead the Fifth”, celebrities are asked three questions of which they may invoke their fifth amendment on no more than two. Cohen chose his questions wisely and finally asked Twain what she’d say to her former best friend if she were to run into her. Having more no chances to opt out of answering, the singer uttered that she would let Marie-Anne know it would have been better never to have known her.

Alexei Beltyukov has learned that, sometime later, Twain admitted the question caught her off guard. After thinking things over, she said she would rather prefer to know the identity of the other woman. She has since moved on. Just this past January, she remarried. Ironically, her new husband is her bff’s ex-husband Frédéric Thiebaud. She will also embark on her first tour in 11 year which she says will also be the last of her career.

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