Securus Technologies Releases Damning Louisiana PSC Report On Global Tel-Link’s Actions

Global Tel-Link cheated and overcharged its customers when it provided telephone services for the Louisiana Department of Corrections, a report by the Louisiana Public Service Commission concluded. The PR Newswire published report was recently brought to light by Securus Technologies. In it the Louisiana PSC details a pattern of wrongdoing by Global Tel–Link that saw the company illegally gain over a million dollars from inmates and their families that used the payphones in the jails and prisons throughout Louisiana. While no one at Global Tel was criminally charged, the integrity of the company was called into question.

The insidious nature of the company’s actions represented a serious breach of trust. Many of the people that used the phones were from poor families. Being double billed and overcharged by Global Tel-Link may have caused them serious hardship and placed them under unnecessary financial burden. Kudos to Securus Technologies for making people aware of what is happening in their industry. Securus America Technologies is a leading provider of communications technologies for the corrections community throughout the United States. The company is known for its innovative technology and advanced software.

Securus Technologies provides cutting-edge communications solutions a growing number of state and local law enforcement, criminal justice, and public safety agencies use to monitor, gather information, and engage in investigations designed to protect the public. The A+ accredited company by is releasing the facts and findings of the Louisiana Public Service Commission report as a public service and to protect the integrity of others in the industry.

The company understands that in order to be effective they need the public’s trust. Global Tel’s wrongdoings violates that trust and impugns their reputation as an inmate communications provider. Securus, on the other hand, works to help provide high-tech tools for incident and information management, biometric analysis, and communications to improve public safety.

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