Scott Gelb on the road to success in the Gaming World

Scott Gelb, COO of Riot Games, knew from a young age that gaming would be something he’d do for the rest of his life. He started loving the activity of the MMORPGS genre and it take didn’t take long for him to become a game developer. He eventually went to the University of Kansas and obtained a bachelor’s degree in computer science. That education adventure took him to Washington University where he completed a computer science Masters. Follow Scott Gelb on Medium.

Once he found himself emerged in the industry, he knew it was for him and this is what he wanted to do. However, it didn’t take long for himself to etch out a place that he could call his own. Scott Gelb’s typical day can be spent focusing on a number of things. He is often in meetings during the afternoon which he attempts to put in categories by their theme, priority or their goals. To Gelb, his main goal is the company operation, diversity & inclusion initiatives and new games. He is also always looking at things on a much bigger scale by drilling down on productivity and planning. Read more at Digital Mode.


Gelb has become quite sufficient by doing his own personal type of planning that involves a 90 day process.


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