Scarlett Johansson to Star in Tangerine

Scarlett Johansson to Be Star in Psychological Thriller Tangerine


Scarlett Johansson has had her career take a huge rise in the last decade, going from her performances in Lost in Translation and The Prestige to her performances all throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Even though she’s played in many dramatic roles, much of her recent work has been in action-based films, including in 2014 in the movie Lucy. She has also done some voicework for other films, such as the voice of Kaa in 2016’s live adaptation of The Jungle Book and more recently in Illumination’s Sing. However, her future work isn’t limited to just animated films and action roles either.


It’s been confirmed that Johansson is signed on to play the leading role in the upcoming psychological thriller Tangerine. The movie, which is based on a debut novel that hasn’t been released yet by author Christine Mangan, will be produced by Imperative Entertainment and Smokehouse Productions, a company partly owned by George Clooney. Strangely enough, both Clooney and Johansson worked together in the Coen Brothers comedy Hail, Caesar!


The story of Tangerine takes place in the 1950’s, mainly in Morocco and concerns the character of Alice Shipley, who Johansson will play as. After Shipley’s fiance dies, she does her best to leave her old life behind but after some years later she is married and reconnects with her former friend. Her current significant other disappears and this leads Shipley to believe that her former roommate is responsible for it.


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