Ricardo Guimaraes& BMG Receive Honors To Merit

Ricardo Guimaraes, President of BMG, recently received the Diploma of Honor to Merit from the City Hall of Belo Horizonte (his place of origin) in 2017. He previously received the Great Collar of Legislative Merit in 2004. These awards were bestowed upon the successful businessman for his dedication and continual contributions to Brazilian athletics. Guimaraes has heavily invested in several sports programs over the years including football, volleyball, tennis, and Olympic gymnastics as well as local medical centers. BMG and the Guimaraes family have literally put more financial support into the sports and athletics in Brazil than any individual or company in history. Read more about the actual award ceremony here.

Guimaraes is an entrepreneur and the current president of Banco BMG, an 87 year old financial firm that has become one of the largest and most influential in the Brazil. He is the fourth Guimaraes to play a leading role in the Brazilian financial sector. Since 1998 BMG has worked both with individuals and corporations, offering both business and personal credit lines, credit cards, paycheck solutions and more. Prior to the late 1998 the firm focused mainly on retail investment. Another difference between BMG and other financial institutions are that they offer low interest rates and work with low-income individuals as well, and Ricardo Tosto’s Website.

Before founding Banco BMG the Guimaraes family had owned and operated coffee plantations, a canning factory, and maintained a large investment in cattle. They are one of the most powerful and wealthy families from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. The Grandfather of Ricardo originaly founded the Banco BMG back in 1930. They have risen to their bank to the very top of the sector. BMG’s main mission statement is to “Make the customer our partner and, through a solid relationship, seek agile, competent and personalized solutions”,  and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

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