Revenge Heads into its Series Finale

For four seasons, television drama fans have been tuning in on Sunday nights to watch Emily Thorn craft out her revenge on the people that wronged her and her father in the hit series Revenge. Well it’s a sad fact that every good thing must come to an end and unfortunately it will be the final curtain call for Emily Van Camp and the cast of ABC’s Revenge on Sunday May 4th. This should be one to remember as leading up to the series finale Emily aka Amanda has been arrested for murder of Victoria Greyson. Which everyone knows she didn’t do but has been framed for it because of their never ending feud. So it really comes down to this will she end up like her father framed for a crime she didn’t commit and be stuck to live out her life in jail or will she finally get the justice she has sought after for so long.

As for what television show ABC will add in its place or what will fill the empty time slot they have created is still unknown. As long as they steer clear of political dramas, they will probably do very well in the eyes of Daniel Amen and others. The reason for side stepping the political stuff is the fact we are heading into an election year and the last thing anyone will want more of is the fictional political drama coupled with the nonfictional candidates vying to become the next leader of the country, according to The Daily Beast.

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