Reasons why Securus thinks Global Tel Link is breaking the law

Securus Technologies is one of the companies leading the country in the provision of criminal and civil technology solutions. The main aim of providing the service is to ensure that the safety of the public is not compromised in any way. The entity also releases information, findings, and articles about activities being carried out by inmates’ communication providers. This mainly entails the results that compromise the well-being of detainees in various facilities in the country.

At the moment the company has been releasing information about the wrong doings of Global Tel Link (GTL) one of the entities providing communication services to inmates across the country. GTL has been compromising the quality of service they render and also they have been over charging their clients who are inmates for quite a long time now. The main aim of releasing information about the wrong doings of the entity is to create awareness about what is going on in the commercial segment. Apart from that, it is also meant to push the service providers to its limits so as to offer better and affordable utility to inmates.

During their research, they realized many things about the company which shows that the entity has been breaking the law. GTL has been adding 15 or 36 minutes to every call made by its clients which are against the regulations put in place by the government. By so doing they have been able to make a lot of cash since the inmates will be forced to pay for services that they have not enjoyed. This has made the service unaffordable to a number of prisoners’ mainly because a good portion of them come from low-income families.
GTL has also been overcharging their clients for some time now. The company has been exceeding the limits set by the government. By so doing the company has been making unbelievable profits.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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