Premium Foods To Feed Any Dog Healthier

A healthy diet can help you live longer. The same is true for the food that is fed to your dog. The premium dog food producers have determined through market research that many pet owners feed their dogs and cats much like they feed themselves and their family. New foods are now being made that do allow for pets to enjoy a wide variety of tastes and flavors like their pets do. One producer, Purina, uses only fresh meats and grains in their Beneful line of dog foods. Delicious stews and fresh cuts of lean beef, chickien and lamb are among some of the delicious folavors that dogs can enjoy. They also offer fresh meats and tastes in the Beneful line of treats. One can now even find many of the new premium tastes for their dogin the refrigerated cases at their grocery store. These foods are meant to replicate people food closely. They require refrigeration and even contain real meats and vegetables. An expiration date indicates for howlong thefood will taste fresh. While empty calories have been removed from this new line of dog food, so have the preservatives. Premium dog food makers like Beneful have found that the foods will taste better for your dog if they are negligent of the same harmful chemicals that people food is. Owners even believe that these foods are better for their pets as well. All this innovation does come at a price. Making these healthier, more people like foods for dogs and cats does cost a lot of money. This cost is passed down to the consumer. The new premium foods do cost quite a bit more than the regular dog and cat food found on the shelves at retailers. The higher prices have not seemed to have detered consumers from spending the money on the premium foods. More and more standard kibble is disappearing from the retailer shelves in place of the newer premium foods. This has also boosted the overall profits that many manufacturers have realized. The premium dog food market has expanded with the introduction of many of these new foods. This growth has grown into the billions of dollars. Other manufacturers are seeing the benefit of improving their food lines and offering healthier choices for dog and cat owners. Whether choosing new foods or an old standard, like Beneful, one is sure to find a healthy alternative for their dog.

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