Philanthropy Done Right By George Soros

Today known as one of the world’s 30 richest individuals, George Soros is a renowned industrialist and author. A Hungarian-American who is today 86 years of age, Soros has established himself as not only a well-reputed investor but also as a generous philanthropist on

After immigrating to England, Soros attended the London School of Economics, where he pursued the subject of Philosophy and acquired a Masters of Science degree in the field in 1954.

Soros did not start off his professional career immediately after graduating, as he struggled to find employment in a good position. He officially started his career when he joined Singer & Friedlander, a London-based bank, as a clerk, but quickly amassed the knowledge and expertise to move up and secure a position in the arbitrage department.

Today, George Soros is the proud chairman of his very own management fund. One of his most recognized qualities is his tendency to take risks when it comes to making single currency speculations. This was more emphasized when he sold pound sterling worth US$10 billion in an act that came to be known as breaking the pound, making him a $1 billion in profit in 1992.

Ever since 1979, the company that Soros established from the ground up has provided large funds to finance several organizations on around the world. His inherent instinct of philanthropy is evident in the dynamics of his professional work, with funds as large as $12 billion.

The driving force behind Soros’ political and professional efforts of philanthropy lies in his strong determination to serve humanity. An example of his commitment to philanthropic work can be seen in a $500 million donation he made to refugees and migrants. George Soros funded these displaced persons to provide a stable and sustainable life for them by funding infrastructure. He played an integral role in the management of this refugee crisis, which is also recognized as the pinnacle of his philanthropic work. George Soros’ desire to serve for the betterment of humanity has fueled him to take up more missions to financially aid refugees across the globe. Regarding this, he has also expressed that he wished to work in collaboration with the United Nations and use innovative tactics that are directed towards the sole purpose of helping humanity.

In addition to his philanthropic work aim at humanity, Soros is a stark political activist and an advocate of the liberal and American progressive causes on Forbes. He has also spent a substantially large amount of funds to invest into political campaigns that advance progressive movements. He looked to reshape a stronger justice system within America, and thus funded $3 million to local campaigns that contested the goals of reduction of discrepancies and aimed to provide Hispanics and African American individuals a platform to voice their views freely. Additionally, these campaigns that George Soros funded also called for the elimination of racial differences and for drugs offenders to be brought to justice.

With so much interest in politics, Soros has made a great deal of efforts to research and consistently write about the role of US politics and its standing on the global front.

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