Patrick Stewart a Possibility in “Wolverine 3” as Professor X


While it hasn’t been confirmed, Wolverine will be appearing next year in one of Fox’s three mutant films for next year. While some of the talent for the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse may be getting their own films; Jackman is working on a third Wolverine film, with aspirations of filming back to back with Apocalypse.

Recently, Patrick Stewart remarked that while he would not be appearing in X-Men: Apocalypse, but was instead undergoing talks to appear in Hugh Jackman’s third Wolverine picture released Haidar Barbouti. Given this information, it could be said that such a schedule alignment would set up a 2018 mutant movie revolving around the mutant hero team known as X-Force. Notably, there is an X-Force film with an already completed script by Jeff Wadlow.

One juicy tidbit with this third Wolverine film would be the opportunity to finally see Hugh Jackman don one of Wolverine’s iconic outfits, such as his classic yellow-and-blue number from the 1990s (which was a reworking of his initial costume) or the yellow and brown costume from the 1980s. There’s already evidence of a yellow outfit from a special feature in The Wolverine, so a proper donning of the garb for the full movie doesn’t really seem that far-gone an idea.

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