Keep Your Online Reputation in Check With Status Labs

Whether you’re an individual trying to move up in the business world, or a company trying to be the best, having a positive online reputation is critical in order to bring in new clients as well as maintain current ones. When someone wants to learn about a top executive, celebrity, or corporation, the first thing they are most likely going to do is do an online search. What shows up in that online search is likely to become their first impression. Unfortunately, maintaining a strong online reputation can be difficult at times, especially if your company is faced with critics, or if a rogue employee does something to damage the reputation of your company.

Luckily, there’s a company that does all the hard work for you so you can always have the best, most positive online reputation possible. Status Labs is a leading image management company with a focus on making sure you look your best online. Through their Search Result Engineering, they will keep any bad news about you and your company off search results to ensure you’re always leaving a good first impression.

What sets Status Labs apart from other online reputation providers is they know that search engine results aren’t the only factor when it comes to having a good online reputation. Status Labs offers “digital first” PR professionals that can help your company, small or large, with all the PR rules of the digital age.

Social Media crises do happen from time to time, whether they come from within your company or are the result of a traditional media report. When these crises happen it’s important to know how to recover from them. Luckily Status Labs has helped Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, as well as many public figures, make the proper response to crises.

Having a blog is an important part of maintaining a good online reputation, and Status Labs has content marketing specialists that can help you give your content as much positive exposure as possible to give you good exposure on the search engines.

Each and every company and public figure needs to maintain a good online reputation whether they have a website or not. Search engines and social media have become the two most common places for people to gather information and opinions, and a good online reputation will guarantee people only get the good, correct information and opinions.

Highland Capital Management Has It All

Most people need a little hand-holding when it comes to money management. And there is nothing to be shy with that. In fact, there are some areas in your financial portfolio where professional help is an absolute must. This help comes handy when you also need second opinion about an investment that you are making. Professional help is required when you want a review of your overall financial situation just to make sure that you are on the right track. You want to ensure that you are not missing anything important in your financial life.

People who are approaching retirement needs professional help as well. Highland Capital Management is one such firm that offers this and other kinds of assistance with managing money. Such a review becomes essential since many of these people will be facing issues that are irreversible and easy to mess up. All such decisions can be best made with a financial planner’s input. There are dozens of financial planners at Highland Capital Management whose founder is James Dondero. Anyone with financial needs can call a financial planner or financial adviser at this company for an initial consultation. Furthermore, these professionals who offer you advice will put your interests before their own. They will help you with high performing investment products as well. They are all certified financial planners which is a gold-standard credential for the financial planning profession. Someone who as gone through this and other tests have comprehensive knowledge of emerging market and has gotten experience under their belt. They are competent and ethical in many areas related to finance and investment.

There are many options available for anyone looking for capital or asset management from Highland Capital Management company. Some options are fee-only plan and the planner is compensated by the fees you pay. These are smart and competent planners referred from other clients. Most are also members of the National Association of Financial Advisers which only accept people with strict experience, education and ethics. If you have zeroed in on a financial planner, the next step is to ask questions regarding the financial package and investment of your choice. If you have chosen a financial planner from Highland Capital Management, many of the important questions have been answered. And there are other things that you want to know. You want to be more comfortable with someone who has been planning professionally for many years and that kind of experience is found in Highland Capital Management employees. Here the professionals like James Dondero of will prefer to look at your entire financial picture including insurance, spending, investment, estate, tax and so on so that they can offer you the right comprehensive advice. This process will also involve many hours of your and their time. However, you will find professionals here who are willing to limit themselves to specific situation of yours upon request, such as review only the retirement portfolio or recent estate tax. That would allow you to get the most out of a small fee paid.

The Man Who Wants To Change Your Online Reputation

Is it possible that you have taken a hit in your online reputation? It is quite possible based on things that you have practically no control over. Therefore, you probably want to regain control of the way in which you are perceived in the online world. You can do this by hiring a company that works on online reputation management and even crisis management in some cases. One man who wants to help you do just this is Darius Fisher.

Darius Fisher is the President of Status Labs which is a company that works on reputation management for people of all kinds. He believes in helping those who have taken a hit in the online world because it is also his firm belief that the online reputation can be just as important as the reputation that one develops in the real world as well. Keep this in mind because both reputations are important and can have an impact on the bottom line.

Darius Fisher is someone who has personally managed his own crisis’ within the company and has helped more than 1,000 clients get past the things that they have had to deal with as well. That is a lot of experience that can be put to the test and used to make better choices for the future.

Awards have been received by Yahoo News and the New York Times for the help that they have offered to the people who have been taken down a peg by the hack of the Ashley Madison website. It was their greatest honor to receive these awards and indeed to help out the people that they did. For some people this was the difference between being able to keep their family together or keep their job or do a number of other things. It is so important to have companies around that can help on these types of things.

It is often the most high powered people in our society that need help protecting their reputation. Think about people like politicians, athletes, and movie stars who constantly have to answer questions from the public about what they think on a variety of issues. Considering all of this scrutiny, it is no surprise that mistakes can be made and reputations can be ruined even just by the slip of the tongue. Considering all of that, why not take the time to hire someone who can manage these things for you? That is what Status Labs is all about and why they are so helpful to so many.

Yeon-mi Park Keeps Fighting For North Korea

For decades now, reports have slowly leaked out of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, of rampant governmental abuses and an oppressive governmental regime run under the leadership of Kim Jong-Il. Finally, in 2013 a UN committee was tasked with an in-depth investigation of allegations made by more than 300 escaped citizens and refugees. In early 2014, that report was released and detailed more than 400 pages worth of abuses and outright horrific human rights violations.

Among the allegations were claims of enforced starvation, rape, torture, forced abortion and even infanticide committed in the state’s numerous government run hard labor camps, not to mention the severe civil rights violations of its general citizenry. Punishments for even minor infractions ranged from short to long term incarceration in the labor camps to outright execution, often without any form of trial or civil procedure of any kind.

Witnesses testified to having their hands cuffed behind them and then being hung on a wall for days on end, unable to sit or stand. Left to urinate and defecate on themselves, they testified to being in such severe agony that they would rather die than go on living. One witness testified to seeing a guard beat a starving woman who had recently given birth and then force her to drown her own newborn baby. Another woman claims on to have been imprisoned for watching soap operas; a claim that might seem ludicrous under other circumstances, but unfortunately lines up all too well with the claims of more than 300 other witnesses.

One such witness to the despotic conditions endured by North Koreans, is 21 year-old Yeonmi Park. Born in Hyesan, North Korea to parents who were mid-level civil servants in Jong-Il’s government, her early life was one of relative privilege until the long term effects of his dictatorial methods began to set in. By the late 90’s her parents had resorted to smuggling goods into China as a means to support their family. In 2002, Yeon-mi’s father was sent to one of the labor camps detailed in the UN report. She saw the violations first hand, as she watched his health rapidly decline.

They decided that if they were to survive, they had to leave North Korea. They made their way into China, but their troubles were still far from over. The Chinese government regularly acted in complicity with the North Korean government to hunt down defectors and send them back across the border. Yeon-mi and her mother managed to elude Chinese authorities, but they still faced far greater horrors and atrocities in the year and several months it took them to make their way into Mongolia to freedom.

Now living in Seoul, South Korea, Yeon-mi is determined to never let the world forget the plight of her country. As an avid speaker and guest on a number of radio and television programs, she gave a moving speech at the One Young World Summit in Dublin, Ireland in 2014 that went viral and gained her a whole new global audience sympathetic to her cause.

America’s Best Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an American plastic surgeon who currently works out of Texas, where she has her own practice. She attended The University of Texas and earned a bachelor’s degree in biology with honors in 1994. She then went on to medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch, and completed the program in 1998, as the salutatorian. Walden then completed her residency at Texas, and then went on to start her own practice in New York City.

Jennifer Walden is able to work in Texas, New York, and Florida, because she has medical licenses in those states. Walden sometimes has to venture out of Austin, Texas, for her work, but most of the time she stays at her practice in Texas.

Dr. Walden is married, and had kids while she was in New York City. She decided that since most of her family was located back home in Texas, that she should raise her family there — she then decided to move back to Texas, where her two young sons could grow up around their family.

Jennifer Walden is known as one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States, and has been featured on several major news networks for her works. She is known to help many celebrities and other public figures with cosmetic plastic surgeries. Dr. Walden has been featured on VH1 multiple times throughout the years, E! Entertainment news network, Fox News Live, The Today Show, and various local news networks, including many other appearances.

Dr. Walden has been the recipient of many awards and accreditations from various institutions and accrediting bodies, such as the Best Scientific Exhibit Award by a Resident or Candidate in 2005, the Herman Barnett Memorial Award in 1998, and Best of 2012 Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons from the Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine, to name a few.

Even though Dr. Walden is required to put in long hours as a plastic surgeon, she still finds time for extracurricular activities such as presentations, writing journals, serving on panels, and volunteer work. As far as volunteering goes, she has been a board member of the Weston United Community Renewal for the Underprivileged and Mentally Ill, Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Children’s Tutor, and Science Enrichment in Elementary Education Instructor.

Dr. Walden performs many different services for her clients, and a full list can be found on her website at She also provides packages for her clients to safely travel to and from Austin, Texas, from everywhere in the contiguous United States, plus other locations.

If you or someone you know is interested in getting work done by the legendary Dr. Jennifer Walden, go to her website, where her contact information can be found.

Skout Allows People To Start Dating In A New, Exciting Way

Skout is a new dating service that has helped many people to fall in love, already. There is something really unique about this service, and that is what has made so many people excited to try it out. The thing that makes Skout different from other online dating services is that it helps them to find someone to date who is already in their area. It allows them to be able to quickly connect with someone else so that the flirting and dating can begin right away.

With the GPS system that Skout on uses it is a service like no other. Many people who were eager to get in the dating game have used it and enjoyed themselves from the very beginning. People are glad for such a convenient way to connect with others in their area. They are happy to have the chance to get to know someone who may have lived just across town from them for years, but who they may never have actually met, otherwise. Skout provides a great, new way for people to date and get to know those around them, and everyone who has started to use this service seems to be very satisfied with all that has come from it.

The founders of Skout were smart to try something so different with it. They were smart to start off with something bold and new, so as to attract much attention to their service. If it were not for Skout allowing people to meet others in their own area there would be nothing special about it. It is all of the little, quirky things about a company that make it attractive, and many people have found Skout to be something that they would like to use because of how different it is from every other online dating service.

Skout is a service that many people have come to love since it first came out. It is a service that has helped many people to connect and start dating, and it is a service that will be sure to stick around for a long time to come. It might just be the biggest thing that has happened in the dating world in a long time. Now people no longer have to go out and about in order to meet someone in their area. Instead of putting the effort into trying to find someone as they shop the mall or drink at the bar, they can now very easily do that through the service that Skout offers to them. They are able to start dating in a whole new way, and many people have been getting excited over that.


This is a big concern in the beauty industry. This also one that doesn’t get much of a spotlight. Which is why we are bringing this topic to the light.

There are lots of women who have a darker skin tone, who are making bad choices when it comes to their concealer.


If you are a woman of color log onto Doe’s site on today. She has lots of great tips for you to use. She has ways of making the bright colors work best with your skin tone. If you like bright colors, you will want to listen to Doe’s advice. Visit her site today.



Look at your skin tone. What type is it? You need something that will work best with your eyes and face. With the concealer, you never want to use two types. If you use two types, this will come out in photos. If you are doing a photo shoot at some point, please pick a leveled playing field. Go bright, but not too bright. If you go too bright, it will also show up in pictures. This is not a good thing. Your image will come out looking worse. This will not do well for those of you who are looking to do cover shoots.


Always stick with one tone. Many women of color get it in their heads they need to buy more than one. This is wrong. You have two options. You can either buy a two-toned concealer. You can also buy a concealer that matches your skin, and allow the foundation to cover the rest. These are your two options.


Those dark circles are not going to take care of themselves. They have to be treated. Put eye cream on first. This is something lots of women do not do. This goes for women of color and everyone else. You need to put the bra on first, before your dress yourself up with the blouse.

This way the concealer will go on much smoother. It will also look much more natural on a woman. It won’t have that caked on look. The idea is to make it look like you have nothing on. Makeup is supposed to add-to, not be the whole image.


This is the number one rule, when it comes to the Golden Rules of Makeup. You need to use the foundation first, then you tap on the concealer. You’d be surprised how many women do it the other way around. The concealer is there as a buffer, nothing more. It’s there to pick up what the foundation missed.

There is only one time when you use the concealer first. This one time exception comes when the foundation is a pressed powder foundation. Outside of this one time exception, please follow the rules. It will make life a whole lot easier. You also want to tap, not rub.


The AnastasiaDate Website Can Be A Fun Way To Find International Love

It’s a good idea to take one’s time when they start dating online, especially since there’s never a guarantee that a person will find what they are looking for. Most people who choose to date online may go to different websites to find a date, as opposed to simply picking one website and sticking to it, which is not a bad idea. There’s no problem if a person chooses to visit different websites for dating, but ultimately they will have to choose on one site, especially when looking for that one special person. Wherever a person chooses to date online may end up being fruitful for them.

There are several decisions that a person should make when they want to finally pick the website that they will start dating on. What type of woman is the man looking for? What does he hope to be the end result? Is he willing to spend money if necessary to make the dating process that much better for himself? If a man is able to answer all these questions, then he’ll have a much easier time finding a date online, depending on which website he goes to. The first thing the man must explore is the type of woman he wants. Looks aren’t the only thing that make up a woman, the man must also determine what the woman should have where her values are concerned.

Beauty doesn’t last forever, so most men prefer to have a woman that can stimulate them mentally as well as physically. When a man is ready to start looking for the right woman, then he can take the advice of others who have found love online, or they can look for a dating website on their own. A great website to choose is the AnastasiaDate website, because the Russian women on the site are gorgeous, and many of the women are looking for love and marriage. The website also offers some great ways to communicate with others, including video chat and messaging services.

AnastasiaDate has been around for years, and it’s the number one dating site for anyone who wants to look for love internationally. Those who are interested in Russian and Ukrainian women will find a big selection of women on the website, and they’ll be able to make a choice as to which woman they want to choose for a lifetime partner. All the women will have a profile that helps any man looking for a lady to know more about the kind of woman he’s looking at. Each lady’s profile will give information about her and her interests as well as showing her picture. AnastasiaDate should be the first international dating site of choice for any man looking for love.

The History Of The Notre Dame Lacrosse Team

matt landis lure

Lacrosse is a very popular sport within colleges and universities all over the United States. College Lacrosse is regarded as a NCAA tournament sport and many college teams have played against each other vying for the championship titles. Notre Dame’s Lacrosse team is a highly decorated team with several NCAA titles and championship wins. The Notre Dame Lacrosse team was founded in 1981 and it became a varsity program at the university. In the beginning of the team, they played in the Midwest Lacrosse Association. In 1994, the Notre Dame Lacrosse team was a member of the Great Western Lacrosse League. It wasn’t until 2010 that the Notre Dame Lacrosse team became a member of the Big East Conference.
matt landis lure
One player in particular stood out last season. Defenseman Matt Landis was an integral part of the team’s success last year and fans are looking forward to see what he’ll do as he finishes his final year at Notre Dame. Landis is known for his many accolades and for his amazing defensive skills that covered Player of the Year Lyle Thompson and helped the Irish defeat the Danes late last spring.
matt landis lure

In current news, the Notre Dame Lacrosse team made it to the 2014 NCAA Quarterfinals. During that time, they had a national rank of five. This year, three of the Notre Dame Lacrosse team players have been picked to play in the Under Armour Lacrosse Classic. The selection process took a year, the organization looked over several thousand lacrosse players in various colleges and universities in the United States to make their determination. Notre Dame Lacrosse players will also play in the Bob Kemp Lacrosse Classic which is a charity event. This event happening in October will award a lucky student a full scholarship to Washington Jesuit Academy in the name of Bob Kemp. During the game, the Notre Dame Lacrosse team will play against the United States Navel Academy. Spectators are also welcomed to meet the lacrosse team in person.

matt landis lure

Bruce Levenson – Journalist, Businessman and Entrepreneur

Bruce Levenson is probably best known as the owner of the Atlanta Hawks, a profession basketball team. Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz are the majority partners and along with a group of other businessmen purchased the Atlanta Hawks basketball team which included the National Hockey League team the Atlanta Thrashers, who in 2011 were sold, and operating rights to the Philips Arena in 2004. In 2012 he hired Danny Ferry as General Manager and as the president of basketball operations. Mr. Levenson was the team managing partner and also was a member of the National Basketball Association of Governors and has served as the Atlanta Hawk’s Governor since 2004. Under his leadership the Hawks are the only team in the Eastern Conference to reach the NBA playoffs the past seven seasons. In 2014 Bruce Levenson decided to sell the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and those negotiations are ongoing.

In March of 2014 Bruce Levenson and his wife accompanied the Atlanta Hawks to Washington D. C. to tour the Holocaust Museum. His mother-in-law, Irene Boyarsky, a Holocaust survivor herself also accompanied them and Bruce spoke to the team of her experiences as a survivor before and while touring the museum.

Not only is Bruce Levenson known as a businessman he also had a journalism career before starting UCG. His journalism career started as a reporter for the Washington Star and as a reporter for the Observer Publishing’s energy information newsletter.

Bruce Levenson is also a well known businessman and a successful builder of several businesses, and his global endeavors span a wide range of interests such as business intelligence, cooking technology and professional sports. He is also known as a journalist and entrepreneur. Bruce is probably best known as co-founder of UCG. In 1977 Bruce and Ed Peskowitz started the company United Communications Group (UCG), which was started in a storage room above Bruce’s dad’s Washington D. C. liquor store. This is a company that provides guidance, analysis, data and solutions to multiple customers in numerous fields such as healthcare, information and software, banking, technology and defense industries worldwide to name a few. Bruce is also on the board of UCG’s companies and is an advisor to UCG’s executive team.

Other companies that Bruce Levenson has been involved with and instrumental in starting was TechTarget, this company was started inside UCG. Bruce is a Director of TechTarget, which is a publicly-traded company, and was a founding board member. Additionaly he co-founded DOT, a new cooking technology that among other things can toast bread in three seconds. Bruce is also a partner in a mobile app that millions use every day called GasBuddy to find low-priced gasoline.

More important Bruce Levenson is also known for being a philanthropist for over forty years.