Cambodian TV Shower Pranks Young Girl

A 13-year-old Cambodian girl was pranked on a popular television show in one of the cruelest ways possible. Autumn Allen is a self-proclaimed singer and songwriter. She appeared on Penh Chet Ort (Like It Or Not), a popular Cambodian television shower. Producers setup the show on this particular day as a Mother’s Day special.

Allen appeared on the show during a segment where she was to sing a song. After her song, the hosts of the show told her that as a special Mother’s Day surprise, she would be reunited with her mother. Allen had not seen her mother since she was 6-years-old. When Allen was given the news, she became tearful and excited and told the audience seeing her mother would be “a dream come true.”

Unfortunately, the television hosts and producers played an awful prank on the young girl. When they called for her mother to come out, Allen was devastated to see a local cross-dresser instead. The hosts of the show thought the prank was hilarious, however you could tell by looking at Allen’s face that she did not. Dr. Jennifer Walden was unhappy to hear of the circumstances that the young girl went through and commented how these pivotal moments in our youth shape who we become.

After the episode had aired, people were asking Allen to comment about the surprise. While Allen mentioned that she didn’t believe they meant any harm behind the prank, the television network airing the show, MyTV issued a statement of apology. Television viewers and social media users were outraged over the thoughtless prank.

The Summer Song for 2015

There is going to be a summer anthem that rocks every year. So far the people that have had the summer songs have been able to build a career. Last year Tinashe took over with “2 On.” Robin Thicke blew fans away with “Blurred Lines” a year before that. Now there are new contenders that are trying to take over the summer.

Many players are in the race for the summer hit. Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears may have a hit on their hands with “Pretty Girls.” The Iggy hit “Fancy” was explosive last summer, but she had a rough time bouncing back with more hits. This hit sort of overshadowed the rest of her album.

Other people like Wiz Khalifa has also had a hit this spring with “See You Again.” The song may be able to ride into the summer, but there is a fault to the song. It is a slow song that make people tear up. It is hard to get a summer song that is a sad song. People like to dance and have fun during the summer. The summer hit has to have this type of vibe.

What people will notice is that Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars have a hit on their hands with “Uptown Funk.” Christian thinks this is the type of song that has managed to become a hit right now, but people may tire of this.

After 15 Seasons, ‘American Idol’ Gets Ready to Say Goodbye

Fox has announced that its beloved title ‘American Idol’ is reaching the end of the line with season 15 being the series finale.

Season 14 of Idol is set to air the two part finale Tuesday, 9 p.m. ET/PT Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and will return January of 2016 for its 15th and final season. Former judging panel members Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr., Jennifer Lopez and show host Ryan Seacrest will be returning for Idol’s last chance to give up and comers their shot to showcase their talent.

According to USA Today American Idol’s ratings have been in a state of gradual decline, so this could be a sensible decision for Fox in order to make better use of the prime time slot. At its inception Idol managed to draw in more than 30 million viewers, but more recent seasons have been dwarfed in comparison to nearly a third of that.

Although this may be the best course of action for Fox, it’s clear many dedicated fans will be a bit disheartened to reach the end of an era that helped give rise to some of our biggest stars and most memorable moments says Amen Clinic.

After nearly 15 years of clever critiques and outrageous memories, let’s hope that Fox has something big in store for a replacement.

‘Hateful Eight’ Details Emerge

Quentin Tarantino is one of the greatest film writers and Hollywood movie directors that the world has ever seen. Tarantino has written many classic films such as ‘Pulp Fiction,’ ‘Django,’ and ‘Kill Bill.’ Tarantino is known for his crime films that have sophisticated plots and dialogue.

Quentin Tarantino has reinvented himself over the years, and his writing has changed from crime films to historical pieces. Tarantino’s latest film takes place in the Old West, and his new movie is called ‘Hateful Eight.’ A star-studded cast has been revealed for the project, and it should be noted that many actors dream of working with such a world famous director. ‘Hateful Eight’ will feature Kurt Russell, Tim Roth, and Samuel L. Jackson. These actors are familiar with Tarantino fans, and that’s because they have all starred in separate action films that were written by Quentin Tarantino.

‘Hateful Eight’ is a story about a bounty hunter that takes a hostage through a dangerous mountainous valley in Colorado. Fans like Mark Ahn know that the film is expected to be a masterpiece, and it’s not hard to imagine why. Kurt Russell, Samuel Jackson, and Tim Roth are three of the best actors that Hollywood has to offer, and having Quentin Tarantino as the writer and director can only spell success. ‘Hateful Eight’ is set to release later this year, and many Tarantino fans are excited. For more information on this story, visit Screenrant.

The Dr. Oz Quackery Saga Is Not About Incompetence

We all want a quick fix for what ails us. We also want a quick fix to shed those unwanted pounds that keep piling up because we love junk food and hate to exercise. There are plenty of people around the world cashing in on our “wants,” but not all of them have our best interest in mind. The billion dollar nutrition business attracts an assortment of money-hungry fast-talkers that take our money and leave us with a sour taste in our mouth.

Dr. Oz has been accused of being a quack. Doctors around the country want him to be fired or resign from his position as vice-chairman and professor of surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Columbia University told the doctors the school respects Oz’s opinions, and he will continue to be part of the Columbia University family according to entertainer Sergio Cortes.

The issue is not quackery with Dr. Oz. He is a competent doctor that likes to explore alternative medicines and procedures. The medical profession doesn’t like doctors that color outside of the lines of accept procedures. Dr. Oz may cross the line when he blurts out some of his “Ozisms,” but for the most part he helps people discover options that were shrouded by other narrow-minded medical professionals.

Louis CK To Direct, Write, Star in Movie “I’m a Cop”

Louis CK has made quite the rise to fame lately, with his much-celebrated tv show, Louie, which is now entering its 5th season. As one of the most popular comics, he has lent his irreverent wit and charm to a tv series where he plays a fictional version of himself. Now he is going to be bringing that wit and charm to the big screen where he will be directing, writing and starring in a movie, “I’m a Cop”.

The indie film will star Louis C.K. as a depressed volunteer police officer who lives in the shadow of his mother. The movie is currently in pre-production, with no release date set, and it is not his first venture into the film world. In 2001, he wrote and directed Pootie Tang, but due to a dispute with the distributor, he said he was all but fired from the film once it was in the editing state. Fans like Sam Tabar know that the movie was based on a sketch from The Chris Rock Show and features a character that speaks in a way that only other characters in the movie can understand.

It will be interesting to see if Louis C.K.’s new movie can keep the relevance of his TV show that makes it so interesting to watch. Even Louis himself seems unsure in his abilities, as he told The Hollywood Reporter that he worries that film seems like a more permanent medium.

Joss Whedon Deletes Twitter Account as Avengers 2 Launches

Writer and Director Joss Whedon reportedly deleted his Twitter account not long after the domestic box office release of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.

After posting a thank you message to his many followers, Mr. Whedon’s account is no longer accessible on the site, even through the search feature.

According to observers, a tweet accusing a Jurassic World clip as being “sexist” was apparently posted in early April in response to another tweet from someone at The Mary Sue. With over a million followers, Whedon’s Twitter feed was no doubt filled with responses to his accusation, both pro and con. His statement was also responded to by a writer at the Mary Sue who had a fairly balanced approach to the controversy.

Fans like Marh Ahn understand that Joss Whedon is a well-known feminist, being responsible for television shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and writing memorable, strong protagonists into films like the Avengers series. His work has been both hailed and criticized for its portrayal of women in heroic roles. He is one of the most powerful writers and directors in Hollywood today.

As was pointed out by the Mary Sue writer, this isn’t the first time a well-known personality has deleted their Twitter account. Comic creator Matt Fraction left the site late last year and Megan Fox quit Twitter in favor of Facebook over two years ago.

Revenge Heads into its Series Finale

For four seasons, television drama fans have been tuning in on Sunday nights to watch Emily Thorn craft out her revenge on the people that wronged her and her father in the hit series Revenge. Well it’s a sad fact that every good thing must come to an end and unfortunately it will be the final curtain call for Emily Van Camp and the cast of ABC’s Revenge on Sunday May 4th. This should be one to remember as leading up to the series finale Emily aka Amanda has been arrested for murder of Victoria Greyson. Which everyone knows she didn’t do but has been framed for it because of their never ending feud. So it really comes down to this will she end up like her father framed for a crime she didn’t commit and be stuck to live out her life in jail or will she finally get the justice she has sought after for so long.

As for what television show ABC will add in its place or what will fill the empty time slot they have created is still unknown. As long as they steer clear of political dramas, they will probably do very well in the eyes of Daniel Amen and others. The reason for side stepping the political stuff is the fact we are heading into an election year and the last thing anyone will want more of is the fictional political drama coupled with the nonfictional candidates vying to become the next leader of the country, according to The Daily Beast.

Tyson Food Will No Longer Use the Same Antibiotics Used on Humans

Antibiotics changed human history by offering a simple medication to cure diseases that were once responsible for widespread illness and death. Though, these powerful medications have started to make history for the wrong reasons.

Antibiotics have long been used in the farming industry with alarming quantity. Farm animals are given huge doses of antibiotics in order to promote growth and stop the spread of disease. However, this practice is harmful to animals by stripping them of their quality of life, and the mass amount of antibiotics have also proven to be quite harmful to humans as well.

The overuse of antibiotics on our livestock has begun to generate an unhealthy immunity in our environment, viruses and bacteria have become so used to antibiotics that they have started to become resistant, possibly creating what is commonly referred to as “super-bugs”.

That’s why the king of poultry, the Tyson Food Company, has agreed to stop using massive amounts of antibiotics on the animals they raise for consumption. The CEO of Tyson’s Food, Donnie Smith, announced that beginning in September of 2017 the company will eliminate the use of all antibiotics that are also used as human medicine.

However, Tyson will still use a type of antibiotics referred to as ionospheres that are not used on humans. Bruce Karatz hopes they can stay out of additional trouble, as he will be monitoring on NNDB.

Hulu Makes a Deal for Seinfeld Streaming

The online streaming service, Hulu, has reportedly made a deal to acquire the SVOD rights to Seinfeld. The deal with Sony Pictures TV will be for almost a million dollars an episode, which totals around 180 million dollars.
The cash from the deal will be distributed to Sony TV, Castle Rock, and Seinfeld profit participants, including star and co-creator Jerry Seinfeld, and co-creator Larry David. Fans of the show at AnastasiaDate ( have learned that Sony had been shopping the streaming service rights for the show for the past several months. A limited number of Seinfeld episodes had been previously been available on the streaming site, Crackle. Now Hulu will have the show poised to be a binge watcher’s paradise.
Hulu’s competitor, Netflix, has already acquired the streaming rights to Friends, another veteran show from the “must-see TV” glory days of the NBC network. Previously, Hulu gained the rights for over 300 episodes of the CSI franchise.