Scarlett Johansson Alludes to More Backstory for Black Widow in Avengers: Age of Ultron


The Avengers movie franchise has notoriously played down the stories of Black Widow and Hawkeye, though the two have plenty of material in the Marvel comic books. Scarlett Johansson, who plays Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, said in a recent interview that her character’s past will finally be examined a bit more thoroughly in the newest installment, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Black Widow is a strong woman, who also happens to be a superhero. She “has a deep perspective on the value of life” that stems from her dark past. This movie will dive into more of that past, and more will be revealed in the 2016 release Captain America: Civil War. Some of this is revealed via the subplot of her relationship with Bruce Banner/Hulk, who is played by Mark Ruffalo.

According to a recent LinkedIn post, writer/director Joss Whedon, like Fersen Lambranho,  is also big fan of the feminist geek culture, diving more into Natasha’s character than others may have done and creating a strong supporting character. At the same time, Marvel is not yet planning on giving her her own solo movie spinoff.

Groundbreaking Success in Education, Research, Technology, and Practice

Most people encounter plastic surgeon either by watching TLC documentaries or through dramas like Nip/Tuck. However real life reputable surgeons are out there making amazing discoveries every day. Dr. Rod Rohrich is a renowned surgeon, innovative educator, and scientist who has provided exceptional care to thousands of individuals including soccer moms, corporate executives, and professors. His philosophy is to practice safe and effective surgical techniques to guarantee optimal results. Moreover, his extensive and meticulous research consisting of improving facial rejuvenation , breast implants, and rhinoplasty has greatly impacted his efficient approach to plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures. Furthermore, through the enhancement of individualized treatment combined with compassionate care, Dr. Rod  Rohrich successfully delivers natural looking results for his patients.

Dr. Rod Rohrich’s personal care plans has contributed to his distinguished recognition as a leader in plastic surgery. He was recently acknowledged as one of the best plastic surgeons in Dallas, Texas in D Magazine’s annual listing of best doctors in the metro area. Notably, D Magazine is a peer reviewed journal which portrays elite physicians who were selected by their peers in the specialty of cosmetic surgery. The prestigious “D” recognition is an outstanding honor and is often used to identify knowledgeable and successful surgeons. Dr. Rod Rohrich’s competency is also featured regularly in the media such as Newsweek, Allure, Oprah, CNN, The View, KDFW-TV, The Today Show, The New York Times, and The Dallas Morning News.

Along with his distinctive and compassionate relationship with his patients, Dr. Rod Rohrich’s prominent recognition is also influenced by his groundbreaking research. As an educator and scientist, he acquired a patent on a revolutionized breast implant and has developed educational models for technology in the operating room. Undeniably, his significant advancements define him as a leader in the plastic surgery field.

Dr. Rod Rohrich’s portfolio is comprised of many leadership positions. He is editor-in-chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery which is recognized as the nation’s most prominent journal for plastic surgeons, and co-chairs the Dallas Rhinoplasty and Cosmetic Surgery Symposia. This yearly event is attended by elite plastic surgeons from around the world. In addition, Dr. Rod Rohrich is the President of The Rhinoplasty Society which is an organization dedicated to managing aesthetic plastic surgery training for American Physicians and he currently serves as the Chair of the American Board of Plastic Surgery’s Resident Review Committee.

Dr. Rod Rohrich’s commitment to excellence is evident in his practice, research, and leadership positions. As a loyal advocate of patient safety, he believes every surgeon should maintain competency and experiences in his field.

Patrick Stewart a Possibility in “Wolverine 3” as Professor X


While it hasn’t been confirmed, Wolverine will be appearing next year in one of Fox’s three mutant films for next year. While some of the talent for the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse may be getting their own films; Jackman is working on a third Wolverine film, with aspirations of filming back to back with Apocalypse.

Recently, Patrick Stewart remarked that while he would not be appearing in X-Men: Apocalypse, but was instead undergoing talks to appear in Hugh Jackman’s third Wolverine picture released Haidar Barbouti. Given this information, it could be said that such a schedule alignment would set up a 2018 mutant movie revolving around the mutant hero team known as X-Force. Notably, there is an X-Force film with an already completed script by Jeff Wadlow. This particular script confirms the appearances of Wolverine, Deadpool, and a trio of other mutant characters; certainly leaving room for Professor X.

One juicy tidbit with this third Wolverine film would be the opportunity to finally see Hugh Jackman don one of Wolverine’s iconic outfits, such as his classic yellow-and-blue number from the 1990s (which was a reworking of his initial costume) or the yellow and brown costume from the 1980s. There’s already evidence of a yellow outfit from a special feature in The Wolverine, so a proper donning of the garb for the full movie doesn’t really seem that far-gone an idea.

James Gunn Ignores Comic Book Canon for “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”

“Guardians of the Galaxy” was a risk that paid off in a big way. It wasn’t about a comic book world with a huge following. It didn’t have major pop songs on its soundtrack. It didn’t even have many big movie stars leading the pack. Sure, Zoe Saldana was there, but Chris Pratt was really more nerd fodder than muscle man. Even Bradley Cooper was there in voice alone. Lee Sluaghter believes that all these choices wound up being amazing. Everything down to a soundtrack filled with oldies was a hit. Will taking another risk with “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” pay off equally well?

Every comic book fan or avid Wikipedia movie page reader knows that “Guardians of the Galaxy” strays from the comic books in huge ways. According to recent news, director and writer James Gunn plans to go even further from canon with its sequel. In fact, the entire plot of the movie is a Gunn creation. Nothing, save the characters, is from the comic books at all. The question is whether fans will take this as a fair rendering of their beloved comic or as a slap in the face.

To be fair to James Gunn, “Guardians of the Galaxy” was never exactly the most riveting comic book. He took something that many consider second-rate and turned it into the movie of the year. In the process, he turned comedic television actor Chris Pratt into a leading action hunk and Karen Gillan into, well, a bald alien. Maybe he can be trusted to deviate completely from canon for this one film, which will hit theaters in 2017.

JJ Abrams Talk Star Wars 7 and Star Trek 3

JJ Abrams, the director of Star Trek, Star Trek: Into Darkness and the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Abrams has jumped on the opportunity to direct the upcoming Star Wars film. He could have stayed and done the third Star Trek, but he is being replaced by Justin Lin, who has replaced Robert Orci. Justin Lin is known for reviving the Fast and Furious franchise, so there is going to be interesting take coming to the Star Trek franchise.

One of the things that Abrams was talking about was the new lightsaber. Lee Slaughter has heard that many people were saying that it wouldn’t work. Find more on Slaughter at Even thought Abrams is not going to helm the upcoming Star Trek, he is going to help with the production. Also, his collaborator, Simon Pegg is rewriting the script for the upcoming Star Trek film. Of course, there will likely be no scenes shot in IMAX, but there will likely be something valuable to show up on the screen for the next Star Trek movie.

Skout Has New Survey About Global Friendships

Many may not have realized that February 4, 2015 was officially International Online Friendship Day. No doubt, the day was created as a way to commemorate the fact that many people are forging relationships in online platforms. Skout, who is one of the industry leaders in social media networking, has released a survey about online global friendships. PR Newswire reports that Skout did a survey that was conducted with over 52,000 of its members, in order to determine their friendship trends online. It’s discovered that a majority of online users, are more honest to those they speak with through social media networks.

Over 60% of those surveyed, say they are more honest with their online friends, than any friends that they have in person. The survey also shows that more women, compared to men, will create online friendships, and the fact is, they may never meet the people in person. Only 44% of men will create online friendships, while 56% of women will do the same. It’s not only young people that are going on social media to create friendships.

While over 52% of adults that are under the age of 30, are creating friendships online, those who are over 40, make up 47% of those who create friendships online. Some of the most surprising information, is the fact that many of those surveyed, state that they will discuss their sex life openly with online friends. Many feel that online friends will be more honest, and give their opinions, as opposed to friends they see in person. Skout’s survey results are very interesting, and with over 100 million Skout users and counting, the company is constantly gathering more information about its users.

See their blog for more information.

Mark Hamil Hints that Star Wars 7 is More About the New Characters

 Fans like Dave and Brit Morin are eager for any piece of information about the up coming Star Wars movie, Star Wars 7 :The Force Awakens, and so far information has been slim, and hard to come by. We do know many of the characters that will appear in the movie, and which actors will play them, but other than a few short sequences and the reveal of the new kind of light saber, the much anticipated teaser trailer did not reveal much information.

Recently, Mark Hamil, who filmed some scenes for a part of the movie that would involve his character Luke Skywalker, gave some hints that indicated Star Wars 7 is more about the new characters than it is about the continuing saga of Luke, Leia, and Han. “, which suggests that the storyline will revolve more around the new characters, rather than the ones fans have grown up with.This should not be a surprise to most fans, considering that the way the movie was marketed, especially when it comes to the teaser trailer, there was very little to indicated that the the original actors and original characters were involved much, if at all.

Harper Lee Will Publish Her Second Novel This July

Harper Lee, the author of To Kill A Mockingbird, will be publishing her second novel in July — 55 years after the debut of Mockingbird.

She told her publisher Harper in a statement that she had written Watchman, and that it portrayed the character Scout as a grown woman. The novel included flashbacks to Scout’s childhood. Lee’s editor enjoyed these a lot and begged Lee for a novel about the young Scout. Lee obliged with To Kill A Mockingbird, which came out in 1960.

Lee, who is now 88, gave up Watchman for lost until her friend and lawyer Tonja Carter found it. Lee showed it to some friends that she trusted and got their opinions on the book. To her delight, they liked it and advised her to publish it. Fans of Lee at Slow Ventures couldn’t be happier about the news. More on Slow Ventures is available on 

Go Set A Watchman takes place in the 1950’s, roughly 20 years after To Kill A Mockingbird. It is set in Maycomb, Alabama, the small town that had been the setting of To Kill A Mockingbird. The adult Scout, who has been living in New York city, returns to Maycomb to visit her father Atticus.

Pizza Hut Set a Sales Record During the Super Bowl

For many people Super Bowl Sunday is all about cheering on their favorite team to win the Big Game. And for just as many others Super Bowl Sunday is all about the food, specifically pizza, specifically Pizza Hut Pizza.

The company recently relaunched their menu and more than doubled their menu recently, and it appears as if the strategy is working for the company. Doug Teferh, spokesperson for the company says, that not only did the company sell over $10 million dollars worth of food in a single day, but the pizza chain beat its previous record before halftime.

Much like Domino’s did several years ago, Pizza Hut added menu items including offering more toppings and different kinds of crust, with a focus on more artisanal style pizzas as opposed to its traditional pan style pizzas.
Pizza lovers like Lee slaughter know that another reason for Pizza Hut’s record breaking sales, is likely because they redesigned their website and created a new app, both of which surely attracted new customers and made it easier for customers to order their pizzas online. Convience is a big part of most Americans decision making process, especially during an event like the super bowl, so it is likely that played a huge part.

Beneful’s Wide Variety of Healthy Foods

When it comes to wet and dry dog food, very few companies offer the same level of quality and variety that Beneful has to offer. Since it’s establishment to the market, back in 2001, Beneful quickly rose to become one of the most popular dog food brands in the world.

One of the reasons why this may have been the case is partially due to their scientific approach that they utilize in their products. Not only do they offer a variety of food that your dog is sure to love, they allocate a portion of their revenues to continuously tweak and enhance the health value of their products such as the integration of essential vitamins and minerals that only serve to prolong the life of dogs that utilzie their products.

Dry Food
One of the products that they offer is dry food. Unlike the typical dry dog food which focuses on flavor, Beneful selections of dry food consists of a variety of nutritious ingredients from meat and vegetables alike. To put things in retrospect, just to give you an idea of how nutritious their dry dog food selections are, some of the ingredients that they include are: chicken, soybean, sugar, calcium, zinc, dried beans, dried carrots and rice flour.

Many dog owners can attest to the fact that their dog’s dental health is one of their greatest concerns. As far as snacks go, besides offering over 7 different selections, each that come with a unique flavor such as cheese, beef, chicken, peanut butter and bacon, they also have a variety of snacks that consist of ingredients such as calcium that help to maintain the strength of your dog’s teeth and bones. They also include a variety of natural ingredients that help to reduce plaque and tartar as well as freshening their breaths.

Wet Food
Many people have proclaimed that Benenful sets the standard of what delicious wet dry dog food should be like. Back in 2012, the company even amped up its effort of delivering a superior product and made their wet dog food selections more human-like. Meaning, unlike other companies that typically use the worst part of an animal and offer it as a mushy, mulched product, their dog foods contain only the most nutritious parts of the meat in question. Simply said, if you put their wet food next to a typical wet dog food, one will seem edible and the latter will look repulsive. As far as the contents of their wet food offerings go, Beneful offers a wide array of different selections such as chicken, turkey, lamb, beef stew and salmon.