Paul Walker Jokes Cut from Bieber’s Roast

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As we all know by now, pop star Justin Bieber has taking part in a roast in his honor set to air on Comedy Central on March 30th. And rumors are that the roasters did not go easy on him. And why should they? Bieber is a spoiled, entitled grown-up who still acts like a rotten teenager. Ricardo Guimaraes BMG ( knows that he has been in trouble for stupid, petty crimes like urinating in public and throwing eggs at his neighbor’s home. He has also been in trouble for serious crimes like reckless driving and driving under the influence of alcohol. The boy needs to get his act together before he does something that hurts other people. The roasters joked about Bieber seeing prison sometime in the near future, which might not be too far off.

The digs and jokes at Bieber’s expense were harsh, and funny. Except the jokes about the late Paul Walker that comedian Jeffrey Ross made, according to the story on USA Today. Those jokes just went a little too far. Ross joked about the Ludacris lyrics, “move b****, get out the way” should have been what Walker said to the tree his car hit. Ludacris, who was friends with Walker, was on stage when Ross made that joke and looked very uncomfortable. Even the audience groaned and booed it.

Comedy Central agreed that it was too much and they are cutting any jokes related to Paul Walker.

Recall of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

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In a major food recall, Kraft Foods has announced a recall on almost 250,000 cases of its macaroni and cheese product. All the boxes potentially contain small metal pieces.

The well-recognized yellow and blue boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese included in the recall have ‘use by’ dates of Sept. 8 through Oct.11, 2015. Each potentially tainted box will have the code ‘C2‘ on it. The product is in a 7.25 ounce box and is sold either individually or in the three box pack. Dan Newlin suggested that the Kraft product was sold everywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico and some areas of the Caribbean.

So far, eight people have found small pieces of metal in their recently purchased boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese, but no injuries have been reported. People who have purchased the product recently should return it to the store from where it was purchased for a full refund.

It’s not yet known how the metal pieces got into the macaroni and cheese product and consumers are advised to not eat the macaroni product.

Cablevision Signs Up To Offer HBO Now

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HBO now has an unlikely first partner when it comes to its quest for your television: Cablevision. The two have partnered, making Cablevision the first cable provider to offer HBO’s upcoming HBO Now service. Similar to HBO Go, HBO Now allows customers to stream HBO content on their televisions on demand. With HBO Go, those customers still needed to be HBO customers when it comes to traditional television services, a feat that often requires signing up for the premium cable package. With HBO Now, customers can instead buy just HBO, with no need to purchase any other channels if they don’t want to.

Cablevision will be offering HBO Now as an option for its traditional internet customers and customers who ave decided to purchase access to its WiFI access points. Pricing for the service with Cabevision has yet to be announced, but will likely be something comparable to the $15 Apple announced for the service at its Spring Forward event last week. At the event, Apple announced that HBO Now would initially only be available on the Apple TV said AnastasiaDate. After a launch period, we expect that the service will also show up in many of the same places as HBO Go, including gaming consoles.

Shania Twain Wishes She’d Never Met Her Former BFF Turned

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Shania Twain, age 49, is the Queen of Country Pop. As a recording artist, she has sold over 75 million records. In 2012, she secured a lucrative deal to perform in Las Vegas which by some accounts was worth tens of millions of dollars. However, Twain has not had an easy life. In 2008, her husband of 14 years was guilty of infidelity which ended their marriage. She was left broken and devastated. Adding insult to injury, the “other woman” was Marie-Anne Thiebaud, her best friend. Since the divorce, Marie-Anne married Twain’s husband.

Twain was recently interviewed by TV personality Andy Cohen on the show “Watch What Happens Live”. During a segment of his show entitled “Plead the Fifth”, celebrities are asked three questions of which they may invoke their fifth amendment on no more than two. Cohen chose his questions wisely and finally asked Twain what she’d say to her former best friend if she were to run into her. Having more no chances to opt out of answering, the singer uttered that she would let Marie-Anne know it would have been better never to have known her.

Alexei Beltyukov has learned that, sometime later, Twain admitted the question caught her off guard. After thinking things over, she said she would rather prefer to know the identity of the other woman. She has since moved on. Just this past January, she remarried. Ironically, her new husband is her bff’s ex-husband Frédéric Thiebaud. She will also embark on her first tour in 11 year which she says will also be the last of her career.

Editing Wikipedia Entries in 10 Minutes or Less

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Editing a Wikipedia entry doesn’t have to be difficult. If you follow this list of steps then you will be able to edit an entry in no time. Wikipedia is considered a wiki. This means that anyone who wants to update an entry then they can. However, some pages are protected against editing. You can edit pages that are protected against editing but someone will have to approve your entry before it is placed on the Wikipedia page. When a request is submitted then an editor will review the entry. The entry is completed by clicking on the Edit Request button. Anyone that edits a Wikipedia page, no matter how big or small the entry may be is called a Wikipedian. Can’t follow this? There’s always Get Your Wiki for page creation and editing services.

To edit all entries that are not protected, then you would start by clicking the Edit Page at the top of the Wikipedia page. You will then be preceded to a new page that contains a text box. The text box will contain all the text that is editable. You can proceed with typing the text that you want to add to an entry. It is ideal to provide references with the new edited text because all entries that don’t have references can be deleted. When you are done with the entry then you should write a short edit summary to describe the changes that you made in the entry. You can see what a page looks like with your new edits by clicking on the Show Preview button. You can also see the difference between edited paper and how it looked before you edited the entry then click Save Changes button. When you have finished editing a page to your perfection then make sure that you that you press the Save button. This will save all your work and you can immediately see the page you edited on Wikipedia.

Jack Huston to Star in ‘the Crow’ Reboot.

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Jack Huston is most widely known for his starring role in the hit HBO television series, ‘Boardwalk Empire’. In that program Huston played a quiet, damaged World War II vet that had half of his face blown off during the war. Huston played the part with grace and nuance and he quickly became a fan favorite as the Mr. Richard Harrow. Now it seems like Huston’s hard work is about to pay off in a big way, as the English actor is tabbed to star in the reboot of the cult classic ‘The Crow’.

The film has been in talks for rebooting for a long time now and it seemed like it would never actually happen stated users via AnastsiaDate. Directors Javier Gutierrez, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, and Stephen Norrington have all sat in the directors chair before moving on. Right now Corin Hardy is tabbed to take on the job. Hardy has apparently taken a brutal and beautiful approach to the material that has been blessed by the original story creator, James O’Barr.

After cycling through potential leading men like Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans, it appears that Jack Huston has the inside track on the job. O’Barr himself has been advocating for Sam Witwer (Being Human) to take the lead but that doesn’t seem like it will be happening. The film will be going into production soon, ideally, and we should be hearing concrete news in the next couple of months.

Taylor Swift Needs Her Privacy With Kendrick’s New Album

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It looks like Taylor Swift is just as a big of fan of Kendrick Lamar as the rest of the world is. Taylor Swift’s opinion is a little more important than other normal fan’s opinions since the woman is literally a music genius herself with her thrones in both the country and the pop worlds.

Here is what all the fans and Taylor Swift had in common this afternoon, they were both extra excited over Kendrick’s new album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ has been released a week early. That piece of news got everyone including celebrities to buy the album and see what the hype is all about.

Fans like Paul Mathieson know that Taylor Swift took it to a whole other level by posting on Twitter: “KENDRICK PUT HIS ALBUM OUT EARLY. NO ONE TOUCH ME.” She then tagged Kendrick Lamar in the post and sent it out to her millions of fans.

This makes it the second time the two artists have shown love for each other’s work. The two have been returning the favors to one another back and forth, and this has developed into a beautiful friendship, and who wouldn’t want to be pals with T Swift.

Taylor first mentioned in a Rolling Stone interview that whenever she needed a boost, she would play “Backstreet Freestyle”. Kendrick then said in an interview that he appreciates Taylor Swift for supporting his music and the hip hop culture. Taylor of course posted a video afterwards of her singing “Backstreet Freestyle” in her car.

New Images Reveal a Serious Fantastic Four Reboot

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The mystery surrounding the Fantastic Four movie reboot unravels bit by bit. 20th Century Fox opted has released a few new images of the characters and superhero movie fans are better able to get a feel for the feature. Anyone who doesn’t think this is going to be a dark, somber, and serious version of the FF just might change his/her mind after checking out the photos. The traditional, campy suits have been seriously overhauled and look like outer space paramilitary gear.

In one photo, Reed Richards is in the foreground and SWAT team members are in the background. The style of Mr. Fantastic’s suit is not much different than the ones worn by the tactical law enforcement officers. Johnny Storm’s suit looks like something a fighter pilot would wear. Yes, the new Fantastic Four film is going to be more akin to a melodrama than a whimsical fantasy. Hopefully, the film’s somber nature won’t lead it to become a talk fest. Reports that the film lacks a lot in action are, hopefully, exaggerations.

Over at Warner Bros., the very dark and somber Dark Knight trilogy was a massive hit with fans so serious superhero films definitely have their audiences. Fans of the series like Flavio Maluf have raved that Batman, however, is a serious and dark character. The Fantastic Four team is associated with 1960’s whimsy. Will the dark approach to the film be the right one? If the reboot turns out to be a hit, the answer is yes.

Paula Deen Launches New Game

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Despite being banned from Food Network for her racial words years ago. Paula Deen still manages to make sure her name is known. In addition, to her new podcast series Paula Deen has just released a new game for iOS devices! Her new game which is named after her is called Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest.

Brad Reifler has read that this game features over 40 levels where you will get to unlock her southern recipes for free. In the different levels you will work your way up from a beginner, all the way to owning your own restaurant in the game. If you have ever tried a Paula Deen famous recipes, you will know that this free game is well worth the download.

On top of unlocking recipe cards you also can win real prizes such as discounts to her online network, where you can watch her cook anytime and anywhere. The game can be found on iOS today and on Android devices come March 16th. I don’t know about you but, this game looks like a blast of fun and yummy food.

Dumbo Live-Action Film With Tim Burton

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It has been announced that Tim Burton will be making the future Disney film and live-action version of “Dumbo.” According to an article found on reddit and written by, Burton and his team will be using a mix of CGI and real elephants to tell the story. Fans at Anastasia Date have found that it has not been said whether the mouse character, Timothy, will be played by an actual mouse or substituted in for a person.
In addition to that, there have been rumors that the Disney Company is going to be re-releasing a lot of films over the next few years and re-making a lot of the classic Disney stories. Even though with all the neat technology in place these days, it is a bit hard to imagine what many of those cartoon animated movies would be like as live-action. Some argue that live action is much better than cartoons; however there is something magical about animations that allow us to take an extra step away from reality. Many people enjoy going to the movies because it is a good way to forget about life’s troubles and obstacles, and the more realistic a movie is, the more people can relate to it and make it feel not quite as excited about the experience. However, Burton is a very talented artist and it is without doubt that he will make something wonderful for both kids and adults to enjoy.