Marvel Director Supports DC’s Right to “Original Captain Marvel”

James Gunn, in his ongoing effort to bring peace between the warring tribes of comic book fans, has tweeted a defense of Shazam actor Zachary Levi.

Levi, who was announced to be playing a DC Extended Universe superhero last Friday, October 27, has been referring to his character as “the original Captain Marvel.” Some fans of Marvel Comics’ character of the same name have taken that as a subtle jab at them, as though he was calling their preferred captain less legitimate.

Enter Gunn, a Marvel director who has become extremely successful turning the relatively minor Guardians of the Galaxy property into two mega-hit films and mainstays of Marvel TV adaptations. He has lately been speaking up for fans of the two companies to put aside their differences, and for that cause, gave his own opinion about Levi’s comments on Twitter.

“Fan sites: @ZacharyLevi calling Shazam ‘the original Captain Marvel’ is not throwing shade at Marvel. He IS the original Captain Marvel,” he wrote.

The issue is a complicated one that draws on a lot of comic book history. The short version: Levi’s “original Captain Marvel,” Billy Batson, was created in 1941 by the now defunct Fawcett Comics, and purchased by DC Comics in 1972. In the meantime, however, the rights to the name had expired, and Marvel Comics snatched them up. Since then there have been several Marvel characters using the title, most recently Carol Danvers.

DC Comics is still allowed to call the Billy Batson character “Captain Marvel,” as long as they do not use the name in advertisements. It is unclear at this time if Levi will be called that in his film, but in any event, his comments could easily be taken as an attempt at clarification rather than an attempted insult.

A Smarter Hulk Appears in Thor: Ragnarok

The God of Thunder takes center stage in Thor: Ragnarok, but he does share the spotlight with another classic hero. The Incredible Hulk has been featured prominently in the commercials hyping the new Thor film. The Hulk isn’t the brutish beast of Avengers films. The Green Goliath speaks and shows he is a bit smarter than the lumbering, silent giant of previous film appearances.

Director Taika Waititi noted The Hulk was made “smarter” in order to make him more “engaging” in the film. Giving The Hulk the ability to speak allows for more interaction with Thor and other characters. There is only so much that can be done with a Hulk that limited in his ability to interact with others.

The silent version of The Hulk was not a Marvel Comics creation. It was the CBS Incredible Hulk television series that went with a non-speaking Hulk. The movies followed this concept. When The Hulk debuted in the early 1960’s, he not only spoke but came off as a calculating and sinister anti-hero. In time, The Hulk took on a child-like personality. Eventually, The Hulk returned to becoming a speaking, more adult character but without the air of a Mr. Hyde-style menace.

The possibility exists that The Hulk could steal quite a bit of Thor’s thunder in the new film. Even though both The Hulk and his alter ego Dr. Banner play supporting roles, they could overshadow the lead hero. Consider this ironic. For decades, Thor was barely a B-level hero in the Marvel Comics Universe while The Hulk was firmly A level. In the movies, things changes. Two disappointing solo films hurt The Hulk’s ability to carry a film. The two previous Thor films did well at the box office. The third film looks like it will outdraw every other entry in the trilogy.

Orange Coast College: A college Above the Rest

Orange Coast College, often known as OCC is one of the prestigious community colleges in Costa Mesa, California under a total of 164 acres. It is located in Orange County, adjacent to beaches of Southern California. It was founded in the year 1947 and had its first classes begin in 1948. It is the third populous college in Orange County. It has full accreditation from Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


It enrolls about 24,500 students each semester, all of whom are pursuing undergraduate courses. It ranks first among Orange County community colleges when it comes to transferring of students to either California State University Systems or the University of California. Classes are offered in fall, spring and summer as well. It has a fascinating motto, which states that ‘we will help you get there’.



OCC has been accredited by many accrediting bodies in California if not all of them. These include Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior colleges, Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiological Technology, American Dietetics Education and the renowned American Dental Association.


Of all community colleges in the United States, Orange Coast College is ranked 65th in the awarding of degrees. This is a great achievement considering the total number of community colleges being 5,000 in the United States.


OCC has over 50 programs, all taking two years and leads to a certificate of achievement and associate of art and science degrees. It also has lower division classes that are transferable.



OCC, also famously known as the pirates, takes pride in modern sporting facilities in the region. It has a range of sports that they participate in, for both male and female. From athletics to beach volleyball, students often participate in all games competitively. Learn more:


Environmental Conservation

OCC recently opened a recycling facility under a five-acre piece of land that cost about $7 million for its completion. This facility serves the entire Southern California. Materials recycled include HDPE plastic, TVs, printers, monitors, facsimile machines, and computers. In return, OCC compensates with few cents to members who have brought items to be recycled. This has helped the community to preserve the environment while getting another source of income in the process. Learn more:


Sahm Adrangi: Risk Investment Expert

Risk investment is something that most people would not want to try, because they fear that they might lose the money they invested. However, this is not always the case. Yes, there are risks and challenges as one invests in high risk investments, but the returns would be extensive if the investor will be working with professional financial advisors who will help them and guide them. One of the most famous risk investment experts is Sahm Adrangi, who is a young businessman and entrepreneur, and is known as the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, a financial management firm. He entered the world of investment when he was younger, because he wanted to see how much money he can make just by trading high risk stocks, or those stocks that are volatile and changes value every time.

While trading stocks, he managed to save money, and from the income that he received from stock trading, he decided to establish Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC in 2008. Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC is a financial management firm which aims to help people become financially literate. They are responsible in educating the people about investments, and the firm is also advising them where to invest their money. Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC has a wide network of partners and clients, and they are responsible for making a lot of their clients financially stable.

Just recently, the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC made it to the headlines because of a bold move that he made. An undisclosed and unnamed business which will be introduced to the stock market in the future greenlighted the sale of their stock, and he purchased $100 million worth of stocks. He believes that this move will help his financial management firm grow further, and hopes that he will be able to make a lot of income from the transaction. The founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC is known for his expertise in risk investment, and his records show that he is successful in trading volatile stocks and other high risk investments. Many people trust him, which is why he easily raised $100 million in order to purchase stocks.

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Michel Terpins prowess in rally driving

Rally driving is one sport that has a huge following all over the world. The excitement of fast driving is something that, many people love to watch. In Brazil, rally driving is one of the most followed sports after football. Rally driving manifests skills in controlling vehicles at a very high speed. In Brazil, there is a family that has been taking the rally driving competitions in Brazil to a whole different level. Michel Terpins together with his brother Rodrigo Terpins has been in the rally driving competitions for more than a decade now. They train closely with a team of other rally drivers in a team that they call Bull Sertoes Rally Team. This is a team that was established by these two brothers with the intention of taking rally driving in the country to another new level. They hope to influence as many people as possible to embrace the sport just like any other.

Rodrigo Terpins is the older brother of Michel Terpins. Michel Terpins grew up looking to his brother for inspiration on rally driving. In the early stages of his rally driving career, Michel Terpin was dealing with motorcycles. He used to practice in various motorcycle rally driving competition before joining the car category where his brother Rodrigo was already established. His first time to join the rally competitions was in 2002. In 2004, that is when he joined the car rally competitions.

In just a few years after he joined the competition, Michel Terpins was a force to reckon with in the industry. He was participating in pro competitions and emerging one of the top drivers. Together with his brother, they not only participate in competitions hosted by others; they also organize their rally competitions that are held on yearly basis. The competitions are dubbed the Annual Sorties Rally.

Michel Terpins competes with a prototype car that was created by the MEM Motorsports Company. The T-RECX car runs on a v68 engine together with ethanol. Today, Michel Terpins is one of the most influential rally drivers in the country. In 2017, he has a line up of competitions that he will be competing in, including one 3,300km race.

Don Ressler’s Fabletics Revolutionizing Women Sportswear

All women want to look and feel good in their clothing. And while shopping for clothes might seem easy, they usually have a hard time making choices when purchasing athletic wear. Most of them have a hard time weighing between fashion and cost. Furthermore, there has always been a huge variation between functionality and elegance when it comes to women’s athletic wear. In 2010, during the explosion of active wear industry, two individuals, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg took notice of what the market needed, and decided to form Fabletics.

Unlike many companies that focus on current trends, Adam and Don had different ideas. They decided that they were going to focus on what women wanted, which was affordable, good-looking, and fashionable active wear, rather than what was already on the market. After doing extensive market research, they discovered that women faced similar problems when it came to sportswear. Besides poor quality, most of the available clothing did not fit properly, were uncomfortable, and to top it up were costly.

The next challenge the duo had to complete was to market the Fabletics brand to the masses. At the time, sportswear branding was general, and only a handful of companies focused on women wear. Don Ressler decided to bring in renowned actress Kate Hudson both as the face of Fabletics, and as a co-founder. Kate Hudson acted as the spokeswoman for the organization, and using her vast socializing skills was able to connect Fabletics to consumers far and wide.

Just like any other startup, Fabletics also faced several roadblocks in its early days. Besides funding, another major challenge Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg had to complete was to develop comfortable wears. Many manufacturers found it challenging to make clothing that was both functional and fashionable. Nonetheless, through resiliency and determination, combined with experience in fashion, the team eventually came up with high-quality, comfortable wears.

What made Fabletics soar was that it had already established a strong online reputation, meaning they did not have to worry much about traditional marketing methods. Also, the organization set up a discount system for its members. All one has to do is subscribe to the VIP option with a monthly fee of $50, and enjoy benefits like free shipping, loyalty points, as well as discounts on all purchases. And to attract more business, the organization intends to add a collection of sportswear for plus sized women to their catalog in 2017 to motivate them to lose weight and become healthier.

Aloha Construction Builds Buildings and People

Home renovation and construction companies are common all over the country. One of the biggest challenges for consumers is figuring out which companies stand above the rest to give them honest, quality results at a good value. Serving Illinois and southern Wisconsin, Aloha Construction Inc. seeks to provide consistently top-notch service and results, while at the same time working hard to give back to the communities they are a part of. These dual commitments have resulted in impressive and praiseworthy achievements that can help assure you of their commitment to being the best company for your needs.

Professionally, the company has been trusted with over 18,000 projects in their service area. While many companies these days choose to specialize in only one, or perhaps two fields, this company excels in roofing, gutters, siding and window replacement, meaning that you can trust the entire exterior of your home to them. They specialize in repairing the damage caused by storms, inspecting the structure underneath of whatever component they are replacing to ensure it remains solid, so you enjoy maintenance-free results for years and read full article.

Philanthropically, they work through their charitable arm, the Dave Farbaky Foundation, to provide meaningful contributions to the communities they servce. One event they have organized is a shopping spree for children from low-income families. Partnering with Learning Express Toys, four children are selected to receive a 60-second shopping spree at the Learning Express Toy Store, entirely funded by the Dave Farbaky Foundation. While a few toys might seem like a small thing to some people, to the children whose families can’t afford to provide them with the things they want, it’s a major event which is deeply appreciated.

Dave Farbaky, also the President and CEO of the company, in addition to having its charitable foundation named for him, has stated that it, “had taken time and effort to put him in such a position where he can offer children with an opportunity to feel cared for.” And their Linkedin, As the leader of this great company, Dave’s humility, caring, and concern flow to the values of each employee, ensuring that when they arrive at your home, you’ll be in the best of hands.

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Roberto Santiago and a Shopping Haven in Brazil

Roberto Santiago is an entrepreneur who has made a big name for himself in the vast South American nation of Brazil. The Portuguese-speaking businessman owns Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. This center has the distinction of being João Pessoa’s biggest shopping mall. João Pessoa is Santiago’s birthplace. He was born there back in the summer of 1958. He was a student at Pio X-Marist College initially. After that, he made the decision to continue his education at University Center of João Pessoa. That’s where he studied business administration and landed an undergraduate degree.


Santiago has been involved with Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping for a long while. He bought the land for the shopping center in 1987. He worked on preparing the land for a couple of years. The mall was set to go in 1989. That’s when it opened its doors to the public. This shopping center is genuinely impressive and memorable. It consists of a wide range of diverse shops, first of all. It also consists of a fitness center, banks, an educational institution, a food court, an in-depth gaming section, a concert venue and a movie theater. The concert venue has a picturesque and welcoming rooftop location that’s a big draw to people in the region.


The shopping mall is home to Domus Hall. This is on the rooftop. It’s been in existence since 2009. Domus Hall is an event space that serves as the backdrop to countless fairs, wedding festivities, work conferences, musical performances, exhibitions, graduation parties and much more. This venue has the ability to hold roughly 4,000 seated persons. It has the ability, on the other hand, to hold about 10,000 standing persons as well. Domus Hall is known for having state of the art sound equipment on its side. This is a two-level facility that is split up into cabins that are suitable for guests who crave a bit of privacy and discretion. The hall’s ground floor, however, is designated exclusively for sizable public gatherings. Domus Hall has been the location of many major performances. Artists who hail from Brazil have happily graced the stages at Domus Hall. The same goes for artists who hail from different parts of the globe.


This shopping center is a hub for people who appreciate all different kinds of entertainment opportunities. Its movie theater is a popular destination among folks who want to catch all of the latest flicks out there. Other big entertainment destinations in the mall are the bowling alley and game section.


People who adore eating and food in general regularly flock to this mall. The food court has been through numerous upgrades in the past few years. It gives shoppers many great choices in dining establishments that are appropriate for all kinds of budgets and needs. People who are looking for affordable food can enjoy many choices at this mall. This court can also cater to people who have all kinds of food preferences. It doesn’t matter what people crave. This food court can accommodate them.


Why Susan McGalla Believes that Executive Sponsorship can Mitigate Gender Discrimination at Workplaces

A new survey on performance in workplaces has found out that companies with gender diversity are 35 percent likely to perform better than those without. A company with a gender-diverse workforce can succeed because it is open to new ideas. This is because when both men and women work in the company, they give different perspectives that can help the venture grow.

Executive Sponsorship

In the present day employment sector, women experience difficulty when they are trying to reach high-ranking job positions. Susan McGalla, whose efforts to serve in a high-level position paid off, believes that gender discrimination at workplaces can be mitigated through sponsorship opportunities.

According to her, hardworking women should find an executive who can serve as their benefactor. The sponsor’s work is to advocate for women when they are working on crucial assignments. When a woman receives such support, she is more likely to outperform her male colleagues and serve as an executive.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant and businessperson. As a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she served in the CEO position at Wet Seal and as president at the American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla also provides strategic planning insights to the boards of the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute Foundation and HFF as a member. She plays a directorial role at Allegheny Conference on Community.

The University of Pittsburgh also benefited from her insights when she was a trustee of the higher learning institution. Susan McGalla is the creative force behind P3 Executive Consultant, which focuses on executive consulting services. She came up with the idea of P3 Executive Consulting after leaving Wet Seal. Her vision was to create a company that serves high-ranking professionals with consulting services. The Pittsburgh Steelers also hired her to work as VP of business strategy and creative development. She currently works for the company in that capacity.

Imran Haque: The Human Connection

Imran Haque is a doctor of internal medicine for the city of Asheboro, North Carolina, and surrounding communities. He is one of the most highly respected doctors in the field of medicine. He makes sure to go over every step of the procedure at hand with the patient. In this manner, the patient can feel at ease knowing that the person is in very capable hands.

He offers many in-house services to his patients. Some of the services he provides are options for the treatment and control of all types of diabetes, weight management help for those who are morbidly obese and the like, a process called 360 skin resurfacing, Venus body contouring and laser hair removal. THese procedures can be done in his office and save the patient a great deal of money without having to be referred to another specialist. This is why he is so well liked by his patients. In an interview with Ideamensch, he explains how he became the man he is by following one simple rule every day.

The most important thing about him is that he follows the Golden Rule every day. It states: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. He tries to show his patients kindness and demonstrate the power of humility every day. If there is a way for him to help a patient he will do whatever it takes to give the patient the best chance of living a fulfilling and active life.

One thing that he sees for the future is the use of advanced technology in order to help patients. He is not afraid to try something new if it will make it easier for his patients to live full and better lives. This is one of the reasons why he makes sure that the procedures he offers are a stone’s throw away for his patients. This saves on red tape and unnecessary travels.

Having a compassionate heart and helping his patients whenever he can is the main reason he became a doctor. It is the human connection that makes him so trustworthy.