David Giertz Explains Why Financial Advisers Should Talk about Social Security

Updated August 15th, 2017:

David Giertz has been the subject of a new article about retirement planning, but it’s a little different than you might expect. Instead of the typical negative slant about saving money, and living more frugally, David makes the point that you can still live your best life. You just have to be careful, and intelligent about your financial planning. Something Mr. Giertz covers in depth for Norcal.news.

Updated July 1st, 2017:

David Giertz had some sound advice on what his fellow Ohioans can do to invest in themselves earlier than they might think.  If you don’t want to spend your entire life working, and you like the prospect of an earlier retirement without the fear of outliving your money, it’s worth reading David’s insight.

David Giertz is the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors. He has over 31 years experience as a financial adviser, and is registered with FINRA as a broker.

In a 2014 interview with Veronica Dagher, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal Wealth Adviser, David Giertz stressed the importance of financial advisers speaking to their clients about social security. He discussed a survey that Nationwide Retirement Institute initiated with consumers of retirement age and within ten years of retirement. The results of the survey showed that most financial advisers were not speaking to their clients about social security. He said it’s important for financial advisers to talk to clients about social security from a retention perspective, because four out of five consumers in the survey stated that they would change advisers if their adviser didn’t discuss social security.

David Giertz explained that some advisers might avoid the topic because social security is a very complex issue and can be hard to understand. However, social security can play a big part in a client’s retirement plan, totaling up to forty percent of a client’s income. The client’s social security income should be included in the retirement planning process at https://soundcloud.com/davidgiertz. If a client starts collecting social security too early, the person could lose up to $12,000 per year.

The survey also showed that many consumers have misunderstandings about how social security works. By discussing this issue on moneytips.com, financial advisers can prevent clients from losing money in their retirement.

David Giertz’s firm, Nationwide Financial Distributors, sells life insurance and annuities, offers investment advisory services, and is a mutual fund underwriter.

The Replicant Mystery and Blade Runner 2049

One thing that makes Blade Runner and other movies classics is the ambiguity of certain important aspects of the film. As a matter of fact, ambiguity gives the film a longer lifespan than a film that answers every question. In the case of Blade Runner, the one topic of ambiguity is the nature of the protagonist. In the first film, particularly in the director’s and final cuts, there were scenes that suggested that the protagonist of the film Deckard is a replicant. However, one issue that appears with the film is that Deckard appears in Blade Runner 2049 in an aged form. For some people, this shuts down the replicant theory. However, there are plenty of other things to consider.

While in the first film, it was stated that the replicants had a four year lifespan, there are lines of dialogue that suggest that not every replicant has the four year lifespan. In the theatrical ending that was cut out of later versions of the film, Deckard’s voice over has said that Rachel, who was a replicant, was special in that she had no termination date. However, she does not appear in the film. It might be explained what happened to her, or there might be ambiguity in that case as well.

One thing that the director doesn’t want to do is answer the mystery as to whether or not Deckard is a replicant. He did say that he will take care of the mystery. The best way to take care of the mystery is to keep it going. As to whether or not K is a replicant, the trailers seem to spoil that he is a replicant. However, this is not going to be the big mystery in Blade Runner 2049, which will be released this October in premium theaters.

The ‘Thong Song’ is Back

Dru Hill front man Sisqo had some pretty big success with his first solo album in the late 1990’s. Most of that albums success was the result of the massive single ‘Thong Song.’ Released in December of 1999, the ‘Thong Song’ ear ed four Grammy nominations along with other awards. The song was a major success worldwide reaching number three on the hot 100 chart. More than fifteen years later Sisqo has put together a remake of the song with Norwegian production trio Jcy.

Sisqo’s updated version of the ‘Thong Song’ was produced with the group Jcy. The new version of the song has a lighter, tropical feel than the original version of the song. Just like the original video there are plenty of women in the new video rolling around in thongs. The new version has girls in a skating rink having a good time in Miami.

Over the years Sisqo has been approached multiple times about redoing the ‘Thong Song.’ He declined every time not really feeling moved to make a new version. His mind however was changed when heard the new version of the song done by Jcy. After hearing this new version Sisqo new it was time to get back in the studio and do a remake.

Sisqo continues to make new music both as a solo artist and as a member of the R&B group Dru Hill. No matter what he does, he his unable to escape the mega hit ‘Thong Song.’ Now with a new version for a new generation, the song is as alive as it has ever been.

How Blade Runner 2049 Can Avoid Repeating History

One of the most well known facts about Blade Runner is that it did not do well at the box office. There are many ideas as to why that is. They all range from the time that it was released to the type of cut that was released. There is one very possible theory. There is very little wrong with this ground breaking masterpiece. The only issue is that it has moved very slow. One of the things that people were expecting when they have first seen the trailer for the 1982 sci-fi classic is that there was going to be more action.

Whatever the real issue is, the sequel, Blade Runner 2049 is ready to be released in October. It is safe to say that the same issues that worked against the predecessor is likely going to work in the sequel’s favor. For one thing, Blade Runner has come to be loved as a classic groundbreaking sci-fi film. Therefore, if the new film manages to keep the style of its predecessor while bringing something new, then it will likely do well. One thing that is certain is that it has a lot going for it. Among these is the Blade Runner branding.

Perhaps one thing that Blade Runner 2049 does not want to be is an action spectacle. While it is okay for it to have just a little more action than its predecessor, it is important for it to maintain the slow, deliberate and contemplative pacing that has become part of the charm of Blade Runner. Therefore, the best way for Blade Runner 2049 to avoid repeating the first one’s fate at the box office is by being like the first one. If this film does good, then there might be more movies that may open up the universe.

It Took Persistence for Sweetgreen to Be Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru met his two friends Jonathan and Nicholas at Georgetown University. The three graduated from the university’s school of commerce in 2007.

By this time, the three had spent enough time together to realize that they would make good business partners. Moreover, they had also identified the kind of business they wanted to run: a restaurant. Jonathan, Nicholas, and Nathaniel loved healthy food but most restaurants in Georgetown sold fast foods.

Consequently, the three friends were most times forced to prepare their own food to avoid unhealthy eating. Nathaniel also realized that there must be many people who desired to eat healthy foods. Consequently, they developed a business idea and decided to co-found Sweetgreen.


There was a tavern that lay on M street, and this attracted Nathaniel, Jonathan, and Nicholas as an ideal location. However, the problem was convincing the landlord that they wanted to run a restaurant there. The first day Nathaniel called her, she hung up the phone on him.

However, the three decided to keep pushing and they called her daily for three months despite the fact that she ignored their calls. They just wanted to give it their best since they had no other option. One day, the landlord decided to meet them so that they would stop calling her daily.

They decided to present her their business plan and convince him to rent them the tavern as a business site. After the meeting, she asked them to come up with a detailed business plan and to look for an architect who would develop the tavern into the desired location.

Moreover, she asked them to identify investors who would fund their business. Within three weeks these were achieved and the work began.

Success of the firm

Most of the success at Sweetgreen is associated with the desire to be sustainable. The co-founders want their actions today to live longer than them. They desire to pass the business to other generations so that the values therein can grow. Authenticity is also a secret to Sweetgreen’s success.

Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is a hardworking man who is a child of first generation immigrant parents. His parents are also businessmen in the U.S, and this could explain Nathaniel’s interest in business. He lives in New York City where he does business.

Nathaniel is best known for his role as the co-founder and Co-CEO Of the Sweetgreen chain of restaurants. Nathaniel is also known as an investor in many businesses.

Impressionable facts about Imran Haque

Imran Haque is one of the most successful medical practitioners in California, who specializes in internal medicine. He stays in the northern part of California in the United States. Imran has fifteen years’ experience in the medical field and is highly sought by many individuals in the United States. Due to this, he launched various offices through which his patients can easily reach him. Imran acquired his bachelor’s degree from the University of Iberoamericana and later joined the University of Virginia where he undertook an internal medicine Roanoke Salem program that equipped him with his current skills in internal medicine. The prolific doctor then enrolled in the maintenance of certification program for internal medicine right after acquiring his license to practice internal medicine in northern California.


Imran later launched the Horizon internal medicine; medicine facility which caters for students interested in learning about the art. The facility gives service to a vast number of individuals in California and other parts of the United States. It is considered one of the best internal medicine services, and as a result, it is highly sorted by many people in the country. Imran Haque is known for his vast skills to easily diagnose illnesses, perform various medical tests and examinations as well as offer references to other specialists who he considers more advanced in a particular problem area.


Through his experience, he helps individuals with various challenges including diabetes, cancer, skin as well as chest problems understand the cause of their illness and the best possible ways to deal with them. Due to his experience, one feels secure to undergo various treatments under him. Besides, the doctor has also helped individuals manage their weight through the therapy he conducts on his patients. He has made people aware of the dangers of being overweight as well as the causes and possible risks of diabetes.




Lonzo Ball Shines During Summer League Play

Magic Johnson seems convinced that Lonzo Ball is the beginning of the Lakers return to greatness. That is high praise coming from one of the NBA’s greatest point guards, however Lonzo Ball’s summer league performance seems to support the Hall of Famers thinking. Ball was recently named this years Summer League MVP. He has had an electrifying summer averaging more than sixteen points and seven rebounds a game. He has had two triple doubles during summer league play.

Lonzo Ball’s presence seems to have energized the Laker fan base. Fans have come out in large groups just to see the summer team play in Las Vegas. Ball has lived up to expectations averaging nearly ten assists per game. Those numbers don’t tell the entire story however. Ball’s unique talent for passing has made the young players around him better. Guys tend to run quicker and work harder to get open when they know a guy like Ball is always looking to find them in just the right spot. Lonzo Ball lead the Lakers team all the way to the summer league championship game, which they may have won had he not had to sit out for injury.

Despite this bright spot, there is still work for the Lakers and Ball. Lonzo struggled in the first game of league play and his shot will need to be much more consistent heading into the NBA regular season. Competition will obviously be much tougher as Lonzo heads into regular league play as well. All those factors considered, Lonzo Ball’s summer performance has to give Magic Johnson and the Laker organization lots of hope moving forward. A team that is used to winning at the highest of levels, may soon be on it’s way back to greatness. Lonzo Ball appears to be point guard ready to lead them there.

Economical Air Conditioning Solutions by Goettl Company

Summer heat is undesirable in homes; therefore, cooling mechanisms come in handy for such harsh conditions. Affordable HVAC system designed by Goettl offers reliable solutions in beating the summer heat. Additionally, Goettl offers economical solutions for managing extreme climatic conditions.

Firstly, Goettl offers an excellent choice of programmable thermostats that are resourceful in maintaining constant ambient temperatures, regardless of external conditions and time of the day. The user can equally set the preferable degree of temperature for different rooms within the house. Coupled with proper ventilation, Programmable Thermostats are efficient in temperature regulation. Visit Crunchbase to know more

According to Business Press, Goettl also advocates for regular change of Air Filters installed in their HVAC system. Failure to change the filters within the recommended period often result in clogged filters and rampant backlogs, which inhibits its conditioning efficiency. Additionally, HVAC unit should not be exposed to direct sunlight as this will hamper its functionality. Cleanliness and use of ceiling fans also contribute to the overall performance of the unit.

Similarly, Goettl installs new air conditioning systems, repairs, and maintains HVAC units. The company provides affordable heating and cooling units to its clients reliably. Goettl is reputable for its role in heating and air condition industry, particularly in HVAC. The company is geographically based in Arizona and holds an impressive record of reliability and quality of its service. Further, the company is overly committed and competent in its line of work. Goettl was first established in 1926 at Mansfield, Ohio by three brothers called Bill, John, and Adam.

During the great depression, the three brothers moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in search of new opportunities. As a result, Goettl Air Conditioning was founded and now serves as a global leader in manufacturing evaporative cooler among other creative heating and cooling technologies. Finally, Goettl has over 100 registered patents, and now runs in large-scale of production for the international market. Check out goettlshdm.com

Click here: http://www.azcentral.com/story/money/business/abg/2017/04/12/goettl-owner-turned-broken-business-around/98827068/

The Dawn Of A Young Batman Comes To Gotham In Season 4

The San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC) has become famous for debuting surprises in store for fans of upcoming movies and television programs. One of the more shocking posters heralds the arrival of Bruce Wayne as a young Batman in Gotham’s fourth season. To say the arrival of the Caped Crusader on television would be big news would be a massive understatement. The new TV Batman would be a complete first for the hero as the first year of the character’s existence would be played out for the first time ever.

The poster does show Bruce wearing either a cape or a flowing coat, but definitely not the traditional Dark Knight uniform. Fans of the comic book series know the development of crime-fighter Bruce Wayne into Batman took some time. The costume came out of a bit of trial and error. Likely, this is how the television show will develop the transformation from Bruce Wayne to Batman.

Slowly bringing out the Batman character makes perfect sense. Once Batman debuts, Gotham ceases being Gotham. Instead, the series turns into “The All-New Batman Show” as the focus would shift from the city and its inhabitants to the Dark Knight and his adventures.

Allowing the program to show how Bruce Wayne becomes the well-known persona of Batman could help the series immensely. The transformation may time some time — and several seasons — allowing viewers to continue to maintain interest in the program.

And maybe the end game would be a new Batman TV series sequel once Gotham’s run ends.

Four Unfilmed Screenplays by George Romero Exist

Recently, horror icon George A. Romero passed away at age 77. Without Romero, the entire zombie apocalypse subgenre would never exist. Romero created the genre in 1968 with Night of the Living Dead and then refined it with 1978’s Dawn of the Dead. Romero passed away before his newest zombie film, Road of the Dead, could be completed. The project is moving forward. Romero was originally slated to produce. The original director, Matt Birman, is moving forward with the project, a sequel to Romero’s Land of the Dead.

Birman also reveals further interesting news about Romero’s legacy. The director left four unfilmed screenplays, completed screenplays, in his files. Birman believes the four screenplays eventually will be made.

George Romero definitely experienced an unlikely comeback. The director’s career had its ups and downs and then completely stalled in the late 1980’s. Renewed interest in the horror genre helped Romero stage a minor comeback, but it was the huge success of zombie films that allowed Romero to create further projects such as Diary of the Dead and Survival of the Dead.

Three of the completed Romero screenplays have nothing to do with zombies, which is fine. Romero directed a host of excellent non-zombie films during his career. The Crazies and Martin, two of the director’s 1970’s output are considered cult classics today.

Romero never really spent a lot of time in Hollywood. He choose to continue to produce independent features in his native Pittsburgh after the success of Night of the Living Dead. Perhaps this was a mistake career-wise. Ultimately, things did work out for him in the end as he returned to the director’s chair time and time again in recent years.