How Jeanmarie Guenot’s Work in the Healthcare Industry Has Helped Amphivena Therapeutics

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In most cases, it has always been noted that work experience has played a major role in shaping a person’s success. This is evident with Jeanmarie Guenot whose professional experience helped her achieve the best in life. She has more than twenty years of experience when it comes to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. In her career journey, she has had the opportunity of working with various companies at all stages both private and public. Her field of expertise and interest majorly lies in rebuilding and establishing companies. She is the CEO and president of one largest firm, Amphivena Therapeutics Inc, aimed at developing bifunctional antibody therapies.

Guenot began her career journey at Atlas Venture where she was responsible for managing capital investments while building life science firms. Her career in science started when she worked at Hoffmann-La Roche as a principal scientist. Through this, she got the opportunity of learning new things and interacting with people. As a principle scientist in Preclinical R&D, she was responsible for developing and discovering medicine used for inflammation, oncology and autoimmune diseases. Training is crucial especially when it comes to developing new drugs that are intended to be ingested to patients. With this in mind, Dr. Jeanmarie is well trained in medicinal and physical chemistry that enables her to focus on protein structure prediction, semi-empirical methods, and drug design.

Jeanmarie Guenot was responsible for founding and running SKS Ocular before she became the CEO, and president of Amphivena Therapeutics Inc. the SKS Ocular was a start-up ophthalmic firm that majorly focused on therapeutics for glaucoma, ocular inflammation, dry AMD and macular degeneration. She also had the opportunity of serving as a VP at PDL BioPharma and a business advisor for Hoffmann-La Roche.

Through holding these various positions, she got the required experience sharpening her skills. All that she has achieved was also through having a good educational background as she received her MBA from the University of Pennsylvania and her Ph.D. from the University of California. She firmly believes that through her involvement in medicine, she will get an opportunity of saving a patient’s life somewhere. Her core goal has always been to provide a healthy environment for patients while saving their life.

Warren Beatty Doesn’t Deserve This

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Warren Beatty seemed to be the only one who knew something was wrong.


When it took Beatty too long to read out the winner of the Oscar’s ultimate award, Best Picture, the crowd grew restless. They assumed it was some kind of shtick. Even Faye Dunaway, his co-presenter, thought he was being a kook. When Beatty turned to Dunaway for help in his moment of need, instead of conversing on what should be done, she blurted out exactly what he was afraid to say.


In the aftermath of reading out the wrong winner for Best Picture, instead of the brunt of the criticism falling on Dunaway, or even more accurately, the accountants responsible for the distribution of the award envelopes, it was Beatty who was forced to weather the storm.


It was Beatty who remained on stage to attempt to explain the snafu while Dunaway scampered away, never to be heard from again. It was Beatty who wanted to tell the audience what had happened, while the envelope masters never ventured onto the stage or toward a microphone. And in a blatant case of killing the messenger, it was Beatty who was blamed for the wrong movie crew coming on stage as the winner of Best Picture.


We have since been told of everything that supposedly happened, but Beatty seems to remain in the cross hairs of critics, and it makes no sense. He is now calling for an official word to be released by the academy of motion pictures to settle this incident once and for all. It’s not for the public as much as himself. This wasn’t on Beatty; he was the only one who felt something was afoot in the first place.


Black Bolt Cast for “Inhumans” Series

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Marvel Television has cast Black Bolt for their upcoming Inhumans series.


Anson Mount, most famous for his role in Hell on Wheels, will be taking the part of Blackagar Boltagon, more commonly known as Black Bolt. The character is king of the Inhumans and leads a superhero team made up of members of his family.


Black Bolt’s power? His voice is so powerful that it can destroy entire cities with a whisper. Naturally, he tries to avoid speaking, leading his people though gestures and actions.


“Anson loves the challenge of playing a character who will only communicate silently,” said Jeph Loeb, head of Marvel Television. “His enthusiasm mixed with his imposing, almost regal persona made it easy to see why he is our Black Bolt.”


Iwan Rheon has already been cast as Maximus, Black Bolt’s villainous brother. There are rumors that Elysia Rotaru will play Black Bolt’s wife, Medusa the Queen.


Originally slated as a movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Inhumans will instead join the franchise’s burgeoning television line. Inhuman characters have already been foreshadowed on the series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


In the comics, an alien race called the Kree experimented on some early humans back in the Stone Age, giving some of them enhanced abilities. These enhanced humans in turn experimented with something called the Terrigen Mists, which gives them superpowers. They live sequestered in a hidden city called Attilan, where different powers result in a rigid caste system. Stories generally revolve around the political and cultural changes within the city as well as the Inhumans’ increased involvement in the world outside.


In an unusual move, Inhumans will be available in IMAX theaters starting on Labor Day before its television premiere on ABC two weeks later (September 26, 2017).


Netflix Unveils Upcoming Shows For March

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Netflix has announced the shows and movies that will be debuting this March, along with those that will be leaving. Fans will thus be bidding adieu to the movies “Jaws” and “The Nanny Diaries” and TV series like “Monarch of the Glen.”


On the other hand, they will be able to enjoy a variety of movies ranging from the 1944 documentary “The Negro Soldier” to the 2016 biopic “Hands of Stone,” which is about the Panamanian boxer, Roberto Duran.


Of course, Netflix will be unveiling a bunch of original new shows and movies. For example, “Amy Schumer: The Leather Special” will debut on March 7. The comedienne will perform a stand-up routine at the Bellco Theater in Denver during which she will riff on drinking, dating and the perils of being newly famous.


Marvel’s Iron Fist” debuts on March 17, and it concerns a martial artist with superpowers. In addition to being a show in its own right, it will lead up to “The Defenders,” a miniseries starring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. In the show, the title character returns to New York after a 15-year disappearance.


The Most Hated Woman in America” is a biopic that will debut on March 24. It concerns the notorious atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair who battled to have Bible-reading banned in public schools. The Supreme Court ruled in her favor in 1963. She was eventually murdered in 1995.


The Discovery” is a science fiction movie that will premiere on March 31. In it, a scientist discovers that the afterlife really exists. That discovery leads to such dire consequences as a rash of suicides.



How Tammy Mazzocco Took Ohio Real Estate By Storm

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When Tammy Mazzocco began her career as a secretary for The Edwards Realty Company, she had no idea just how far she would go. She worked under Mike Zelnik with a nine person team and began to learn the ropes. Following this, she managed condominiums for Scotland Yard Condominiums. While here, Ken Cook, of Cook Realty encouraged her to become a licensed real estate agent, he coached her on how to be successful. Upon leaving Scotland Yard, Tammy worked for T&R Properties managing apartment and office complexes. She moved on to be a personal assistant for Joe Armeni, a top RE/MAX producer. This gave her the opportunity to see a highly successful agent in action, which encouraged her to go into real estate full-time. She became a member of Judy Gang & Associates. Judy became a mentor, friend, and inspiration from that moment on.

Tammy Mazzocco believes in time management as a way of keeping her day on track. She blocks off time for tasks and begins her day with meditation before tackling everyday tasks like emails and phone calls. To complete a goal she has set, she breaks it into action steps which can be completed monthly, weekly, and daily. She attributes her success to treating clients time as her own. She takes gift baskets and information to locations such as firehouses and asks if she can stop by periodically to replenish the goodies and information. This way she stays fresh in their minds, then she uses Follow Up Boss as a way to stay in contact with clients or potential buyers. These and other ideas help her to be successful in this competitive market.

Tammy Mazzocco, is a leading agent in Ohio, and is based in Pickerington. She serves the Fairfield, Delaware, Licking and Franklin counties.  Her social media presence on Pinterest and on Facebook shows her extreme passion for her clients and finding them the home of their dreams or selling one to find another!


The Long History and Strong Reputatiion of Goettl

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A family in Las Vegas struggled for 10 years with heating and air conditioning units that did not operate properly. In addition, the single mother and her children lacked a properly working toilet as well.

During the 2016 holiday season, something unexpected happened for the family. Goettl came to the rescue. Goettl is a full-service HVAC company serving customers in both Nevada and Arizona.

Goettl stepped up and provided the family with new heating and air conditioning units. Goettl also provided them with a new toilet. In addition, the team at Goettl installed everything at no cost to the family.

Goettl made note that the family was also spending about $600 a month on electric bills. The team at Goettl indicated that the family is likely to enjoy a significant reduction on the electric bill with the installation of the new, quality HVAC equipment in the home.

Goettl provides HVAC services at residential and commercial properties. The service provided by the company include installation, repair, maintenance, inspection, and replacement.

Goettl also provides emergency services. The company maintains a rapid response protocol to ensure that an HVAC specialist is on the scene as quickly as possible when an emergency arises. This includes emergency response every day of the year, including major holidays.

Goettl always guarantees its work. The firm strives to ensure that a customer’s goals, needs, and objectives are always fully satisfied on each job.

Goettl has been in business for over 90 years. Founded in Ohio in 1926 by a pair of brothers, the firm migrated to Arizona about a decade after that. Ultimately, the company expanded its operations to Arizona.

Goettl is still run by the same family. The company currently is operated by the third generation of the founders’ family, including grandchildren of the gentlemen who created the company in the first instance.

How Men Can Maximize Their Chances At Getting Responses In Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble

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While it is often stated that women are not as visual as men, it is important for them to make sure that they are displaying their best pictures because women will respond to someone who is visually appealing. Even on apps that allow men to message women, it is important for them to make sure that they are putting their best picture up.

On Whitney Wolfe’s dating app, Bumble, men are not allow to message women first. It is up to the women to message the men. Therefore, men are stuck with having to make sure that they are attracting the messages. Therefore, it is important for them to take some steps in order to make sure that they are getting the responses to their profile.

One of the things that men can do is make sure that they are wearing some of their best clothes. One of the ways to do this is to find clothes that fit them well and make them look like they take a lot of pride in themselves. One thing that could help is if one adopts a style that is not slovenly. Women are not going to respond very well to people who dress like they live in their parent’s basement. Whitney Wolfe herself would suggest that men dress in ways that make them look neat and clean.

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Whitney Wolfe as CEO of Bumble, herself does everything she can to dress well so that she can attract respect as well as love. Whitney Wolfe advises men to do similar. One thing that men want is a woman who is as close to perfect as possible depending on their personality and values. Whitney Wolfe definitely suggests that men dress good while at the same time dressing for women that want them and would like them for who they are.

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John Goullet Helps IT Professionals Find Jobs

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The business world has changed a lot over the past few decades. One of the industries in the business world that has seen the biggest amount of change is the IT industry. One of the main factors that has impacted the change in the IT industry is the technology innovations that have occurred over the past few decades. The technology innovations changed the way the IT industry operates.

In every aspect, technology innovations in the IT industry changed the way technology companies utilize technology. As the developer of most technology innovations, the IT industry has brought many new technology products and services to the market. These products and services such as smartphones and WiFi have allowed people to do things on the Internet that were once only done in person.

One of the things that many people do now on the Internet that required people to physically go to locations in the past is looking for available jobs. With the Internet, people can go to company websites or job posting websites to look and apply for a wide variety of jobs. In the IT industry, many companies utilize the Internet to advertise jobs. However, many companies in the IT industry use staffing companies to handle the tasks related to filling open jobs.

Diversant is one of the staffing companies that specializes in the IT industry. The company helps IT professionals and companies in the IT industry regarding open IT jobs. Diversant works with IT companies to help the companies find qualified IT professionals while Diversant also works with IT professionals to locate the type of jobs they desire.

The main executive at Diversant is John Goullet. He has established a solid foundation at Diversant that gives the company the various resources that are needed to compete successfully in the staffing industry. One of the major things that John Goullet brings as an executive in the IT staffing industry is his understanding of technology and the technology industry.

John Goullet is the founder of Info Technologies. The company is a technology company that John Goullet ran as CEO from the mid 1990s to 2010. Under his leadership, Info Technologies was a successful company. The experience at Info Technologies and the other areas of his background have made John Goullet an excellent executive who understands the IT industry.

Yanni Hufnagel – When Courage Meets Drive

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Growing in Scarsdale, New York, Yanni Hufnagel was always drawn to sports, basketball in particular. His knowledge of the game of basketball was beyond most of his peers from an early age. In high school he became the commentator for his high school’s basketball team after being cut from the varsity squad. Although he did not make the team, he did not let his athleticism go to waste. While attending Pennsylvania State University, he became a member of the institute’s lacrosse team. He attended the university for a year before transferring to Cornell University where he received his bachelors in degree in Industrial and Labor Relations.


Through it all, he did not let his passion for basketball die. He was chosen to take part in an internship program with the New Jersey Nets and went on to attend the University of Oklahoma where he became the graduate assistant coach for the men’s basketball team. Since his time interning with the Nets, Hufnagel has gone on two become of the best assistant coaches of today. The list of schools that Hufnagel has served at include Harvard, Vanderbilt, the Berkely campus of the University of California and the Reno location of the University of Nevada.


In an article by Tablet entitled, Harvard Basketball’s Whiz Kid, Hufnagel’s successful journey into the world of basketball coaching was chronicled. The article discussed how Hufnagel was a prime factor in the development of current NBA greats like Jeremy Lin and Blake Griffin and how his recruiting tactics have solidified him as one the best assistant coaches of his time.


Yanni Hufnagel is the epitome of what greatness one can achieve when they pursue life with courage and great passion. He is an inspiration to many and his life will continue to help the dreams of others.

Exploring The Role Of UKV PLC In Advancing The Wine Business

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Every business has its share of challenges and the wine business seems to have unique concerns that affect particularly the quality of the products that are sent to the market. How wine is handled matters and determines the quality of the product after a period of time.

Therefore, it is vital to have developed channels of managing the product and ensuring it is delivered to the right consumers within the right period of time. UKV PLC has invested highly in the development of reliable distribution and marketing channels that ensure wine is delivered in the best manner to the consumer.

Managing warehousing
Although a producer may be in the capacity of offering a superior product to the market, there is no guarantee the company can have the knowledge and expertise to handle warehousing. In fact, many wine producers work with distributors like UKV PLC to ensure the product is preserved well and distributed to the right users. UKV PLC runs highly equipped facilities that ensure wine is kept in pristine quality since the time it is loaded to the facility. UKV PLC manages storage for several producers and has been among the best in wine selection and testing.

Using brokers to handle distribution
Brokers are a unique link between producers, distributors and consumers. They have all the information that these other groups need to make the right decisions and within the right time. UKV PLC understands the value of introducing brokers in the distribution process and the company has been working with some of the best brokers to make the distribution process fast. Through brokers, UKV PLC learns about the preferences and tastes of the users in the market and is able to take action to distribute to targeted users of wine, which allows fast distribution and successful marketing campaigns.

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