Nine9 the “Unagency” Helps the Other 99% Get into Acting or Modeling

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Many may want to start a modeling or acting career but have no idea how to take the first step. Other than being miraculously discovered by a talent scout, there is generally no clear path forward for regular folks to get in front of casting directors and more information click here.

Anthony Tomas said he founded Nine9 the “Unagency” in order to aid the “99 percent” of aspiring actors and models who don’t have industry connections. Tomas says, as a school-age child he was a small kid who was part of the nerdy set, dictated to by the popular 1 percent. Tomas wants to tip the balance in the favor of the majority. Nine9, Tomas says, provides a proven system to help get talent their big break. Of course, hard work is always involved, but for those who want to get a foot in the door, Nine9 can be the first step and learn more about Nine9.

Nine9 offers professional photo shoots for all clients. Clients are advised on how to prepare for their photo shoots as well as what to expect. Nine9 also offers coaching, by trained professionals, on how to perform on camera. The Nine9 website contains testimonials from many casting directors who look to Nine9 to find talent for a variety of projects. There are also many happy accounts from satisfied Nine9 clients who have found work. One client, Bobby L, writes: “Like many others, I am sure I was skeptical about signing with Nine9 … However, the personnel that I have interacted with at Nine9 have all been very respectful and I personally have had more call backs than I can get to!” and Nine9 of lacrosse camp.

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Robert Zemeckis to Possibly Helm The Flash Movie?

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Robert Zemeckis, the legendary director behind Back to the Future and other classic 1980’s films, is reportedly in talks to helm the new Flash movie for the DC Comics Cinematic Universe.


Zemeckis has not signed onto the project and discussions are solely in the “meeting” stage. If the iconic director could be brought on to helm the project, this would be an enormous benefit to DC and Warner Bros. The Flash is a hero whose tales mix high adventure with lighthearted humor. Zemeckis fits the role of a director capable of delivering such thematic and narrative results.


The Flash really does need someone to take over the project and steer the film on the right course. The original script has been scrapped and two directors attached to the movie have left. Zemeckis might be able to steer the ship in the direction it needs to go. Sometimes, a very experienced hand is required.


Overall, the behind the scenes situation with the DC Comics film projects is a total disaster. Justice League is not exactly shaping up as planned, The Batman is on hold, the Cyborg film is also not moving ahead as planned, and more.


Damage and blame can be placed at the feet of many people. Playing the proverbial “blame game”, however, does nothing to move the current DC Comics slate of films into production. Nor would continual moaning over the situation lead to any positive results. Instead, it would be a wise idea to get the best talent possible attached to the films. The studio is hardly going to benefit from the series of motion pictures bleeding money due to being stuck in perennial development limbo.


All these holdups positively must be costing DC Comics and Warner a fortune. Hopefully, at least The Flash project will get on track.


Finding Cassio Audi in Brazil

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Music Career

Cassio Audi joined the band Viper in 1985. Originally formed by the brothers Pit and Yves Passarell, and Felipe Machado, who lived in the same house. Andre Matos lived next door and soon rounded out the band. Their second album, “Theatre of Fate”, was released in Europe, USA and eleven more countries in Asia, including Japan, where Viper reached the top of the charts, ahead of Van Halen and Nirvana.

Cassio loves music and continues to find time to keep it close to his heart and work. His connection to creativity keeps him balanced in his life and career.


Real Estate

Real estate is another great opportunity in the world of investing. There are a lot of people who are trying to buy and sell homes quickly to make a profit. Although this works in a market that is going up, there is also a lot of risk in that strategy. There are many real estate investors who remember the last housing crash and all of the issues it caused. In the coming years, many people believe that the best strategy is to buy and hold. Cassio Audi is a firm believer in this strategy as well. Not only can you earn monthly income from rents, but you can also increase your net worth through equity appreciation.

Stock Market

Investing in the stock market is a great way to have success financially. There are a lot of people who struggle to make a positive impact in their finances without investing. The stock market is the simplest way to get involved with investing. Cassio Audi can walk you through different strategies for your portfolio in this area. The basic idea is to try and get as organized as possible. By automating your payments, you make your financial planning much easier. The key to having success in the stock market is to keep investing even in a down market. A lot of people growing up in Brazil have only experienced a strong economy. There will eventually be a time when the economy takes a turn for the worse, and this is the best opportunity to buy into the market for future returns.

Doctor Dolittle Film Release Upped A Month

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Universal has recently stated that their as-yet-untitled “Doctor Dolittle” film will release in April of 2019 rather than the initial placement within May of the same year. The film will feature Robert Downey Jr. in the feature role. This project marks yet another feather in Downey Jr.’s cap since the re-ignition of his acting career from appearing as Tony Stark in 2008’s “Iron Man.”


While Downey Jr. will be reprising his iconic role in “Avengers: Infinity War,” things beyond that seem a bit less certain. Plans are still on board for a third installment in the Sherlock Holmes series Downey was able to begin with his Iron Man success. Downey Jr. has also been striving to make an adaptation of Pinocchio, but that project has been stymied for years. While those two films have unknown release dates, Universal seems to have great faith in the film, not only for confirming its release date but also to shift it closer; Universal’s new announcement that Doctor Dolittle will release on April 12th of 2019 negates the original date of May 24th.


Judging from the staff briefing of the film, Universal will likely tackle the project in a manner similar to the ’67 musical instead of the Eddie Murphy comedies. For movie fans interested in keeping their fix for Robert Downey Jr. continuing after Infinity War has come and gone, it seems like there will be no stop to the projects the man will attach himself to. The fact that this Doctor Dolittle is primed for a late spring release means that it can thrive at the box office rather than become buried in the summer blockbuster season. Regardless of the film’s commercial or critical success, it will give Robert Downey Jr. the chance to flex his impressive acting talent in new ways.


Kevin Feige Promotes Coherency In Marvel Movies

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Kevin Feige and the creative teams behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe have instituted a change in the second phase of the franchise, a change that will carry over into the third phase. Marvel films are no longer designed to overlap. Overlapping narratives “bleed” into other films. While not too overtly connected, an overlap of narratives seeks to connect the various films to establish the different entries as being part of a single universe. Now that the mission has been properly accomplished, the usage of overlapping narratives can be dropped.


The idea of canceling the structural approach of overlapping narratives probably draws inspiration from the various muddled comic books that overused this concept. In time, it becomes difficult to tell where one story ends and another begins. Subplots and other elements of different films start to creep into each project. Narratives become muddled when this happens.


One reason for the decline of comic book sales is due to the constant overlapping of “mega stories” among different books. The idea of creating a multi-book super event does affect sales. Comic book buyers absolutely enjoy rushing out to buy the titles associated with a special maxi-series event. Unfortunately, once the main storyline runs its course, the universe is left with a lot of overwritten plots and books with no clear or coherent narrative structure. Readers stop buying as a result.


Nothing this severe has occurred in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kevin Feige is taking steps to make sure it never happens. Each movie is going to remain a standalone project with the various plots being self-contained.


Coherency is another way of saying “Make the audience happy”. No audience is going to be thrilled with a deeply muddled plot or one that requires following too many different subplots associated with movies they might not even have seen.


Is Sylvester Stallone Going To Make A Home In The MCU?

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James Gunn seems to be very pleased with the work Sylvester Stallone did on the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 feature film. The screen legend takes on the role of Starhawk, a critical member of the original team.


Even though the highly-anticipated sequel has not yet arrived in theaters, Gunn is publicly stating he wants Stallone to appear in future Marvel Cinematic Universe productions. The inference here is Stallone is welcome to be a part of the third entry in the Guardians of the Galaxy series. Gunn did, however, say, MCU. Does this mean Stallone’s character could turn up in cameos in other Marvel superhero projects? The possibility exists.


Sylvester Stallone recently made headlines walking away from a massive multi-million dollar paycheck to appear in the new Expendables movie. Stallone simply did not like how the project was taking shape and walked away. He did not want to tarnish his legacy. This is the same reason Stallone opted not to do the lamented final chapter of the Rambo series. Stallone felt he could not feasibly handle the physical demands of the Rambo role at age 70.


It would seem the iconic actor is looking to make a few more film appearances before retiring from the front of the camera. As such, he is being very choosy about the types of films he opts to appear in. He definitely does not want to go the route Charles Bronson did — appearing in a number of horrible action B-movies to dwindling audiences.


Cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe surely would appeal to Stallone. The films are generally quite good and almost always draw in significant audiences. His appearance on screen is sure to be appreciated. The roles won’t be too demanding on him physically. In truth, there are only upsides to Stallone choosing to appear in MCU projects.


Nine9 Gives People Opportunities and Treats Them Like Family

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Nine9 is getting a lot of attention lately. One of the reasons behind all of the recognition is that Nine9 is very effective at what it does for its clients. The first thing that the agency does is help get the clients ready for the search for work. However, the search is often very short because they easily find something that they can do. For one thing, it works very good in their favor. One thing that makes it easier for the clients to find work is that Nin9 has a lot of access to new opportunities for projects. This is one of the more promising aspects of the company and more information click here.

When clients look for an opportunity, they will easily be able to find it in the database that is constantly updated with new opportunities that people can take advantage of. One of the best parts of these opportunities is that there are a lot of new opportunities that are being posted for a multitude of locations. This makes it easier for people to find something that they can be a part of. A lot of people who sign up for Nine9 go on to become a regular part of an ongoing project.

While most agencies would have people be fortunate to even be part of an in-store demonstration, Nine9 helps people get roles in films that turn out to be big hits. They also get to be extras in films along side the big stars. The best part is that they stay with the client and treat them like they are part of the family. This is one thing that keeps the client encouraged in times when they are not getting as much work as they like. For one thing, people understand that there is a lot of time that could pass before one actually gets the role and learn more about Nine9.

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The Growth of Renown Health: Leading Consumers into a Changing Health Care World

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The growth of Northern Nevada based Company Renown Health was documented recently in an article in Business Weekly regarding the spread of the company into South Reno. Renown, with 12 primary clinics in the region, is known as one of the largest non-profit healthcare networks in Northern Nevada.

Dr. McCormack, medical director of Renown Medical Group, discussed the details that make the opening of this location unique. Sensitivity to patients feelings are considered- an emphasis was made to ensure the comfortability of patients through interior design. Consumers are invited into a space that is clean yet comfortable- reminiscent of a living room. In addition to patient comfort, the new area will host a conference room, thereby increasing social interaction.

Renown Medical Group has a long and storied tradition. Founded in 1862 to treat the beginning of smallpox, Renown added pediatrics and surgery to eventually become one of biggest employers in the state of Nevada.

How well does Renown do with consumers? Renown has achieved the highest ranking possible in the area of performing Adult Procedures by US News. Reviews and rankings are a commonly used tool by consumers in the process of selecting a suitable health care provider.

Renown Health is proud to share earnings with the community. As detailed on their website, Renown health invests earnings directly back into approved programs, programs designed specifically to serve the community. Renown emphasizes that unlike many companies, they do not serve at the whim of shareholders. The number one priority of Renown Health is to serve the needs of patients and the community at large.

Renown has powerful allies in the Health Care industry, Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children’s Health and Stanford Medicine have joined as partners. As one of their visionary partners, Renown Health benefits greatly from the storied institutions that they have partnered with. Their successful and cosmopolitan California neighbors will share advancements within the field and work together for industry revolution.

Renown Community:

Cameron Clokie: Career for Others

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Cameron Clokie has dedicated his entire career to being able to help other people. He works to make sure that he can do what he can to make things better for other people and to be able to get more out of the different options that he has. He has worked as a surgeon, an educator and now he is currently working as an entrepreneur so that he is able to help other people get the options that they need when it comes to the opportunities that they have to make things better for themselves. Cameron Clokie does what he can to improve different situations and to allow people the chance at having a better life.

When he was working as a surgeon, he did what he could to help people get the surgery that they needed. While he still had to make sure that he was making a living for himself, he did quite a bit to make things better for the people who he worked with. It allowed him the chance to make sure that he was doing more with the people who he has worked with. It has even allowed him the chance to make some great connections at–clokie/c12024915.

After realizing how great he was as a surgeon, he was invited to be the lead educator at a university of Toronto on This allowed him the chance to further hone his skills and to be able to teach other people exactly what he knew about dentistry and the facial aspect of it. He wanted to show people what he was doing was best for them and that he was going to be able to provide more opportunities for everyone to get a chance to make sure that they were doing what they could. Cameron Clokie was an expert at all things relating to dentistry.

After his retirement as an educator, Clokie still wanted to be able to help people out with the problems that they were having. Instead of just sitting back and enjoying his retirement, he set about trying to make changes for different people. This guaranteed that he was going to be able to continue to help and that people would get everything that they needed from the options that he created. He is a scientist also and has worked with others to create more opportunities. This has given him a chance to create more for people who need his help.

Perhaps one of the biggest things that Cameron Clokie has done is be able to help people with regeneration and the options that come along with it. He wants to work with musculoskeletal options and help people have a better understanding of how the entire thing works. He thinks that people need to be able to get more out of the options that they have and with the different experiences that they are going to go through. He hopes that the musculoskeletal regeneration options that he has created will allow more people the chance at a better life.

Andrew Rolfe; Ubuntu Fund Is A Charity Like No Other

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In running non-governmental institutions that are non-profit, operational challenges an everyday encounter. Most managers of these organizations end up closing shop or even fail to achieve want they had intended attain. Most fund benefactors want to be involved in the every-day happenings at their institutions severely stifling progress. Other donors place restrictions on how their money should be spent even if their ideas do not offer the best solutions to the beneficiaries of the charity. Also, some philanthropies run their budgets on a yearly basis whereas a new set of problems that need solutions arise every day.


It’s against this backdrop that Andrew Rolfe saw an opportunity of conquering the philanthropy world by creating a fund that addresses these challenges. Ubuntu Fund runs independently from its donors. The charity that is the creation of Andrew Rolfe addresses the challenges of organization micro-management by donors, overfunding of non-essentials in organizations and bureaucracies. Ubuntu Fund is modeled in a way that it only accepts donations from individuals who are ready to allow the charity to operate on its own.


The fund subscribes to the ideology that when organizations are left to run on their own without external meddling, the achieve more and have a bigger impact on communities. Andrew Rolfe is the chairman at of the charity, and he consistently holds forums and talks to raise fund for the program.


Under the very able stewardship of Andrew Rolfe, Ubuntu Fund has attained several feats. It has designed its operational strategy that enables the fund to develop customized plans for beneficiaries. With premiere operations concentrated within the Port Elizabeth Area in South Africa, Ubuntu Fund has been able to commit a lot of resources towards educational support for disadvantaged children in that region. Ubuntu nurtures these beneficiaries through primary school all the way to college with the objective of guiding them towards social and economic independence.


Also, of interest to Ubuntu Fund are individuals who are living with conditions such as HIV/ADS. The fund provides tailored solutions to persons affected by these diseases. Andrew Rolfe is optimistic that Ubuntu Fund will continue advocating for equal opportunities to all in different communities.