Speculation Circulates About A Baseball Movie Sequel

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Established Hollywood studios have long demonstrated conservatism about one issue: with respect to financing new movies, entertainment companies generally prefer “a sure thing” to gambling on new, potentially risky ventures. Films with a proven track record of box office success offer fertile territory for creating spinoffs, prequels and sequels because they can count on support from an audience of existing fans.


Recently, entertainment industry news sources such as the screenrant.com website detected a buzz circulating around the possibility of a new film based on Major League (1989). While the fate of the project remains uncertain at this point in time, Charlie Sheen tantalizingly revealed a “dynamite” script for another sequel already exists and simply awaits financial backing. He indicated several former cast members have expressed willingness to participate in a reprise of their earlier roles in a Major League III production.


The box office hit starring Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, Corbin Bernsen, Wesley Snipes, Margaret Whitton and Rene Russo won a loyal audience a few decades ago. Directed and written by David S. Ward, the comedy about a Cleveland baseball team has been described by Chris Cwik as a “classic” among baseball genre films. It spawned two sequels: Major League II(1994) and Major League: Back to the Minors(1998).


Although the prospect of another sequel to the original Major League(1989) apparently remains uncertain, recent releases from major motion picture studios demonstrate the undying popularity of sequels in the United States. Perhaps another comedy about baseball will entertain audiences soon?



Resident Evil Series to Get a Very Quick Reboot

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The final chapter of the Resident Evil movie franchise is turning to not be the final chapter after all. Well, the original series is finished but that doesn’t even remotely mean the end for the classic horror/zombie/action movie series. A new reboot is in the works. Incredibly, there won’t even be much breathing room between the Milla Jovovich-starring franchise and the upcoming new one.


Fans of the Resident Evil movies and video games are not exactly going to complain. Long-time fans contributed the incredible level of support that allowed a “b-movie” series to rise far above what most forgettable video game adaptations never could. While critics did not exactly say kind things about Resident Evil films, people kept buying tickets for the theatrical releases. Resident Evil never ended up on the direct-to-video pathway since theatrical interest remained strong.


Jovovich’s comments about the upcoming reboot were pointed. She admits the plans for a reboot are not new and have been in the pipeline for a long time. Jovovich suggests the same level of passion that went into the first franchise needs to go into the next.


Those words really should be heeded by those planning to make a new Resident Evil series. If the approach in the new franchise is simply to attach the Resident Evil name to a soulless rehash of the original films, then the series may very well end up in the direct-to-video or the direct-to-cable world.


The makers of Resident Evil surely want to keep the series going for a very obvious reason. The entertainment industry is about making money. Canceling a series that is doing so well at the box office would fly in the face of all business logic.


The Resident Evil films provide enough violent escapism to keep fans coming back for more. And they do want more, which is why the reboot is being fast tracked.


Val Kilmer is Eager To Return To Top Gun

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Top Gun is one of those franchises that have been successful, but then has been lying dormant for more than 20 years now. There have been talks about getting the sequel off the ground for years. However, the time just wasn’t right. Given the success of the franchise, it has launched stars such as Meg Ryan, Tom Cruise, and Val Kilmer. Both Cruise and Kilmer are set to return to the franchise which is in the process of looking at directors. As of right now, the producers are looking at Joseph Kosinski of Tron Legacy and Oblivion directing the film.


One good thing about Val Kilmer being eager to return as Iceman is that he has been dealing with health issues. Among the things that he has been rumored to suffer from is cancer. However, Val Kilmer has expressed an eagerness to return to the role that has brought him to the forefront. After Top Gun, Val Kilmer has had his share of roles. Among the roles he has played is Bruce Wayne in Batman Forever. He has also starred in The Saint.


Of course Tom Cruise is going to be headlining the cast. The only thing that is uncertain is the story of Top Gun 2. The only thing that is certain is that they are getting ready to start filming before the end of the year so that they can get everything ready. This could be another nostalgic trip for people who have enjoyed the original. Now, it is only a matter of time.


Renown Health Is A Nationally Recognized Health Care Leader

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Renown Health opened up a new facility in Reno Nevada. It took place of an old Joseph A. Bank at the Summit Mall in South Reno Nevada. The clinic offers primary care services and hopes to add on programs and services in the near future but is not yet sure if they should due to pending matters caused by the Trump Administration and other health care reform. The clinic as is stands right now has a lab that is certainly capable of providing a lot more services from in the clinic. The goal of the physical Renown locations is to make you feel like home. The lobby is specifically designed to make you feel at ease. That is exactly the experience the clinic wants you to feel like you have had.

So far the clinic currently employs a staff of 11 but hopes to add at least one more physician in the very near future. Each doctor is trained to make you feel like you are right at home and is very qualified for the job. Renown currently has 12 different primary health care clinics in Reno, Carson City, Fallon and Fernley. A new clinic has also been launched in the Caughlin Ranch area.

The aim of each Renown clinic is to provide exceptional health care through physical clinics that make you feel right at home. This is done by a particular physical make up and a staff that cultivates your health care experience right in front of your eyes. Each clinic seeks to make a big difference in each patient’s life.

Renown was originally known as Washoe Medical Center but later changed it’s name in the year 2006. Renown is a non profit in Nevada and is Northern Nevada’s largest non profit entity. Renown is recognized as a national health care leader.

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Victory Pointers From Susan Mcgalla’s Feats

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Based in America, Susan McGalla Is a Globally recognized business woman. She was born back in the year 1964 in Ohio and raised along with her two brothers. She enjoys business as an occupation. She is known for being the vice president of marketing strategy and creative. McGalla attended Mount Union College and attained a Bachelor’s degree in business and commercialization. Her diligence during the time of her study earned her a position in the same college as the school’s board advisor. She is married to a wealth manager known as Stephen McGalla. As the former vice president of American Eagle Outfitters and a former chief executive officer at West Seal, Susan is a globally recognized consultant in matters related to real estate as well as investment. She began her career at a company known as Joseph Horne, serving at a various senior position that includes marketing and management. This was between 1986 and 1994. When she joined American Eagle Outfitters, she was merely a divisional merchandise client for women’s clothing. This later saw her serve the same company in various senior positions. After a period of service to the company, she later took office as the president of the company as well as the chief merchandise officer. This was a very senior position, and she earned it through hard work and meticulousness.


Following her successful transition in the world of business Susan is a role model to all women as well as a motivation. In addition to this, she founded an organization known as p3 executive consulting, that works tirelessly to mold and manage women’s talents and capabilities. According to Susan, the woman adds up to almost 50 % of the professional personnel. She advocates for women to acquire higher learning education in large numbers. This is in a bid to remain relevant in the modern economy which greatly depends on skills. As a further advice and a challenge, Susan McGalla points out that, women should not be hesitant in grabbing the opportunities available for scholarships and financial support. This will in return help a lot in providing the Women with a platform to acquire higher education. It is only with professional skills that the women can be competitive in the societies’ economy. A further encouragement from Susan to them is that they should not be discouraged by any factor that could stab referring them as lesser beings. All the achievements that Susan enjoys today were as a result of her managing and conquering what she refers to as glass ceiling

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New Game of Thrones Season Seven Trailer Revealed

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The new Game of Thrones season seven trailer is very ominous, to say the least. It starts out with a paranoid Cersei Lannister who, now in control of the King’s Landing as queen of the seven kingdoms, is musing about the impending battles with the enemies that wish to challenge her throne. This is coupled with very dramatic music and a montage of the enemies as she lists them: Greyworm and the Unsullied army, a ship (possibly the Ironborn), a person cleaning a sword (possibly Dornish), and Arya Stark riding a horse alone in Northern attire.


Arya Stark’s appearance in this scene is most interesting because we know that Cersei is on her list, and it implies that Arya is returning to Westeros to come after her. With Arya’s new training from the House of Black and White, she will definitely be a threat to Cersei’s rule. Will Cersei be able to respond to all these invaders, or will she end up like the Mad King?


We then see Cersei commanding her army from atop the Iron Throne, with Jaime Lannister at her side in the King’s Guard; this is juxtaposed with their brother Tyrion commanding the Khaleesi’s dragons, and Daenerys sitting atop (what appears to be) the Dragonstone Throne. Daenerys is making a fiery speech, similar to the one Cersei made previously, “I was born to rule the seven kingdoms… and I will.” Shortly after this, Unsullied are seen clashing with Cersei’s army in King’s Landing. The Dothraki also make an appearance later on, swarming across a flat land killing members of Cersei’s army, dragons in tow.


There is then a shift in focus to the North: Jon Snow in Winterfell, Sansa Stark with Littlefinger, Wildlings running from an unseen threat, Arya huddling for warmth around a small fire, and even a cameo by Theon Greyjoy and the Red Woman. The video is finished by Jon Snow saying, eerily, “The Great War… is here.”

Tony Stark and Peter Parker Team-Up in the New Spider-Man Movie

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Two new trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming have arrived and the spots are sure to get fans of the web-slinger seriously anticipating the new film. The two Amazing Spider-Man films and the third entry of Sam Raimi’s original trilogy were not well-received. Even the director said he wasn’t happy with the finished film. The new Spider-Man film, a film integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, really does look awesome.


The film is sure to bring Spider-Man back to the top spot in superhero films. The trailers definitely do a good job of hyping the wall-crawler’s impending return. Interestingly, he gets an assist from Tony Stark who makes a nice cameo. Will the relationship between Stark/Iron Man and Peter Parker/Spider-Man play out over a series of films? Fans can hope so.


Based on how things are being established with Spider-Man and Iron Man, the two are likely going to share screen time again in the future. Avengers: Infinity War is definitely the next time the two will be together in a film, but this is to be expected. Infinity War is going to be Marvel’s mega collective of heroes.


What about the next entries in the Spider-Man movie franchise? The second film is many years away, but it would be nice to see Tony Stark appearing in the films. One of the cooler aspects of the old Marvel Comic books from the 1960’s and 1970’s was Marvel built a solid universe of characters that did intermingle with each other through guest appearances in other hero’s books. Today, crossover appearances are nothing special. In the movies, however, there is still a uniqueness to guest shots and two-hero team-ups. The upcoming Thor movie will feature The Hulk in a major role, which definitely lends the film a box office assist.


The Peter Parker/Tony Stark dynamic should play out in an interesting way. Plus, it could keep Robert Downey Jr. somewhat active in the Marvel Cinematic Universe even if he chooses to bow out of The Avengers and any other lead roles.


And no one really wants to see Robert Downey Jr. go. He truly is awesome in the Marvel movies.


Exceptional Richard Mishaan Touch

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Given how much time most of us spend at home, it is disappointing how most of us live in boring homes and apartments. But, well, this isn’t the same for Richard Mishaan who believes that home is where the heart is and will travel far and wide to ensure that his heart stays happy. His designs are grand, sweeping and gives homes, hospitality and commercial a unique and personal touch.

Richard Mishaan is the head of Richard Mishaan Design, an interior design and architecture firm in New York City. He is an architect, a fashion designer, an author a shop owner and an interior design guru who received a BA from New York University and he attended Columbia University School of Architecture.

He started off his career as an apprentice in the offices of Philip Johnson. He has worked with designers including Silvia Tcherrasi and Ross Klein whom they all share great passion for design. His first design assignment was to design the presidential suite for St. Regis Hotel in New York City. This marked his entry into hotel design which he has done for a variety of brands. Currently, he does much of his work in New York for both private residences and hotels.

Richard Mishaan attributes his success in design from knowledge in fashion architecture and interior design and what better teacher than experience? As a child, Richard Mishaan spent his winter holidays in the enchanted Columbia’s Caribbean coast. He also attributes it to his cultural roots, as he was raised, partly in Italy and in Columbia, surrounded by color which deepened his understanding of luxury and quality. This actually explains his love for color.

His commitment to color is depicted in his colorful homes and also his style of mixing eras and styles in designs also comes out. He has also penned his design story down; “Modern Luxury” and “Artfully Modern” where he beautifully shades light to his love for color other amazing decorating trends.

“Artfully Modern” features lavish spreads and a variety of decoration trends and also sells affordable high quality furniture from his shop. He also expresses his point of view when it comes to design and weaves tips on how to live well in any size dwelling. To add extra sugar to it, it covers his best work from 2009 and includes dozens of spaces of every scale. He uses his book “Modern Luxury” to show ideas behind designing and how they affect people around.

How to describe Richard Mishaan Design? Bright hues and refined furnishings. Richard Mishaan has a sophisticated taste of interior designs which makes him stand out among thousands of awesome interior designers.


Richard Mishaan design has taken pride in timeless and artistic interiors for twenty five years in private homes and apartments, hospitality and commercial clients. He has an eclectic style with an amazing talent for mixing vintage with modern to produce most creative and eagle-eyed work for renowned hotels, retail projects and residential around the world.

Richard Mishaan’s unique designs starts from his homes; from color rich art and sculpture in a park-facing room, vaulted ceiling and original wooden boards that reflects Spanish- colonial influence, art-stuffed apartment to his bright blue-and-white kitchen and a riot of flame stitches stripes and plaids everywhere and his Iconic Fornasetti “eye” wallpaper in the bathroom.

Richard Mishaan’s designs are inspired by everything around him. He visits arts exhibitions and attends international design shows. He also finds his inspiration from movies, theatre and fashion. The exotic places he visits, are also an inspiration to his designs as he gets informed of people’s cultures and customs.

He looks at how people live their lives and he strives to give their lives a context to make their homes the definitive experience. He combs the world to find unique and wonderful pieces for his clients. He skillfully brings together furnishings, pieces and objects from time immemorial, from myriad of periods from Italian Neoclassic, African tribal to Art Deco and much more and fuse them stylishly with contemporary and makes them his signature.

He works to create a convergence between home and hotel experience with his designs. He blurs the line by making his customers to have the feeling of their last fabulous hotel they spent in and also by creating a home away from home at the hotels.

Additionally, he works to create homes and hotels that act as expedient store houses for art and other collection by beautifully blending disparate arts in a way that they coexist naturally and stunningly.

His designs are also inspired by his dreams for the future of hotel designs too. If you ask Richard Mishaan what is new, you will have plenty to hear.He dreams big about interior design and he is currently working on realizing one of the many dreams he has for interior design where he is working on a design concept for a hotel chain that will be a design vision for a bottom up.

He is constantly researching and travelling to understand the dynamics of human beings behavior and trying to satisfy them by integrating furniture and objects into the flow of everyday life.

Having owned a couch for twenty years, which he believes is because it was good (it still looks good as new twenty years later), he feels like buying good things one at a time, makes them last longer. This idea pushed him into re-opening his furniture shop, Homer, in Greenwich Village. His shop sells a wide variety of vintage and contemporary items and also some pieces from his furniture line which are all good quality. And his shops literally vary with seasons. He lightens things up during summer and has more extensive pieces for holidays.

Richard Mishaan’s knowledge on fine art, architecture, traditional and modern furnishings is reflected in the details of his creative processes and his lavish color blending talent presented in dozens of his completed projects.

He creates exuberant, bold and glamorous spaces known for their masterful use of art that are comfortable and something out of this world that is why he will remain on top.


Andrew Rolfe And His Work With The Ubuntu Fund

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The Ubuntu Fund is a beautiful charity that will help kids across South Africa get a better education. Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the board of directors, and he has a hand in how these children are given their educational opportunities. There are quite a few kids who will see their lives change, and this article explains how Andrew gives back to his community. He is ensuring that disadvantaged children have a better education, and he will take many steps to find the money that is needed.


#1: How Do They Raise Money?


The Ubuntu Fund does not raise money from donors who dictate how their money will be used. They want to receive only open donations that may be used for any purpose. Andrew Rolfe has taken many pains to ensure that he finds new people to donate who are freely giving, and the Ubuntu Fund will ensure the money has been given to children who need it most.


#2: Who Benefits?


Children are put in educational programs in and out of their homes that will learn about the world around them, and Andre wRolfe has initiated many programs that he believes are important for these children. He wants to see them go on to lead their own communities, and he will help them find their way to college or a career with the education that they are given. There are quite a few kids who come out of Ubuntu Fund programs to successful lives, and they invest in their communities in Africa.


#3: Constant Investment


Andrew Rolfe believes in constant investment in small communities. He wants to see the Ubuntu Fund do more for the kids of Africa, and Rolfe will continue to raise money for the smallest communities where schools and traditional education are not possible.


The Ubuntu Fund is one of the most-important charities in all of Africa, and it gives kids the education they deserve every day. They are put into programs where they may learn quite a lot, and they are trained to think for themselves as that will help them change their lives.


Mr. Adam Goldernberg – The Great Entrepreneur

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The Chief Executive Officer Adam Goldenberg has introduced Techstyle fashion group in the year 2001 along with his colleague Mr. Don Ressler. He wanted to blend the technology and data into the whole business cycle from designing the product to making it circulate it.

TechStyle is the largest developing fashion firms that have ever existed. It has got great brands such as Fabkids, Fabletics, and more than four million VIP members on onmogul.com. Mr. Adam Goldenberg’s career started at the age of seventeen years. He sold his first firm to Intermix Media. He became the COO of that company.

Mr. Ressler and Mr. Adam Goldenberg made the Intelligent Beauty which is an e-commerce brand platform. It led to the making of Techstyle.

Justfab altered its name to Techstyle fashion group. The new name strives to exhibit the roots of the firm in technology and digital commerce. This significant change was anticipated from El Segundo which is a company based in California.
This renaming stresses on the roots of the firm in technology with a broad range of brands like Fabletics, Fabkids, and ShoeDazzle. Mr. Goldenberg mentioned that he and his partner Mr. Ressler wished to alter the way how people do the shopping for the providing fashion at a great value.

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We have been faithful to that vision. The firm has changed to a high brand making platform that is managed by data. The business recognition gets the spirit of what JustFab has become now. TechStyle has risen financially to at least $300 million to date. It is anticipated to end the year with at least $650 million in revenue.

Mr. Adam Goldenberg, the Chief Executive of JustFab to speak regarding his firm, its future and how he established it. This e-commerce company raised at leat $85 million in the year 2014. The gross funding of JustFab is $300 million, and it became a ‘unicorn’ or a firm that had a valuation of at least more than one billion dollars.

Mr. Goldenberg was questioned about what it is about being in that exceptional club. He replied that he did not consider himself as a unicorn. We have got plenty of employees who have devoted the previous five years to create top brands. They have strived to make the customers contented and satisfied. Unicorns are very much existing in the past years.

Mr. Ressler and Mr. Goldenberg initiated Intelligent Beauty and made approximately $500 million in revenue. Intelligent Beauty creation has got an online marketplace for cosmetics like Dermstore which is a great subscription based service for design and fashion.

Learn more about Adam Goldenberg: http://vator.tv/news/2015-05-12-whats-it-like-to-be-a-unicorn