Four Unfilmed Screenplays by George Romero Exist

Recently, horror icon George A. Romero passed away at age 77. Without Romero, the entire zombie apocalypse subgenre would never exist. Romero created the genre in 1968 with Night of the Living Dead and then refined it with 1978’s Dawn of the Dead. Romero passed away before his newest zombie film, Road of the Dead, could be completed. The project is moving forward. Romero was originally slated to produce. The original director, Matt Birman, is moving forward with the project, a sequel to Romero’s Land of the Dead.

Birman also reveals further interesting news about Romero’s legacy. The director left four unfilmed screenplays, completed screenplays, in his files. Birman believes the four screenplays eventually will be made.

George Romero definitely experienced an unlikely comeback. The director’s career had its ups and downs and then completely stalled in the late 1980’s. Renewed interest in the horror genre helped Romero stage a minor comeback, but it was the huge success of zombie films that allowed Romero to create further projects such as Diary of the Dead and Survival of the Dead.

Three of the completed Romero screenplays have nothing to do with zombies, which is fine. Romero directed a host of excellent non-zombie films during his career. The Crazies and Martin, two of the director’s 1970’s output are considered cult classics today.

Romero never really spent a lot of time in Hollywood. He choose to continue to produce independent features in his native Pittsburgh after the success of Night of the Living Dead. Perhaps this was a mistake career-wise. Ultimately, things did work out for him in the end as he returned to the director’s chair time and time again in recent years.

The Walking Dead Celebrates A Milestone

The Walking Dead’s season 8 premiere will mark a milestone. The debut episode will also be the 100th episode of the season. When the “zombie apocalypse” series first appeared on AMC, few expected it to flop. Horror fans definitely would have tuned in. The massive success of the series surely has taken everyone involved with it by surprise. The 100th episode truly is a monumental achievement.

The celebratory nature of the 100th episode is in the air at the San Diego Comic Convention. A banner honoring the 100th episode hangs at the convention for all to see.

The banner’s visuals are impressive. On the left side, images from earlier seasons are prominent. On the right side, the present and future of the series are depicted. In the middle, a proclamation about the 100th episode is joined by a simple “Thank you” to fans.

The series definitely is relying on the consistent approval of its long-time fans. Ratings have been dropping for the series, which is no real secret. While current ratings remain strong, the numbers are dropping. If the ratings continue to drop further, this could prove to be a very serious — if not disastrous — situation for the series.

The combination of poor pacing and an uptick in violence along with fewer zombies has been blamed for the series’ woes. Hopefully, all this will change in the next season. Really, changes do need to be made or else The Walking Dead probably won’t last on the AMC lineup for much longer.

Troy McQuagge is the CEO and President of the USHealth Group and USHEALTH Advisors

2017 Update on August 5th:

Troy McQuagge has won another award as CEO of the Year.  Winners were honored at a ceremony in San Francisco on June 26th.  Read the full story of Troy’s latest accomplishment on the PRWeb website here:

He has an unbridled passion for the Captive Insurance Industry and products for a better quality of life. His thirty years in this extremely competitive field have sharpened his business acumen, strengthened his leadership skills and he makes the businesses profitable.

His accomplishments were submitted to the One Planet Awards Programs and he was the recipient of the Gold Award for “CEO of the Year.” He contributes his winning the award with the complete involvement of all the employees of USHealth Group.

The One Planet Awards wants to acknowledge their hard work while informing businesses of how well USHealth Group is operating. The awards program also acknowledges some company’s services offered, new products, corporate communications, and Marketing.

Troy McQuagge entered the President Agency Marketing Group in the Health Market and sharpened his talents in PR, Marketing, Hiring, and Recruiting from 1996 through March 2008. He joined USHEALTH Advisors in July 2010 and developed an Agency Platform to market their services and their client’s service.

He continually proves that he is “The Man With A Plan.” The Stevie Awards honored Troy’s people skills as a Finalist for “Hiring and Recruiting Program of the Year” in February 2007. The awards continue to flow because of the innovative techniques for marketing, applying exceptional leadership skills to teams and being a team player.

His awards from 2016 also include, “CEO of the Year” and the “Most Innovative CEO of the Year” by CEO World Awards.
The company received the Silver Stevie Award for the “Field Sales Team of the Year” and then was given the “Sales Growth Achievement of the Year” in March. June brought them the Gold Stevie Award for “Company of the Year, Insurance.”
In June they were awarded the “Company of the Year, Accounting, Banking, Financial, Insurance” by the Golden Bridge Awards.

Troy McQuagge has proven that people are his business. Satisfying them personally with the correct insurance coverage and products their clients’ wanted. He has volunteered his services and made donations to many charities over the years.

What Tension Exists In Avengers: Infinity War?

One thing that helped set Marvel Comics apart from D.C. Comics in the 1960’s was the tension between heroes. Heroes even outright fought with one another. While not perfect, Marvel characters showed a humanity the more traditional D.C. heroes lacked. In the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War film, the heroes bring more tension to the big screen. Doing so definitely can help the drama of the narrative.

Paul Bettany, the actor who brought The Vision to life on the screen, recently commented on the heightened tension between heroes. The commentary noted the heroes may have their differences, but they do come together for the greater good. That “greater good” would be defeating the all-powerful Thanos, one of Marvel Comics’ most ultra-formidable villains.

Therein lies one of the most important morality tales of superhero adventures. Ultimately, the goal is to serve the greater good for all humanity. In some cases, serving the greater good actually preserves humanity. Thanos doesn’t exactly have humanity’s best interests at heart. Thanos wishes to rule and conquer. Without The Avengers standing in his way, rule and conquer he shall.

All of this does come with the potential to be very boring if no conflict exists between the heroic characters. Heroes lacking conflict with one another end up acting in a very boring and predictable manner. Audiences can become supremely bored when characters never deviate from a by-the-numbers approach to interactions.

The writers, actors, and directors associated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe realize this. That’s why a good bit of tension and conflict is welcomed in the films.

Ricardo Tosto Started Just Like Other Attorneys

When Ricardo Tosto was first working as an attorney at his relatively small practice, he knew that he was going to have to work hard to be able to accomplish the things that he wanted to accomplish. He has always been a hard worker and has been making sure that he can do things the right way. For Ricardo Tosto to continue doing the things that he wants, he had to make sure that he was giving all of his clients the options that they needed. And his Website, He also tried to make sure that he was going to be able to help them with all of the issues that they were having and with the experiences that they could take away from the different options that they had in their careers. He knew a lot about the things that they could do and he has always been committed to trying new things and more information click here.

Since Ricardo Tosto did this, he knew that he was going to make things better for his clients. He has been dedicated to the things that he does with law and has been especially helpful for the people who are in different situations that require legal help. While Ricardo Tosto know the right way to do all of this, he also knows that he needs to make things better for his own business. He has grown his practice a lot in the time that he has been running it but he always wants to make sure that he can do more than what other people are doing in the legal world.

Now that Ricardo Tosto owns one of the biggest practices in Brazil, he is confident that he can help other people and that he can make things easier for them. He knows the right way to run a practice and is confident in the skills that he has. No matter what Ricardo Tosto is doing or what type of clients he is helping, he is always sure to give them the best service possible. This has allowed him the experiences that he needs to improve his business and make even his partners better with laws.

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Jay Z Continues to Make History with ‘4:44’

The year was 2003. The Album was called The Black Album. This was supposed to be rapper Jay Z’s final album. The greatness of Jay Z however has continued to live on. Nearly 14 years later he has broken records with his latest album 4:44. Jay Z’s latest album is his fourteenth album to reach number one, the most of any solo artist. In a day of digital streaming and itunes downloads, the album still sold an amazing 262,000 units it’s first week out.

The success of Jay Z’s latest album may be in large part because of his wife Beyonce. Just last year she dropped the historic ‘Lemonade’ album which shed light on problems in the couples marriage. 4:44 in many ways is a response to that album. The first single, also titled 4:44 shares Jay Z’s apology about his transgression during the couple’s marriage.

4:44 is the fourth biggest debut of 2017, following behind Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN’, Drake’s ‘More Life’ and Ed Sheeran’s ÷. This success is even more amazing considering the album was only available on Tidal during it’s first week of release. There were also a number of promotional giveaways courtesy of Sprint before the physical release of the album. The entire album was produced one of Jay Z’z favorite producers NO ID and has gained lots of attention because of it’s subject matter. The album discuss everything from his relationship to Beyonce, his troubled friendship with Kanye West, racism and even financial advice. Considered by many to be one of the greatest rappers ever, Jay Z continues to make history in the music industry.

The Defenders Receive Top Treatment From SFX Magazine

The hype machine rolls in for The Defenders. The upcoming Netflix series brings together all its top heroes for an ensemble program. Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Iron Fist all team up to oppose a major threat to New York City. SFX Magazine is hyping the show’s debut by putting the heroes on its cover. Actually, that statement has to be amended somewhat. All four won’t be appearing on a single cover. The four heroes each get their own cover. Fans can choose what particular magazines and corresponding covers to buy.

Collectors are sure to buy all four different covers. SFX Magazine likely will appreciate that gesture of collector’s consumerism.

Multiple and alternative covers absolutely helps the comic book industry sell more issues. SFX Magazine’s publishers are wise to borrow this tactic. Marvel and Netflix gain an added benefit as well. Each hero has his/her own base of fans.

Placing all four heroes faces on the newsstands helps remind those fans the new adventures of a preferred hero are forthcoming. Additionally, the lesser-known characters gain more exposure. This definitely helps build up the value of these heroes. Iron Fist definitely would benefit from some positive press and promotions considering how poorly the solo series was received.

Not everyone follows Netflix programming closely. Magazine and newsstand hype acts as a friendly reminder. The marketing of the program has to reach beyond the dedicated fans. Magazine cover appearances does assist with this cause.

And SFX Magazine may reap some huge sales as a side bonus.

Susan McCalla: Woman Business Leader Extraordinaire

Susan McCalla: Woman Business Leader Extraordinaire

How McCalla’s Leadership Traits are Used as Empowerment for Women

McCalla’s meteoric rise to prominence at American Eagle has demonstrated to women executives everywhere that proficient work skills and dedicated corporate leadership can combine to anchor a talented woman leader in her field of expertise. Excellence at a position is necessary to climb the corporate ladder.

What Makes McCalla’s Leadership so Compelling

McCalla was able to propel her rise power by accumulating the specific knowledge she required to lead her company efficiently and profitably to a position of respected prominence in the retail apparel market, introducing new product lines and a children’s division at the same time. Her drive toward excellence in her field caused her to operate in the corporate world on her own merit. McCalla emphasizes that when climbing the corporate ladder, women should hone their specific business knowledge to help pave their way to greatness. In a woman’s climb to the top, she should build her knowledge while performing her job. Going beyond meeting the minimum requirements for a particular job to provide thorough service in her leadership role is required for the woman getting ahead in business.

Conclusion: Lasting Leadership Lessons that can Be Drawn From McCalla’s Actions and Leadership Style

McCalla’s actions as a corporate leader engage her leadership skills to focus on the entire organization. It is not enough to be a good woman leader, but to instead stand out and be the best of everything, gender designations notwithstanding. McCalla excels because she is the best at her job. McCalla continues to demonstrate that as she continues to add knowledge and experience to her list of corporate leadership skills, the business functioning under her expertise will only continue to flourish. McCalla presents an ideal role model for corporate leadership and success. Leaders following behind her should take a page from her emphasis on increasing their leadership skills and abilities.


Greg Secker’s Business Tips

Greg Secker, the founder of Learn to Trade has helped raise the living standards of many people. Mr. Secker’s analogy shows that if one is capable of generating profits, they can also make a difference in their lives. With such kind of belief, CEOCFO Magazine saw it necessary to interview Greg Secker. The aim of the interview was to find more business tips from the English businessman, Greg Secker.

Greg Secker is driven by the ability to remain positive in adverse conditions. In every situation, Greg Secker will always give it a try. Later, he will figure out the details regarding the situation. Greg started an initiative known as Flying Trader initiative. The initiative was operational and made trades as Greg flew over Canary. Greg did this to show the possibility of making money anywhere, in any place and at any time.

Greg Secker studied food science and agriculture in school. In the university, Greg built and sold computers. Greg’s interest in computers provided a platform for him learn how to code. With his focus, Greg became a computer geek. Secker also designed a 3D interactive model of the fluid dynamics of a follicle. Later in Greg’s search for a job, he met a person who was highly interested in computers. The guy helped Greg in an interview where Greg finally found a job. After that, Greg was promoted and continued serving in the currency trading department at the Virtual Trading Desk.

Greg became interested in Forex trading while working at the Virtual Trading Desk. He coded all the functions of the trading strategies. Greg understood how the market works and how the profits were generated. Being motivated intrinsically, Greg borrowed five thousand pounds which he invested in the trade. To Greg’s surprise, he earned sixty thousand pounds in a one year. With his extensive experience in Forex, Greg is recognized as an expert in the industry.

Greg was born on 18 February 1975. He lived in London, England. Greg is also an accomplished author. He has written many books including Trading Your Way to Success and Financial Freedom through Forex. Greg is not only the founder of Learn to Trade but also FX Capital, Capital Index, and Smart Charts Software. In 2010, Greg Secker established a non-profit organization known as The Greg Secker Foundation.


What Betsy DeVos Did Prior To Becoming President Trump’s Education Secretary

If you followed the 2016 election and saw the cabinet appointments in the months following, you may have noticed the fierce battle that ensued to get Betsy DeVos nominated for US Secretary of Education. But often overlooked is just how much work DeVos did in the years prior to this election and why many educators can thank her and the non-profit groups she’s a part of. She sat down once with Philanthropy Roundtable several years ago to explain why she supports school of choice.DeVos explained that she first got into her efforts to fund private K-12 schools and start scholarships because as a parent of several children, she saw how tough it was for other families to afford the same privileges on lower paychecks. That’s when she and her husband Dick got the idea to start the Education Freedom Fund followed by Kids Hope USA and Children First. She talked about a setback they had when they tried to introduce a tax credit and voucher program in the state’s constitution for the year 2000, but it was this setback that led to a new endeavor that included increasing charter school availability, and many of the DeVos’s friends started seeing a national movement.

So just how long has Betsy DeVos been involved in grassroots conservative activism that she also mentions in the interview? She grew up in a strong business-minded family, the daughter of Edgar Prince who founded Prince Corporation, one of Michigan’s most famous manufacturing companies. Her political activities started while she was attending Calvin College where she has also served as a trustee after graduating. Her interests in fighting for important social reforms and economic freedoms attracted another young man to her who was a businessman and activist. That man was Dick DeVos Jr., son of Amway Founder and major Republican donor Richard DeVos Sr.Together, Dick and Betsy DeVos founded The Windquest Group, a highly profitable investment firm from which they’ve been able to fund the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation, the key parent foundation to their scholarship and other charity works.

Betsy DeVos also took a lead role in the Michigan Republican Party in 1996 when she won election to the position as Chairwoman. In the year 2000 she stepped down because she felt she could only be a follower and not a leader in this position, but in the year 2003 she once again returned feeling that this time she could do more. While Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm held office, it was said that Betsy DeVos was “her worst nightmare” due to the strong measures DeVos used to combat her policies. The then President-elect Trump’s nomination of DeVos to Education Secretary in 2016 was highly surprising because DeVos had been outspoken against the man she said didn’t represent the Republican Party, but after receiving the nomination said that it would be her “honor” to accept the position.

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