OSI Industries Acquires Tyson Foods

OSI Industries has remained focused in its expansion activities, especially in the past decade. The operations that are taking place in this company show that everything is happening as planned. The last two years have been very successful for the American based company. The management of the company has managed to secure several prominent companies so that the food production company increases its presence in the market and also deals with the increasing demands from customers. Almost three years ago, OSI Industries successfully purchased one of the most successful food processing facilities that were based in Chicago.

Tyson Foods, which is very popular among the people, has a significant space that will be used as storage for the large productions in OSI Industries. The report from the food processing firm states that Tyson Food has a strategic location, just close to the OSI Industries properties that are in Chicago. The large production will not have to be transported for long before it can reach its a storage facility in Tyson Foods. In the recent years, the demands in the food market have increased and also changed rapidly. For the people who were not well prepared, this has been a tough time, and they have been forced to close business. The Industries is always fast when it comes to adjusting to the needs of the modern customers.

This is why the organization has been looking for any extra space so that it can take good care of all the emerging needs. Kevin Scott, one of the senior vice presidents of the OSI Industries says that his company understands that it has a large client base in North America, and it can only be met by making space available. The company presence in this region will be increased by the time Tyson Food Plant is transformed. Tyson Foods has had a tough time due to the economy. In the past year, the organization announced that it was planning to close the Chicago facility which was mostly used for food preparations. After getting a deal from OSI Industries, Tyson Foods accepted the offer, and both parties are happy.

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