North American Spine on CW: A Review

North American Spine, a leader in minimally invasive spin care, was featured on CW 33 in honor of their campaign to bring greater awareness to spinal health and wellness. According to PRNewswire, the organization gifted approximately 50 yoga mats to students attending the Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Dallas, Texas.

The mats have been given to children both at the pre-k and kindergarten levels with hopes of generating greater interest in taking care of both one’s mind and physical form. A number of the children face development issues of their own and may especially benefit from the gesture. The CW’s purpose was to document Yoga Recess Day, a nation-wide day started by the Yoga Health Foundation. Students participating were shown some of the basic, easy to grasp, and foundational yoga techniques.

The benefits of practicing Yoga are many. Yoga can help stave off physical aliments including back pain and various forms of physical misalignment. It also promotes exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and appreciation and respect for one’s body. When practiced, Yoga can sometimes offset the need for surgery and medical attention that can occur due to improper care of one’s body. This, among other reasons, is why North American Spine’s initiative has been so well received in the community.

Yoga, even when practiced a few minutes a day, can prevent future back pain and strengthen one’s core muscles. The conditioning it provides can help prevent future injuries as well. In addition, the North American Spine organization promotes the idea of staying active and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. Movement and energy are cornerstones to the healthier living yoga promotes. In particular, sitting for prolonged periods of time can lead to long term back problems that could become costly down the road.

Source: PRNewswire: North American Spine on CW

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