Nine9 the “Unagency” Helps the Other 99% Get into Acting or Modeling

Many may want to start a modeling or acting career but have no idea how to take the first step. Other than being miraculously discovered by a talent scout, there is generally no clear path forward for regular folks to get in front of casting directors and more information click here.

Anthony Tomas said he founded Nine9 the “Unagency” in order to aid the “99 percent” of aspiring actors and models who don’t have industry connections. Tomas says, as a school-age child he was a small kid who was part of the nerdy set, dictated to by the popular 1 percent. Tomas wants to tip the balance in the favor of the majority. Nine9, Tomas says, provides a proven system to help get talent their big break. Of course, hard work is always involved, but for those who want to get a foot in the door, Nine9 can be the first step and learn more about Nine9.

Nine9 offers professional photo shoots for all clients. Clients are advised on how to prepare for their photo shoots as well as what to expect. Nine9 also offers coaching, by trained professionals, on how to perform on camera. The Nine9 website contains testimonials from many casting directors who look to Nine9 to find talent for a variety of projects. There are also many happy accounts from satisfied Nine9 clients who have found work. One client, Bobby L, writes: “Like many others, I am sure I was skeptical about signing with Nine9 … However, the personnel that I have interacted with at Nine9 have all been very respectful and I personally have had more call backs than I can get to!” and Nine9 of lacrosse camp.

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