Nick Vertucci Takes His Business Skills To The Poker Table

It began in 2004, in a pocket-sized city squeezed between East Los Angeles and Bell Gardens. The Commerce Casino hosted a No-Limit Hold’em Championship, enticing 251 players to this 5.6 square mile city with the opportunity to win big in the largest cardroom in the world.

Nick Vertucci was one of the 251 players drawn to the tournament. Four years earlier, Nick lost his computer accessories business to the dot-com bubble, and he was still three years away from founding his real estate investment company. On that day, however, Nick Vertucci discovered his talent for strategy after taking home over $7,500 in prize money.

Moonlighting as a professional poker player is not a typical path for real estate investors, but the skills required to succeed as an investor and as a poker player are the same.

Nick Vertucci is an entrepreneur with a head for strategy. Strategy helped Nick survive the dot-com bubble and pivot to an industry where he could thrive, and he’s improved his strategic skills over the past ten years as part-time poker player.

In business and poker, the key is to play both the cards in your hand and the players at the table. A good poker player learns to manage their emotions and keep a level head during big plays, and the same lesson applies when negotiating large business deals. Moreover, in business and in poker, success depends on a player’s ability to adapt and quickly react to the events unfolding on the table.

Nick Vertucci is a formidable opponent. Over the years, he’s played with celebrities and poker heavy hitters, like Don Cheadle and Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari. And, with more than 10 years of experience under his belt, underestimating Nick Vertucci at the poker table or in business is a costly mistake.

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