Nick Vertucci: An Accomplished Real Estate Investor Amazes the World with His Poker Playing Skills

Nick Vertucci developed a mix of interests that have been found very unique. How often do you see an accomplished real estate investor and entrepreneur become a great poker player? Well, Nick Vertucci was a poker player even before he recorded a lot of success in real estate investments. During the tough times such as the 2008 financial crisis, investors are in their law and that is when poker comes in handy for the renowned real estate investor. Although he don’t rely on it as a major source of income, he has achieved a lot and made a lot of money playing poker, not to mention the fact that he has played poker with many celebrities and prominent people.

Poker had a part in Nick Vertucci’s journey to become a millionaire, according to him. Mr. Vertucci ventured into real estate a while after he was so low due to a financial crisis. He worked his way up and so far, he has written several books on the real estate business in an effort to encourage and promote entrepreneurship among the youth. He acknowledges that aspiring entrepreneurs face many challenges when getting into the real business. Now, he has started a real estate academy to help potential investors through their ideas, planning and implementation.

You could argue that change is inevitable, but Nick Vertucci has never deviated from playing poker no matter what. The first tournament he participated was held at Commerce, California. In the Commerce tournament, Mr. Vertucci played Texas Hold’em, his favorite poker game, against 250 opponents. He won US$7500 coming 8th place in the tournament. Right then, he knew he should hone his skills and continue improving to take on more challenges.

While playing poker, his real estate businesses and investments ran smoothly. Nick Vertucci can be referred to as a master in balancing career interests. As a poker player, he participated in big tournaments such as World Series of Poker a well as Poker After Dark.

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