News About A Major Suicide Squad Spoiler Breaks

A new video has emerged from the set of Suicide Squad and we get to see The Joker racing away from the scene of a crime in a purple sports car. In the passenger seat is his paramour, Harley Quinn. In the synopsis we have been told so far, The Joker is supposed to locked away in Arkham Asylum. We do not know anything about what point in the film this scene takes place. Perhaps it is at the end of the film when The Clown Prince of Crime is supposed to get away from his imprisonment.

Sam Tabar pointed out that there is something else that is extremely interesting with this clip. The Joker is not the only person with his own super-vehicle. He is being chased by – THE BATMOBILE. This clearly confirms that Batman is going to have a major cameo in the film. How big of a part the Caped Crusader has in the feature remains to be seen. Clearly, Ben Affleck is playing a part in the film and this is a good thing. A meeting between Batman and The Joker is going to sell the film big time to people who might not be up to seeing a film that solely features villains they may not be familiar with.

Suicide Squad is going to not only set up the various villains for future D.C. hero movies, it is pretty clear the film is setting up a Batman solo project and/or Batman’s role in the Justice League movies.

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