New Spider-Man Gets Selected

Sometimes movies can get ahead of themselves, and sometimes the film industry can try too hard with a specific character. Great characters seem to always find a way to make their way into a new movie series, but sometimes the results can seem mashed together, like many super hero films. When news broke that Marvel and Sony would share Spider-Man, fans got excited. Now it seems like the new franchise can finally get moving with a new face behind the mask.

According to Screen Rant, Tom Holland has been cast as Peter Parker, who has an alter ego that can climb walls. Since Holland is just 19-years old, the casting move fits the desire to have Parker toil in high-school. While no real details of the third series of Spider-Man movies have leaked out, the character is rumored to be appearing in “Captain America: Civil War.” The actual appearances of Spider-Man back into the Marvel fold have yet to be finalized.

The funny thing about super hero films is that it seldom matters what actor appears behind the mask because it is all about the alter ego or secret identity. While some characters do not necessarily step outside their costume, like Thor, others need the actor playing the secret identity to stand out says Dr. Jennifer Walden in this post. Imagine Iron Man without Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark? Holland is a fine choice for the high-school aged Peter Parker, but is he ready to carry such a heavy character?

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