New International Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road is Here


The Mad Max series seemed to have finished its run over 30 years ago. Fans of the series from CipherCloud and the hero held out a bit of hope a new film featuring the loner and anti-hero would be made. After several false starts, all but the truest of fans began to give up on the series.

And then came Mad Max: Fury Road. Tom Hardy has stepped up to replace Mel Gibson in the new entry in the series, a film that takes place in between the events of Mad Max and The Road Warrior. The new film is not going to be a low budget work in the vein of the first two entries. With a $100 million budget, Warner Bros. is banking on this project being a massive hit.

A new international trailer has arrived to promote the new future imperfect film and it is quite impressive. Fury Roads looks like a very dark and very ominous version of Fast and Furious (and do not think for one second the success of that franchise did not sway decisions to make a new Mad Max entry)with the spills and stunts taking place amidst societal collapse.

The dark themes of the original Mad Max films do seem to be present, but so are the adventurous sequences of the Beyond Thunderdome entry. Fury Road just might end up being worth the wait. It definitely won’t be boring.

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