New Images Reveal a Serious Fantastic Four Reboot

The mystery surrounding the Fantastic Four movie reboot unravels bit by bit. 20th Century Fox opted has released a few new images of the characters and superhero movie fans are better able to get a feel for the feature. Anyone who doesn’t think this is going to be a dark, somber, and serious version of the FF just might change his/her mind after checking out the photos. The traditional, campy suits have been seriously overhauled and look like outer space paramilitary gear.

In one photo, Reed Richards is in the foreground and SWAT team members are in the background. The style of Mr. Fantastic’s suit is not much different than the ones worn by the tactical law enforcement officers. Johnny Storm’s suit looks like something a fighter pilot would wear. Yes, the new Fantastic Four film is going to be more akin to a melodrama than a whimsical fantasy. Hopefully, the film’s somber nature won’t lead it to become a talk fest. Reports that the film lacks a lot in action are, hopefully, exaggerations.

Over at Warner Bros., the very dark and somber Dark Knight trilogy was a massive hit with fans so serious superhero films definitely have their audiences. Fans of the series like Flavio Maluf have raved that Batman, however, is a serious and dark character. The Fantastic Four team is associated with 1960’s whimsy. Will the dark approach to the film be the right one? If the reboot turns out to be a hit, the answer is yes.

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