Netflix’s The Punisher Confirmed for Season 2!

Marvel’s most violent vigilante exploded onto the screen in Netflix’s The Punisher this past November in thirteen action packed installments. After picking up preceding the events of DareDevil season two, the Punisher’s first season explored the fallout of Frank Castle’s initial revenge scheme, and the discoveries that old friends may have been involved with the murder of his family, and the attempted murder of Frank himself. In concluding season 1, Frank finds himself at an impasse having made new enemies, completed his initial plan, and trying to find a new light within himself. However, with Netflix’s announcement today that The Punisher season 2 will be in production soon, it seems the onscreen struggle of Frank Castle may not come to an end with the closing credits of season 1.

Season 1 of The Punisher opened with Frank having abandoned The Punisher identity after seemingly having had his revenge throughout DareDevil season 2. However, as any good Punisher fan knows, the battle of crime and punishment is never one that ends easy for Frank Castle. When reports surface that a black budget program Frank was a part of in Afghanistan while serving in the Marine Corps may have been the catalyst behind the murder of his family, Frank teams up with an ex-C.I.A. hacker by the name of Micro to find the men responsible. Unfortunately for Frank, his hunt leads him back to the squadron of men he served beside, and a few he considered bothers in arms.

Fans of the series will quickly note the likely rise of Jigsaw, a popular Punisher villain, who was seemingly in the making in the last episodes of season 1. Jigsaw could become a prominent opponent in season 2, and may even be the cause of Frank re-donning the Punisher skull once again. No word as to the release date of season 2 has been made available yet, but for further information as it is made available, and for watching the first season of The Punisher visit:

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