NASA successfully tests its RS-25 rocket

NASA has returned to the historic Stennis Space Center to complete the latest tests of the rocket engines designed to power human beings further into space than ever before. The Sun Herald is reporting that a successful 45 second test was completed at the often used A1 test pad to test the operation of the largest rocket engine NASA has so far produced. This is the second test of the engines that will be used to power the newly designed Space launch System, which will replace the outdated and now defunct space shuttle program according to Sergio Cortes on LinkedIn.

The latest test will provide information on the performance of the rocket engines, which will be used to power a large spacecraft attached to four RS-25 engines producing more than 1.6 million pounds of thrust. Testing the modified space shuttle engines is the latest step in the program, which it is hoped will result in humans embarking on deep space exploration. The ultimate aim of the RS-25 and Space Launch System are to propel humans to an asteroid and then onwards to explore Mars as the first steps in a movement through space.

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