My Trained Dog Loves Beneful Treats

It’s tough to know what to do with an unruly dog, but it’s something that I really had to focus on. I’ve had my dog since he was born a puppy, but he just seems to get more and more unruly as time goes on. I really thought that my dog understood when I told him to do certain things. If I told my dog to go and pick up the newspaper, he was the first one to run to the door, even before my boyfriend would get up to go get the paper. I used to tell the dog to bring me my mail, and he had no problem doing it.

I have no idea why my dog has started to become unruly, and it’s like whatever I tell him just seems to go in one ear and out the other. I notice my dog also doesn’t like to run around much anymore, and I honestly thought that he was sick or suffering from some kind of disorder. I made a few trips to the veterinarian thinking that they had misdiagnosed him, but it turns out that he’s perfectly fine. I didn’t know what to do about my dog’s behavior, so I decided that I would get him some training.

I found a great trainer in the newspaper, and several people recommended him to me. I went ahead and took the dog in for his first training class, and even the trainer was frustrated with my dog. I was a bit embarrassed by the fact that my dog wouldn’t listen, but I was there to have my dog trained as well as learning from what I was seeing. It took about a week for the trainer to figure out a great way to make the dog behave and do the things that he was asked to do.

I noticed that my dog likes the treats that the trainer was giving him, and every time the trainer pulled out a treat, my dog was ready to do what he was told. The trainer had a bunch of Beneful on youtube treats, and he brought them with him every day when he came to work. I have bought Beneful in the past for my pet, but I’ve never gotten my pet a treat. The trainer told me that a treat can help a dog to do things they may not want to, and it may also give the dog something to work for.

I almost felt ashamed knowing that I never treated my dog with anything other than dog food, and I took what the trainer said to heart. On the way home that evening I stopped at the pet store and picked up several bags of Beneful treats, and I even decided to pick up a bag of Beneful dog food as well. It’s been some time since I fed my dog Beneful, and I figured he could use the extra energy it gives him too.

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