Mark Hamil Hints that Star Wars 7 is More About the New Characters

 Fans like Dave and Brit Morin are eager for any piece of information about the up coming Star Wars movie, Star Wars 7 :The Force Awakens, and so far information has been slim, and hard to come by. We do know many of the characters that will appear in the movie, and which actors will play them, but other than a few short sequences and the reveal of the new kind of light saber, the much anticipated teaser trailer did not reveal much information.

Recently, Mark Hamil, who filmed some scenes for a part of the movie that would involve his character Luke Skywalker, gave some hints that indicated Star Wars 7 is more about the new characters than it is about the continuing saga of Luke, Leia, and Han. “, which suggests that the storyline will revolve more around the new characters, rather than the ones fans have grown up with.This should not be a surprise to most fans, considering that the way the movie was marketed, especially when it comes to the teaser trailer, there was very little to indicated that the the original actors and original characters were involved much, if at all.

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