Marcio Alaor’s Support to Santo Antonio do Monte

On 24 August 2014, the city of Santo Antonio do Monte hosted the 33rd Agricultural exhibition and honored the executive vice president of Banco BMG Marcio Alaor. During the event, Marcio Alaor was present and was given a plaque by the society of Santo Antonio do Monte in recognition of the crucial services he has always offered. In addition, the Food Court program was named after Marcio Alaor because of the major role he had been playing in ensuring food security is achieved in the region. The board that was organizing the ceremony thanked Marcio, his friends and colleagues for the great support they have provided to the city.
The event was organized by the Rural Union, and its president Vilmar Octavian, was present to honor Alaor. He thanked the executive of BMG for the great work he had done for the benefit the city. Vilmar said that his organization requires more partnerships like the one Marcio Alaor had created which has benefited many residents. Speaking on behalf of the board, Vilmar thanked the executive for his generosity he accords the people of Santo Antonio do Monte.
Another official who attended the ceremony was Luis Antonio Resende from the City Council. He too thanked Marcio Alaor especially for the Exhibition Centre because it had benefited residents of the city. He explained that the executive of BMG never turns down request from residents of Santo Antonio do Monte. Antonio further thanked Alaor and Vilmar for supporting the city without political motives hence assisting more people than local politicians. The mayor of the city Wilmar Son said they had reformed a structure that would be used as a food court for the region. The mayor further explained that through the project funded by Marcio Alaor, many residents would achieve their dreams.
The mayor was grateful for the work the executive has done and continued to do for the sake of his hometown. Furthermore, the mayor was proud be one of the guests during the function to honor the executive of BMG for his major role he had played in Santo Antonio do Monte. The city is recognized for being the largest milk producer in the entire region ahead of Pompeu, despite the fact that the land in the area does not favor livestock and other agricultural practices.
On his part, Marcio Alaor said that he was encouraged and motivated by Dr. Wilmar Father when he used to clean his shoes as a young boy, because he told him never to lose contact with his roots. Today, Marcio has tried to keep in touch with Santo Antonio do Monte so that he can provide the support needed and make resident achieve their dreams.

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