Luke Lazarus: How Entrepreneurs can Develop the Necessary Skills for Success

Many entrepreneurs around the world easily surrender when they noticed that their business does not attract any investors or customers in the first few years of its existence. However, one of the reasons why businesses fail is because of the entrepreneur’s lack of skill and knowledge of how a business works.

Luke Lazarus, the founder of an Australia-based business consulting firm, is helping entrepreneurs who are facing this problem, providing them with tips on how to transform their business, build connections with investors, and eventually become successful in their own right.

The decision to leave his career as a serial entrepreneur

Ninety percent of all startups are bound to fail within the first five years of operating, but ten percent will stay in the game. This is what happened to Luke Lazarus – after he graduated from a local business school in Melbourne, he started to establish businesses, managing all of his startups for ten years.

Because of the skills that he gained from studying at a business school, Luke Lazarus did not find it difficult for him to manage his business. In the end, his ventures were sold for higher prices, and he became a millionaire.

Being financially independent at the age of 35 is another feat enjoyed by Luke Lazarus, but he later felt that he is no longer interested in earning millions, and he wanted to switch careers. He noticed that many entrepreneurs fail because of the lack of knowledge, and he realized that he should step up and provide them with information on how they can become better entrepreneurs. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

Luke Lazarus as a business consultant

He established Luke Lazarus Consulting to provide advice to struggling entrepreneurs on what they should do to effectively run a business. Based on the experiences of Luke Lazarus, he noticed that many entrepreneurs are not knowledgeable when it comes to the strategies needed to establish a network of investors.

He said that most entrepreneurs who consulted him are talented and intelligent, but they lack the proper training.Luke Lazarus decided that these entrepreneurs should be trained further, and they can become better entrepreneurs by teaching them the tips and strategies on effective brand messaging, high finance, and organizing a successful roadshow.

Thousands are satisfied with the consulting skills of Luke Lazarus

Many of his clients who approached him for help are happy knowing that his strategies are working. Without his help, many entrepreneurs in Australia will still be lost, and they would never discover the strategies that are needed for someone to become successful business people.

Luke Lazarus felt content knowing that he managed to help a lot of people, and he continues to train interested entrepreneurs who wanted to become successful in the industry.

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