Louis CK To Direct, Write, Star in Movie “I’m a Cop”

Louis CK has made quite the rise to fame lately, with his much-celebrated tv show, Louie, which is now entering its 5th season. As one of the most popular comics, he has lent his irreverent wit and charm to a tv series where he plays a fictional version of himself. Now he is going to be bringing that wit and charm to the big screen where he will be directing, writing and starring in a movie, “I’m a Cop”.

The indie film will star Louis C.K. as a depressed volunteer police officer who lives in the shadow of his mother. The movie is currently in pre-production, with no release date set, and it is not his first venture into the film world. In 2001, he wrote and directed Pootie Tang, but due to a dispute with the distributor, he said he was all but fired from the film once it was in the editing state. Fans like Sam Tabar know that the movie was based on a sketch from The Chris Rock Show and features a character that speaks in a way that only other characters in the movie can understand.

It will be interesting to see if Louis C.K.’s new movie can keep the relevance of his TV show that makes it so interesting to watch. Even Louis himself seems unsure in his abilities, as he told The Hollywood Reporter that he worries that film seems like a more permanent medium.

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