Lime Crime Continues to Show Promise

Most people are largely familiar with Lime Crime, the popular company founded by Doe Deere. However, being familiar with the company and even being knowledgeable about its products is not enough to justify everything that is behind the success of this company. In a recent article, founder and operator Doe Deere was asked about successfully forming and running this company. Basically, she was asked about being a female and an entrepreneur. Without a doubt, she had some interesting things to say, just as anyone would expect.

First and foremost, she wants it to be made clear that she created Lime Crime because she was tired of not being able to find the types of products that she wanted. More importantly, she felt like the limitations that were placed on products that were available at the time placed an unfair limitation on women when it came to expressing their personalities through style. Everything was kept in a neat, tidy little box and she felt like it was time to blow the lid right off of that box and let people truly be who they are without being sorry for expressing it. Therefore, she made the decision to start Lime Crime because she knew that she couldn’t possibly be the only person that had these thoughts and feelings.

As the company continued to grow and find more success, she realized that Lime Crime was filling a hole that people had been deeply feeling for years. She single-handedly saw an opportunity to create a successful company on a practical level and help women feel better about themselves on an emotional level and she took that chance. Fortunately, she has never considered looking back, and everyone that uses her products is better off because of it. The truly great thing about her determination is that even when she would face hurdles, as every person does, she never thought about giving up on her dream. This wasn’t even because she wanted it for herself as much as it was she wanted it for other people who were looking for that special product that wasn’t available anywhere else. It has really been herself selflessness that has made the company a success and that is what continues to allow it to grow and prosper.  Be sure to browse the selection from online retailers like Amazon, and their popular storefront on Doll’s Kill.

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