Lifeline Screening Can Help You Lead A Healthier, Longer Life

Research studies indicate that more then six hundred thousand people in America have died from heart attacks. The studies also show that half of these deaths could have been prevented had the victim had proper cardiovascular screening prior to the attack. Many people who are aware that they have cardiovascular problems are eating healthier, and have changed their lifestyle. Still, there are many people who are unaware that there may be a problem, or that they may have some of the risk factors present that would make them a candidate for cardiovascular disease. Lifeline Screening wants to help you maintain your health by providing tests that can detect any existing cardiovascular problems.

Lifeline Screening can help you live a longer life by helping you remain healthy. They recommend that everyone over the age of fifty be screened for many of life’s debilitating illnesses. Heart disease has often been called the silent killer because it can show no signs or symptoms for a long period of time. Many times, the only symptom is a heart attack which can be fatal. Implementing a dietary and lifestyle change can be the best intervention for deterring damages that may be caused from cardiovascular risk factors. Recent studies compared three thousand women over 50, half who had had Lifeline Screening before, and the other half who had not. The ones with prior screenings had changed their lifestyle, and eating habits. The screening encourage change for healthier living.

The result of the study showed that people were motivated to make lifestyle changes in order to improve their health. After the Lifeline Screening process, the participants in the study were even more motivated to make positive changes that would continue to help maintain their health. Those who had the Lifeline Screening cardiovascular test made commitments to also include the addition of regular exercise as part of their intervention against disease. Cardiovascular screening is very important because, as stated earlier, the symptoms may not be present, but the disease can already be causing extensive damage, silently. Lifeline Screening not only detects existing problems, it also lets you know the status of cardiovascular system.

Register for the cardiovascular screening test and get the quick, effective, and affordable way to learn all about your current heart health. This test will help motivate you to make important lifestyle changes that could save your life. The information obtained from the screening will serve as a baseline for communication between you and your regular physician. Since 1993, Lifeline Screening has been an independent wellness company in Texas. Their main focus is offering cardiovascular screenings to people who want to know the current condition of their cardiovascular system. They want the process of preventative screenings to be fast, easy, and as affordable as possible. Lifeline Screening also provides several other important life screenings to help improve your health.

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