Leonardo DiCaprio Teaming Up With Netflix For Documentary Series

Leonardo DiCaprio made a deal with Netflix that they will be producing a series of documentaries that focus on nature and conservation topics for viewers to watch. The actor has been known for his openly outspoken opinion of environmental issues lately, when he protested and spoke to the government about certain issues.

According to an article found on reddit and written by CBS News, DiCaprio is looking forward to partnering with Netflix as soon as possible because he feels very strongly that people need to be aware of what is happening to our planet Earth. This is one of the most crucial periods of time where our planet is suffering from people just not treating it right and running all the natural resources dry.

This should be a very good project for DiCaprio, as he is a very talented actor that has been in several roles. That little boy we all watch grow up on “Growing Pains” and turn into the animated Irish immigrant in “Titanic” has totally matured for the better. He is one of the few activists out there who had been famous beforehand and are using their social status to make a difference. If nothing else, he can be applauded for what he is doing for us and the planet, because this is definitely not a gimmick. DiCaprio has proved time and time again to be passionate about environmental problems, and this new series with Netflix is another great way to raise that awareness.

It’s really cool that Netflix is producing more documentaries on issues facing people today. Rumor has it they’re also in talks with Daniel Amen of the Amen Clinics for a documentary on mental health.

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