Kristen Bell Gives TMI On “Behind” The Scenes Of Her Golden Globes Ensemble

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton once remarked, “It takes a village” to raise a child.


Maybe when it comes to fancy Hollywood awards shows, it also takes a village, an army of stylists and more.


Take for instance, actress Kristen Bell and her 2017 Golden Globes preparations. She was quick to jump on social media and share her personal secrets for a flawless fit in a glamorous Jenny Packham gown.


She was more than happy to show off her new, more shapelier behind. No, it wasn’t a case of extreme exercise work-outs or surgical enhancements. Instead, the popular star instantly developed a new butt, thanks to butt pads, which she shared with the world. You can check out Kristen Bell at


We think this is a bit of TMI or too much information. We are happy that Kristen Bell can create a more voluptuous bottom with a prosthetic rear end. Then again, maybe many of us would rather not know how any Hollywood star gets glam. We don’t need to be reminded that your behind is not all that, until a team of magical stylists puts you together. We might enjoy the Tinsel Town illusion; isn’t that what Hollywood is really all about?


Some of you say that Kristen Bell is an honest gal who doesn’t take herself too seriously.


A few years ago, she and actor husband Dax Shepard did get prickly about the paparazzi snapping photos of their baby. They didn’t like the intrusion, even though they are stars who go out in public. In fact, the famous couple began a mission to make paparazzi stop taking photos of celebrities’ kids.


How silly, and yet, Kristen Bell feels she can control what kinds of celeb photos should be out there, including her fake fanny shots.

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