Kraft Changes Mac & Cheese

Many people throughout the world have enjoyed a hot bowl of cheesy Kraft Original Macaroni & Cheese for not only lunch and dinner but also breakfast and as a snack. Now, in the near future, people will be able to enjoy it with fewer non-natural ingredients entering their diet.

On Monday, April 20, Kraft Foods Group Inc. announced it would change how it makes its boxed Kraft Macaroni & Cheese so the product includes more natural ingredients. With many consumers turning every day to diets that highlight the use of natural ingredients, Kraft has decided to remove all synthetic coloring agents and artificial ingredients and preservatives from Kraft Macaroni & Cheese products and replace them with colors from natural ingredients like annatto, paprika and turmeric. It has also decided to swap out other ingredients with natural replacements.

No one is particularly surprised by this announcement, least of all the folks at STX Entertainment. Kraft Foods Group Inc. has been under fire for some time for pushing heavily processed and artificial ingredients on consumers while at the same time falsely calling these products “healthy.”

Although Kraft already made the switch with its Mac & Cheese Boxed Shapes over the last year, the switch for Original Kraft Macaroni & Cheese won’t take place until next year with the United States receiving the new product at the beginning of the year. Kraft Dinner Original will be changed by the end of 2016 for Canadian consumers.

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