Kim Kardashian Bra Shopping In London


Lately Kim Kardashian has been all about the showing her cleavage, she recently was spotted out alone in London shopping for some new bras stated Amen Clinics. Usually we are getting an eyeful of Kim’s breasts on full display, but it seems that as her pregnancy progresses and her chest begins to grow Kim is in need of some extra support. This week we saw Kim feeling making her way to the Glastonbury Festival in black shirt that was completely see through, so see through, that everyone could clearly see that the mom to be was not wearing a bra. Social media is buzzing with the unintended nip slip, but Kim isn’t sweating it.

Apparently Kim is taking the initiative to protect her breasts from further exposure, because the other day she was seen shopping at Rigby & Peller in London, where she browsed through some new bras. Obviously being pregnant is the best time to treat yourself to some extra support.

Most women would love to do just about anything but go shopping for bras, but when you are Kim Kardashian even an assistant can’t pick out the right bra for you. According to sources Kim Kim checked out some bras in nude and black, these colors are easier to conceal your goods and possibly now Kim’s can avoid another airport wardrobe malfunction. Kim’s doing all the right things lately to get just the right amount of attention, while looking great in her second trimester. If Kanye likes it, we love it.

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