Kim and Kyle Richards – sisters at war

I am not sure if you are a fan of any of the Housewives series. For the most part, I am not. They seem trivial, fake and ridiculous in the most positive of descriptions I can come up with. Occasionally, I will watch some of them just to be grateful my life isn’t as plastic and with as little relevance as these women. But the Housewives of Beverly Hills is really beyond tedious.

I suppose one of the hardest story lines to watch is the one with Kim and Kyle Richards. One sister in a happy marriage with beautiful children. The other living a life of chaos and addiction. Any relationship is hard, but it is so unfortunate to see these real life struggles take place in the public eye. As reported recently in, Your text to link… , Kim and Kyle’s relationship may be completely gone by now.

Kim blames Kyle for not supporting her through her addiction problems. However, that is the story of an addict, blame everyone else for their issues. Kyle is upset that Kim keeps her aggressive pit bull around even after attacking her daughter.

Fans like Dan Newlin wonder: Can their relationship be repaired? Who knows. I must say that if I was Kyle it would be difficult to want to bring the toxicity Kim brings with her back in my life.

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