Keeping Your Morals Can Lead To A Successful Career

Before getting into the government industry, Helane Morrison was just a journalist. All the same, when she got the chance to get into the governmental sector, she was determined to reduce all elements of corruption that had established their roots. Additionally, Helane is committed to fighting for the rights of the vulnerable individuals. Her high integrity morals made her stand out and do what is expected as she goes by the rules without any exemptions.

Ms. Helane Morrison completed her degree in journalism and went ahead to do her doctorate while working as the Chief in Editor of the law review of the University. Her experience while she worked as the law clerk incorporated with her passion for helping the vulnerable individuals led her to thrive.
Due to the increase of the soiled reputation of the business and finance industry, she worked even harder to pick out elements of corruption as an attempt to clean up the segment. Helane Morrison never strayed from her goal in the period of thirty years that she had been in the area of work. Instead, she led her colleagues with great charisma and determination until the change was recognizable to the rest of the country.

The global economic crisis in 2007 scared away numerous investors after their investments declined while some disappeared altogether. They were skeptical and insecure of putting in their money to use in the future. All the same, this crisis was an eye-opener as it unveiled a lot of scum such as falsified records, a bevy of unhandled deals and fraud in the finance sector. The repercussions were significant too as it led to unemployment and a collapse in the stock market. No sooner had the scandal been sold than all the investors had liquidated their assets.

Up to date, economists and investors are not at ease. This occurrence is due to the forthcoming elections in the year 2016. The presidential race has great effects on the economy causing the investors to take hold of all their assets and highly slowing down the stock market. The unrest in the financial sector led to reduced faith in the security of property put into the industry. Also, today’s economy is strenuous making it hard to get a hold of the basics let alone setting something aside for investing or saving. On the other hand, this has increased the popularity of investment as a method of attaining wealth as time goes by.

With more than eleven years in the industry, she had a significantly impressive record hence the government offered Morrison the chance to be the Head of Commission and Regional Director. However, she could still balance her work and social life.

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