Karl Heideck- on car seat law in Pennsylvania

There is a new car seat law Pennsylvania that came into effect in August of 2017. This is a law that put a regulation on how car seats for children in a car should be like. The state noticed that road accidents are causing a huge number of deaths to children. There was a need to have the preventive measure put in in place to check this case which demonstrated capability to affect a huge number of children in the state. According to lawyer Karl Heideck, the law that was passed will determine how parents carry their little children in the cars. The law was passed one year ago but have been pending awaiting completion of a one year grace period that was stipulated to allow all car owners in the state to comply.

The car seat law seeks to enhance the safety of children of under two years and those of under 8 years. The law made it mandatory for every parent to have a special seat that faces to the rear of the car. This is a position that was recommended by a team of researchers, who found that a rear-facing car seat for little children of less than two years would not compromise on their safety. In particular, their argued that, for children of less than two years, it was easy for them to break their bones easily in minor accidents when they face to the front. To eliminate this occurrence, the law made it mandatory for the seats to be facing to the rear.

Parents who do not obey the law will be charged $125. Karl Heidecck adds that this law has the potential of making the secure children while on the car seats. Attorney Karl Heideck advises parents to study the law and ensure that they comply with all the sections. In particular, Karl helideck advises parents to visit their car seats manufacturers and check the condition of their seats if indeed they are compliant with the law.

It is the responsibility of every parent in the state to ensure that their children are safe in the car. Karl Heideck continues to add that every parent who does not know where to find a good car seat that is compliant with the law should visit the IHIS and look at the seats that they recommend as the safest for children.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a legal commentator in Philadelphia. He has written many blogs explaining the laws that are passed in the state. Karl Heideck who is a graduate of the Temple University Beasley School of law hopes that every parent in the state will be able to comply with this law.

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