Kabbalah, Astrology and the Hebrew Calendar

Many people today might be surprised that modern kabbalistic practice today embraces astrology.


Some think of astrology as the worst of New Age fads, others as unscientific claptrap, while still others point to a passage from Leviticus (called Vayikra in the Orthodox Jewish Bible) which states, “You shall not practice divination or soothsaying.


But Rabbinic scholars and intellectuals have debated the issue for centuries, and the consensus seems to be that the “divination” and “soothsaying” of Leviticus does not refer to astrology.


In fact, according to an article on the Kabbalah Center website, the patriarch Abraham himself was the first astrologer and included information about it in his book “Sefer Yetzirah (the Book of Formation.)


It’s important to understand that kabbalistic astrology is not the same as you find in the daily newspaper or in most popular New Age books. Conventional astrology is based on the old Gregorian calendar while Kabbalistic astrology uses the Hebrew calendar.


Whatever the case, astrology is widely practiced today among kabbalistic seekers. Many people attest to the fact that it has been a superb source of not only guidance, but assists them in finding a sense of place, orientation and meaning in the vast universe.


Kabbalah Center teachings tell us that kabbalistic astrology can help us rise above the influences of the cosmos and take better control of our lives.


Yes, everyone is born in a certain month and under one of the signs of the Zodiac, but the Zodiacal signs are not the cause of our personality traits, but the effect.


Understanding the nature of what our birth signs tells us about ourselves allows us to make “course corrections” as we strive to cobble together the best versions of ourselves. It helps us understand our strengths and weaknesses and leverage them accordingly.


Those interested in learning more about the fascinating subject of kabbalistic astrology can explore it with Kabbalah University, which you can find more about on the Kabbalah Center website.

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