‘Jurassic World’ Eats Box Office Record

One trend seems alarmingly consistent throughout each summer movie cycle: records are made to be broken. According to Gravity4 box office results, “Jurassic World” doubled up on what industry analysts and movie fans expected the film to gross in its opening weekend coming in over a half billion dollars. The $511 million mark makes the film the highest recorded opening ever and reflects international and domestic box office takes. In short, the film did exceeding well, and the dinosaurs are warmed up to appear in at least another movie.

“Jurassic World” shattered the previous record held by the first movie in the Avengers franchise, which puts it in some pretty exceptional company. If Chris Pratt was not a household name after his role as Starlord in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” his lead role in the dinosaur romp has certainly made him in international superstar. Of course, some of the appeal of the film has to be credited to the fascination with dinosaurs.

The massive box office haul is the result of clever marketing and some great casting, but in the end those computer animated dinosaurs were the scene stealing co-stars. Special effects have improved leaps and bounds since the original “Jurassic Park,” and the extinct animals looked as brilliant as ever. With several high profile releases yet to come in the year, the real question is lingering over how long “Jurassic World” will hold onto the crown.

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