Joss Whedon Deletes Twitter Account as Avengers 2 Launches

Writer and Director Joss Whedon reportedly deleted his Twitter account not long after the domestic box office release of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.

After posting a thank you message to his many followers, Mr. Whedon’s account is no longer accessible on the site, even through the search feature.

According to observers, a tweet accusing a Jurassic World clip as being “sexist” was apparently posted in early April in response to another tweet from someone at The Mary Sue. With over a million followers, Whedon’s Twitter feed was no doubt filled with responses to his accusation, both pro and con. His statement was also responded to by a writer at the Mary Sue who had a fairly balanced approach to the controversy.

Fans like Marh Ahn understand that Joss Whedon is a well-known feminist, being responsible for television shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and writing memorable, strong protagonists into films like the Avengers series. His work has been both hailed and criticized for its portrayal of women in heroic roles. He is one of the most powerful writers and directors in Hollywood today.

As was pointed out by the Mary Sue writer, this isn’t the first time a well-known personality has deleted their Twitter account. Comic creator Matt Fraction left the site late last year and Megan Fox quit Twitter in favor of Facebook over two years ago.

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